Review of Dr BJ’s Salon in Bangkok, Thailand

Dr BJ’s Salon is one of the most well known blowjob bars for foreigners in Thailand. I think that’s because they are good at promoting themselves online. They are the only bj bar I know of in the land of Smiles with a website that actually works and gets updated regularly. Kudos to them for that and for keeping the place clean.

I’m not insider but from what I can tell Dr BJ’s is owned by a falang which might explain why it’s run a little differently than most of the other hands free bars in Bangkok. Lolita’s and its offshoots are all owned by Thais. I don’t know about the bars in Patpong. In any case who owns it doesn’t as much as what goes on between its four walls.

Dr BJs Bangkok

Dr BJ’s shop is probably the best looking of all the blowjob bars in Bangkok from the outside. The exterior looks like an organic juice selling shop or something similar. It’s a modern and clinical white with a bit of astroturf thrown in. There are always a bunch of women camped out front eating spicy papaya salad in between passing pedestrians that they yell out to with the well known “hello welcome” call that is so familiar to poon hounds like me.

Inside there are even more women. There are usually a dozen or two on the main floor and several more on the balcony above. I think the women upstairs are taking naps in between customers but they usually wake up when the mamasan gives the signal that a customer has arrived.

When you enter you’re directed to a seat on one side of the place. The women line up on the other side with the exception of those above you on the balcony trying to get your attention. You can then chose one or two women or just ask the mamasan to make a suggestion based on your needs. I used to pick the prettiest face and best body but after I became a regular visitor of blowjob bars I started asking for women who could meet my needs. That’s how I found the best blowjobs in Thailand I ever had.

The Dr BJ’s website shows some of the women on staff but there are many more. Besides pictures the website doesn’t offer much. I guess it’s tough for them to have a website at all but it would be great if they could be more upfront about any special skills or detail. Oh well what are you going do? Now it’s hit or miss but the misses are rare. After all a bad blowjob is better than a good almost anything else.

The women are divided into two categories. If you want a “consultant” to suck you off you have to pay 700 Baht. If you want a “nurse” you have to pay 1000. I don’t know what the difference is. I didn’t notice any superior skill or good looks among the nurses. There are beautiful and unattractive women in both categories and some of the 700 Baht babe can blow better than some of the 1000 Baht honeys.

If you want to have fun in a large clean room that looks like a foreigner’s bedroom somewhere in Minnesota you can pay an extra 1000 Baht for the VIP room. Otherwise you pay nothing and get taken upstairs to one of several small booths.

The booths aren’t bad but they are small like I said. They contain a leather chair that has seen better days and a salon style sink where the girl will wash your dick and balls rather than the hair on your head. She does that once before she sucks you off and once again after you blow your wad. Most of the women will take the load in their mouth with no problem then go back to the sink to spit it out and use some mouthwash. A few of them will try to finish you off by hand. If you request it most will make sure they get the spunk in their mouth.

The walls are thin and they don’t go all the way up to the ceiling. This means you can hear pretty much everything going on in the other booths. Whether or not you like that is a matter of taste I guess.

The women are pretty good and giving head. I don’t think they would last long if they weren’t. Some are much better than others of course and in the end it all depends on what you like. I’ve seen guys praise women that I didn’t think were great. I’ve also had great experiences with women that other guys said they didn’t like. The beauty of it is that we able to compare notes on babes and the blowjobs they give. That’s a luxury provided to us by Dr BJ’s and other blowjob bars.

I like Dr BJ’s. It’s not my favorite place but I stop in from time to time to get the pipes cleaned. It’s pretty good for that.


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