Review of Aya Massage in Bangkok

Aya Massage is a luxury erotic massage parlor in Bangkok. All the low rent basic facilities around don’t even hold a candle to the place. It’s a fantastically nice establishment with full service right on the menu. You can also get real nuru massage from sexy Thai chicks who know what they are doing.

There’s no question that Aya Massage is at the top of the list when it comes to quality full body rubs in Bangkok. Even though it’s one of the best places to get a sensual massage it is not nearly the most expensive. Not by a long shot in fact. There’s been a lot of talk about inflation in the last few years. But you can still get your mind blown at Aya without breaking the bank.

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This is especially amazing when you consider everything you can get at Aya Massage. You can pick one or more ladies from a lineup to wash your body then rub up against you while covered in massage gel. The whole while she is touching you and sucking you before finally climbing on board for a full ride. And all this in incredible surroundings that make you feel like an oil-rich sheik sitting on stacks of petrodollars. Man I love Thailand!

Sure you can go wrong even in a place like Bangkok. Take a turn down some unknown alley and end up in some place you never heard of and you might even get ripped off. That’s why I stick to my tried and true places so much. I know what I am going to get at Aya Massage. And that is a great bang for my Baht. Can you blame me for going back?

Bangkok’s most luxurious massage parlor

There’s definitely no shortage of massage parlors in Bangkok. Some of them are more obvious than others. Even know nothing tourists probably spot some of the big soapies with neon lights when they take the taxi ride in from the airport. But I’ve been in those places and they’re actually not that nice.

Some of the largest soapy massage parlors look like five star hotels. At least from the outside. Inside you see all kinds of dirt and grime. Brown mildew on the shower walls and stains on the carpet. You try to ignore it because you just want a soapy massage. But why even bother when you can go to a sparkling clean place instead?

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Aya Massage is tucked away on Sukhumvit Soi 23 away from most prying eyes. Yet it’s still super convenient to reach. You can easily walk there from Asoke Station, Terminal 21 or Soi Cowboy. Or you can just drive up in a taxi. Either way you’re being pretty discreet. Meanwhile you’re heading into a way more luxurious place than you find in the big corporate soapies with the oversized signs.

You can’t miss Aya because it’s got a super elaborate archway entrance. At the same time no one really knows what you’re getting up to when you walk in. The unassuming passerby might think you’re stepping into an Arab restaurant or something. In fact you’re entering the gateway to pure pleasure! Aya Massage is as good as it gets when it comes to pleasure massage.

Expert erotic massage in Bangkok

Aya Massage is a really incredible looking place. I almost can’t believe someone put this much thought and effort into a massage parlor. Especially when most places just throw a matress on the floor and call it a day. Right from the beginning you can see that this is something special. There’s arabesque tile, cut outs into the walls, special bathing rooms with sparkling tile walls and a whole lot more. I feel like the prince of Persia when I knock boots here.

Inside Aya Massage you find a full team of expert masseuses. The mamasan lines them all up and you can kick back and chose your favorite. Or favorites. I love doing a one hour session with two chicks in the Ultra VIP room. It costs 6500 Baht and for me it’s more than worth it. The place it fitted out and the women really turn on in the jacuzzi. There’s nothing quite like soaking with a couple of naked Thai chicks to get you going.

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It would be easy for me to say you get an erotic massage at Aya and leave it at that. The truth is it’s a lot more involved than that. They have a menu with all kinds of options. I keep going back to try all the different massages. You can get a deluxe massage, a nuru massage, a four hand massage or even a couples massage. The least expensive service is 2000 Baht. So like I said it’s not a very expensive place even if it does look like it might be.

I’ve said many times that I love nuru massage. It just feels like nothing else. Plus the warm gel has a way of making everything feel wetter and more intimate. I always forget I am rubbered up when I’m in the middle of a good round of nuru. I don’t know who trained the women at Aya Massage in nuru. But they definitely did a good job. This is one of my favorite places to get a nuru job in Bangkok.

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