Review of Erotica in Bangkok

Erotica is by far one of the best go go bars in Bangkok and probably all of Thailand. That is really saying something considering this type of go go bar, or “agogo,” more or less originated in Thailand. There are all kinds of go go bars in Thailand. Very few now allow for total nudity. Most don’t actually allow for nudity at all. Erotica thankfully does not fall into the “nudity not allowed” category. Or if it does, it doesn’t follow the rules.

Erotica is then not only a good example of a gogo bar in Thailand, but also a fine illustration of why titty bars are a lot better in some places in others. The plain fact is that the titty bars in Thailand are much better than even the best titty bars in America if only for the simple fact that customers can do a lot more than look at ladies dancing in the buff.

Thai go go bars vs other titty bars

Actually, if one wanted to be the typical American titty bar kind of guy they wouldn’t have to spend much money at all at Erotica. There is no cover charge and there is no cost to watch the twenty or thirty women dance in nothing more than a pair of panties on stage. In Thailand you can tip women on stage if you want. But it’s rare and totally not required. A lot of regulars to these kind of bars actually get pissed off at tourists who tip the chicks on the stage since its sets new expectations and risks eventually turning the agogo bars of Thailand into something like the lame strip clubs of America.

Erotica go go Nana Bangkok

Women who work in Thai go go bars make money in a few ways. First, they get a salary. It’s not like America when women have to pay the club for the luxury of dancing. Second, the ladies get a cut of any drink a customer buys for them. Third, basically every lady that works in a Thai go go bar will go out of the bar with customers and have sex for money. At Erotica they don’t have to go very far since there is a hotel about ten feet to the right of the entrance.

Erotica in Nana Plaza

Erotica is located on a middle side floor of the infamous Nana Entertainment Plaza or NEP. Nana Plaza is located on Sukhumvit Soi 4 in Bangkok. The place is so well known that Soi 4 is actually usually referred to as “Soi Nana.” If you ride the BTS elevated train in Bangkok you’ll see that the stop at Soi 4 is even called “Nana.” The NEP is basically a large plaza filled with several floors of go go bars. Some of them have nudity and others don’t. Some like Obsessions even have chicks with dicks.

Erotica isn’t the most visible place in Nana Plaza, but it’s not totally hidden either. There is a staircase to the left immediately after the entrance of Nana Plaza. At the end of that stair case is the entrance to Erotica which has a big blue neon sign.

The bar is big enough and airy. There is a stage down the middle with the typical metal poles. On either side there are two rows of seats with little tables in front of them. Waitresses come around to take drink orders. Customers have to have a drink in front of them to watch a show so it’s not totally free, but a bottle of beer only costs a couple of bucks.

The chicks and the prices

The women are all Thai as you would expect. Unlike some other bars in Bangkok they’re pretty much all hot too. We’re talking nineteen to maybe twenty six year olds with great bodies and pert boobs on display. They’re all smiles and fun too. No bad attitudes that I have ever seen.

Lady drinks at Erotica are 170 Baht each. That is $5 in American dollars. It is not very expensive and actually cheaper than a lot of other go go bars in Bangkok including several without nudity. In most cases the topless dancers remain topless when they are called down off stage by a customer to have a drink at that time the customer is usually free to grope the dancer or dancers as long as it is done with at least some modicum of politeness. From there things can go anywhere. There are no lap dances or private rooms in the bar. Unlike some of the wilder bars there really isn’t any other action in the bar either. On the other hand like I said customers can leave the bar with a dancer if the dancer agrees.

Guys who don’t know any better are usually hit with a grand total request of 3000 Baht from the old granny managers to take a dancer out of the bar for sex. Guys who do know negotiate directly with the dancers and pay more like 1500 Baht for the pleasure. Since 1500 Baht is equal to $45 dollars, you can see why a lot of guys prefer Thai go go bars like Erotica to strip clubs in America like Erotica where 1500 Baht only buys a lap dance or two.

Erotica is located in Nana Entertainment Plaza on Soi Nana, Bangkok, Thailand (MAP HERE). The club is open every day from 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM. The website is

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