Review of Dozo Massage in Bangkok, Thailand

Sukhumvit Soi 33 is loaded with Japanese businesses. It’s not like Little Tokyo or anything, but the street has everything from ramen restaurants to pink salons and even two soaplands. The signs aren’t in Japanese either but you definitely get the vibe when you look around.

Dozo Massage is soapland with a Thai staff. It’s in a tall building in the same complex as the S33 Complex Hotel. Dozo in at the old Mitu Massage location. Mitu Massage moved across the road. It’s the other soapland on the road. I’ll try review Mitu soon, for now the focus is on Dozo.

Dozo Massage

Even though “dozo” is a Japanese word, from what I gather a Korean owns Dozo with his Thai girlfriend. He doesn’t hang around in the shop though. When you walk in there is a little lobby with a desk on the side. A Thai woman waits for customers there.

The desk lady takes you into a larger second room with big couches and a table. The people who own Dozo are obviously not shy at all. The table is covered with an illustrated menu that shows pictures of porn stars doing all of the acts offered at Dozo. The Dozo website is the same with some sexy pics spread across the top, but it doesn’t have anything hardcore. A regular one hour full service course with one shot is 2000 Baht but it’s a regular room. The soapland room is more but it comes with an extra 30 minutes of service. “Mat play” which is basically a soapy body slide is 500 Baht more. There are additional costs for facials and anal too.

So Dozo isn’t cheap. The service is theoretically better than the oily massage parlors around town that charge less though in reality that’s not always the case. It depends on who is working. Absolute pros like the ultra hot Haru know what they’re doing but some other newer chicks on staff clearly haven’t got the hang of it all yet.

After you pick a course the staff is called on for a lineup. The chicks working at Dozo are mostly hot. There are a few especially in the day who are more average but some are quite fine. They all wear sexy little costumes which makes them look even better. When it was Mitu you couldn’t get a lineup. You had to pick the chicks from a bunch of photos on an iPad. That’s actually how soaplands in Japan work, so Dozo has more of a Thai style in that area.

After you pick a course and a lady you have to climb multiple stairs to get to one of the rooms. It’s a long walk but at least the rooms are totally clean. There are no dirty sheets or ceilings falling in like you see at some of the cheap oily massage houses.

The 90 minute session in the soapy massage room with mat play comes with a shower followed by a nice long soapy body to body slide on both sides. Then there is a bath. After that you move over to the bed where the full service happens. From there it’s back to the wash area for another shower.

Any course at Dozo also comes with a free drink that can be a beer, water or vitamin aid. It always nice when that kind of thing is tossed in for free. I’m always annoyed that the big soapy massage parlors in Thailand try to sell you a drink even after you give them a few thousand Baht for a round of service.

Here’s the Dozo Massage website which lists the operating hours, location, map to the location and a gallery with pictures of some of the Thai women who work there.

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