Public order raids hit prostitute hot spots in Pattaya

Recently there have been a number of raids on prostitute hot spots in Pattaya. Pattaya is of course known around the world as a sort of Southeast Asian “sin city” where sex is sold openly by thousands of women working in bars, massage parlors and even on the streets.

There has been talk about “cleaning up” Pattaya for years, notably in the middle of 2017 when some sort of reporting went viral and was followed up by all sorts of claims that the city was not actually a center of sex but rather a friendly family vacation spot.

There may be something to that. Pattaya has been known as a place for paid sex since US soldiers started taking their breaks there during the Second Indochina War. After that it kept on growing with women flooding in from all over Thailand and guys coming in from all around the world. A whole city sprung up after a while with both women and foreign men taking up permanent resident while a steady stream of tourists kept on coming in.

Thai slut in bra and panties

The results are about what you’d expect. If you’re reading this site I don’t have to tell you. The signs are all around. Even though both the production and sale of porn is official illegal in Thailand there is a ton of Thai porn around, and a big percentage features Thai prostitutes. For a long time if you googled a phrase like “Finnish women” you’d get pictures of models and female doctors while if you googled “Thai women” you got pictures of hot brown babes with their tits out. Well, the search engines apparently took notice and changed that. Partly because of the internet, people started taking notice of Pattaya and what goes on there too. These are people who are not like me and not like a lot of the guys who have been traveling Pattaya for years. A lot of them are people who are absolutely outraged that people might be having sex anywhere in the world, especially if any money is involved.

I read that as recently as 2012 six guys visited Thailand for every one female tourist while the numbers are now even. That means as many women are now visiting Thailand as men. That probably has a lot to do with the big influxes of Chinese people over the last few years. It also explains why I now see so many fat white chicks walking around in elephant pants.

While some of the chicks flooding into the land of smiles are actually looking for happy endings of their own, most are either on group tours, looking to get drunk on the cheap with a bunch of hippies on some beach they saw in a movie, or want to “find themselves” by riding enslaved elephants and taking yoga classes. I personally prefer to “find myself” in a seat at a blowjob bar on Soi 6, but this is the world we live in.

Anyway, the boys in brown have done a few more sweeps of Beach Road in Pattaya over the last two weeks. Instead of sporadic sprints down the strip there have been nightly patrols by police and military for fourteen days straight. It’s now to the point where many of the prostitutes on Beach Road are now standing on the other side of the road or pretending to be tourists themselves to avoid the heat.

From what I hear, women on the road are being identified on a regular basis now. Their ID numbers are being recorded and they’re getting hit with increasingly high fines every time they’re found on Beach Road. This is just what I’ve been told. I can’t say for sure. I can say that at least some of them are still making deals though. The hundreds of rats are still making their regular appearances on the beach too!

The same goes for all the bargirls and the freelancers who are known to find customers in the city’s nightclubs. Both the Pier and Mixx were hit a few days ago with Thai people inside reportedly carded and forced to do drug tests. A lot of go go girls go to these clubs after work, so I’m sure some of them got caught up in the raid but I’m told there weren’t actually any arrests.

These kinds of raids will continue, but I don’t know how much will actually come of it. I don’t think prostitution is going to disappear from Pattaya or Thailand in general anytime soon. First there are over a hundred thousand people involved in it. Probably much more. It’s not like there is tons of lucrative work just waiting around for them. There are also a lot of people with important jobs who are interested in keeping the whole thing going.

Even if the unlikely happened and Beach Road was totally cleared of women selling sex, there would stil be lots of ladies in Pattaya looking to trade what they have for some cash. Likely they’ll just rely more on apps like Tinder and dating sites like Thai Friendly which most of them already use while they’re standing around waiting in between customers. That’s where things are headed with or without any raids anyway.

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