Review of Baccara in Bangkok

Baccara is one of the most famous and popular go go bars in Bangkok. At most go go bars in Thailand these days the dancers wear bikinis. But at bars like Baccara at least some of them take it off and dance in the buff.

If your idea of the Bangkok red light districts comes from the movie The Hangover 2, then Baccara will look really familiar. It’s done up with bright neon lights and has a huge stage filled with dancers. On top of that, there’s another floor upstairs made of glass so you can look up and see even more dancers up there.

Baccara Agogo

The girls on the second floor of Baccara wear skirts with no panties. So you can their slits if you sit on the ground floor and look up. Some of them have impressively round brown asses, but when you get upstairs it’s not as exciting.

Baccara is really popular with Asian guys for some reason. Asian guys have a reputation for spending a lot of money but being very undemanding in Thailand. So a lot of dancer prefer them. Non-Asian guys can enter Baccara and probably even hang out with some dancers, but they won’t get the attention of every dancer. I guess they’re still better off than Indian guys though. They’re apparently not even allowed inside! Sorry bros.

baccara go go bar in bangkok

Baccara is located on Soi Cowboy. It’s a well known but small street in the middle of the city filled with go go bars. Everybody in Bangkok knows the place. You probably do too, so I won’t say more about it. Just search this site if you want to know more.

Because Baccara is so popular, it’s also very crowded. Sometimes you can’t even move around inside. The seats are all smashed together and although the waitresses are pretty good you still feel lost in the crowd.

Baccara barfines and sex

There are more than fifty chicks on the stages every night on the ground floor. Some are in bikinis and some are topless. A lot of them have fake boobs and plastic surgery faces. It’s not my thing, but I guess it’s big in Asia.

Upstairs there are more natural women but they are usually older and less attractive. They do get fully nude up there, but it rarely goes any further than that. There’s not much interaction and no lap dances.

Drinks are expensive for a Bangkok bar at 180 Baht each. The dancers do have sex with customers. The bar charges a fee of 600 Baht, or about $18 US dollars to take chicks out. The dancers charge 3000 Baht or so for sex. Some want as much as 5000 Baht and they regularly get it. A lot of guys are desperate I guess.

Baccara can actually get annoying depending on when you show up. It’s not uncommon to arrive at 10:00 or 11:00 pm and be told there are no seats left on the ground floor, or to be shown to some terrible seat with no view. I say no thanks to that shit.

Although Baccara is one of the biggest and most popular go go bars in Bangkok. It is also one of the best, despite all the downfalls the place has. That is the way it is since go go bars aren’t what they used to be. When I’m in Bangkok nowadays I go other places like a soapy massage. But I can still recognize Baccara for what it is.

Baccara is located on Soi Cowboy in Bangkok, Thailand. The club is open every day from 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM.

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