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Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Soi 33 is loaded with Japanese related businesses. It’s not like Little Tokyo or anything, but the street has everything from ramen restaurants to pink salon style BJ bars. So you can bet that I spend a lot of time in the area. The signs aren’t in Japanese either which is good for a guy like me who can barely read anything but English.

Dozo Massage is a lot like a Japanese soapland with a Thai staff. It’s in a tall building in the same complex as the S33 Complex Hotel. Although the place is totally Thai it has a real Japanese vibe which in my view is one hell of a good thing.

“Dozo” is a Japanese word that means something like “please enjoy” or “have at it.” For example a person might put a plate of food in front of you and say “dozo.” They’re telling you to go ahead and sink your teeth in. After many visits to Dozo Massage over the last five years I can definitely say I have enjoyed.

dozo massage soi 33 bangkok

Every time I walk in here I get a big smile from a pretty lady behind a desk. They welcome me right in to open arms and take me around to a lobby room with big comfortable couches. There they show me the menu even though I basically have the thing memorized by now. After that they bring out the lineup of ladies. Time after time I am impressed with what I see. I’ve never had to walk out of here for a lack of choice. After one look at the chicks on the Dozo Massage website you will see what I mean.

Dozo isn’t necessarily “cheap,” but that’s fine with me. The place isn’t expensive. They are just charging what I consider to be a pretty damn fair rate for a high level of service. The same kind of treatment at a soapland in Tokyo costs several hundred dollars. The funny thing is that I almost always have a better time here than I have ever had in a Tokyo soapland though!

Of course there a are a mix of chicks. There are some real pros here like Yuki and Katoon who are absolutely amazing at their jobs. These chicks have curled my head and made my toes spin around on my shoulders. Then there are the newer chicks who try as hard as they can. Both are good for me. I always say that variety is the spice of life. It’s one of the main reasons I spend so much time traveling.

massage ladies from Dozo soi 33 bangkok

One of the main reasons I spend so much time in Bangkok is that I love massage. I am spoiled for choice in the Thai capital city. Still I have a handful of places that I visit on a regular basis. These days I am more likely to go with a sure thing that I know will satisfy than to try untested waters. Dozo has never let me down since my first visit way back in 2017!

The only downside to Dozo Massage is that the rooms are up a bunch of stairs. Now I stay fit and I travel Bangkok by foot, but I have to admit that I have become a little lazier over the years. Still, the sight of a nice Thai ass end switching back and forth in front of me would be enough to get me to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. So a couple of stairs are really no big deal.

The great thing is that the rooms are big and they are totally clean. There are no dirty sheets or ceiling fans covered with cob webs like I have seen in the some of the more, shall we say, “classic” parlors in Bangkok. This place is state of the art. And the art is erotic massage!

Sukhumvit Soi 33 massage

My favorite service here is a 90 minute massage with jacuzzi and mat play. I get well washed while a hot Thai babe gives me a full body to body slide against both sides of my body. That really sets me up for a fun time over on the bed before I get washed up again on the way out.

One thing I always notice is that the manager asks me how my session went on the way out. She really seems to be concerned about it too. It’s not just a casual bit of small talk. I’ve always had a great time at Dozo Massage and I am not shy about letting them know it. I’m sure my multiple visits over many years already filled them in on that little open secret though. This is one of my favorite massage parlors in Thailand.

The Dozo Massage website lists the operating hours, location, map to the location and a gallery with pictures of some of the many Thai women who work there.

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