Review of Crazy House in Bangkok

Just writing a review of the Crazy House strip club in Bangkok gets me excited. The place is filled from wall to wall with hot naked Thai chicks. They aren’t just there to look at either. They get quite cozy with guys inside and outside of the bar. Me being a guy means that is a good thing.

Some may wonder how I could write this about Crazy House after previously calling it the worst go go bar in Bangkok. Like much in life, these things are not black and white. I have a love hate relationship with this place. That’s why Crazy House is also on my list of the five best go go bars in Bangkok. Sure the bouncers and policies suck. But so do the chicks inside. So it’s tit for tat, and I love me some Thai tits.

Crazy House on Soi Cowboy

Crazy House is located just outside of Soi Cowboy. It’s around the corner from all the other bars on the strip. I don’t know why. Pretty much all the go go bars in Bangkok are either in Nana Plaza or on Soi Cowboy. Crazy House is the exception.

Crazy House is also the exception when it comes to clothes. There are bars where some or even most of the girls get topless or naked like Erotica. But at Crazy House itโ€™s all nude all the time. I like that and so do you.

crazy house bar in bangkok

There’s no cover charge at Crazy House or any other Bangkok go go bar. The two menacing bouncers can say you have to buy a drink before you go which is annoying, but fuck it. Inside Crazy House there’s a big stage with seats all around it. There are also other seats scattered around the floor, but some of them don’t give you any view of the stage.

Upstairs there’s another stage, but it’s not so popular. I haven’t been up there in a while. I went once when the ground floor was crowded beyond believe but quickly made it back down to the main action. It gets full after about 9:00 most nights, but you can always find a seat.

The chicks and the charges

There are probably fifty or more chicks in Crazy House on a good day. They’re all in their twenties with good bodies. A few have too many tattoos, but there aren’t any beasts or porkers wandering around and that is a good thing.

On the figure eight shaped stage there are always plenty of babes dancing. Other women walk around the bar. They are quick to make contact and if they sit down there’s usually a lot of physical contact made. There’s no cost or tipping for lap dances and hand roaming, but normally the chicks will only hang around if you buy them lady drinks at 160 Baht a piece.

Drinks for customers are a little expensive for Bangkok, but even still 170 Baht or around five fifty American for a bottle of beer isn’t really outrageous. Especially considering what’s on view at the Crazy House! To top it all off the dancers will have sex with customers outside of the bar for cash.

Most of the dancers like to do “short time” with customers for an hour or two so they can get back on stage and make more money. Or back outside with another horny guy. The cheap short time hotels on Soi Cowboy make that all possible. The bar charges 700 Baht or $22 American dollars to any guy who takes a dancer out of the bar. The dancers want 1500 or 2000 Baht more themselves.

Crazy House can get crowded, and it can even get Crazy. But it’s never so wild that you can’t stand the place. Itโ€™s not nearly as bad as Baccara in that regard. In my mind it’s a better bar, with almost as many dancers who are at least as hot and even more ready to go.

Crazy House is located on Sukhumvit Soi 23 in Bangkok, Thailand. The club is open every day from 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM.

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