Review of Exotic Massage Bangkok

Now that things are looking more normal in Thailand, there are many options for me to mingle with Thai chicks. Especially in a city like Bangkok which has always had a lot of adult entertainment. Even though things are opening up, I have to admit that I still like to stay indoors a lot of the time. Especially when it’s hot outside. So one of my favorite options has always been to order up a massage right to my room. One of the best places I have found for that is Exotic Massage Bangkok.

Exotic Massage Bangkok has more than 20 women on hand. Booking a session with any one of them is about as easy at it gets. I just send them a message on LINE and a lady is at my room in less than 30 minutes. I usually stay around Sukhumvit so it is easy for the ladies to find me. But this place advertises service to the entire city. So even if I was on the outskirts or way over by one of the airports I could have a nice rub down right in my room. Believe me when I say I am keeping that in mind for a possible future layover!

bangkok exotic babe

I obviously haven’t met every single chick that works at Exotic Massage Bangkok, but that’s not due to a lack of trying. What can I say? Ploy is one sexy woman with a hell of a body, Yuri looks a lot like a whorish ex-girlfriend, and Mona is super experienced and skilled. Judging by the rest of the pictures the other women look real good too. I mean, I wouldn’t mind squeezing on Lemon or flipping around with Pancake. Would you?

What about the services? The easiest and cheapest deal is a 1 hour massage with a handie to finish. That’s runs 2200 Baht. These days that’s just over $63 in American money. Plus for just 300 Baht more I can get the same hour long massage with full service.

They have lots of other services too, including stuff like kinky massage, soapy massage, tantric massage, and even foot jobs! My personal favorite is a nice nuru massage ordered right up to the room. There is something about that slippery body to body experience that is just unlike anything else in the world.

They also do soapy massages. Those are a lot like the nuru massage but it is a different sensation. You basically get your entire body washed and scrubbed by someone else. The someone else is a hot naked Thai chick though. That is better than even the best loofa money can buy. Plus, it comes with a happy ending finish.

bangkok outcall babe

Soapy massage parlors have mostly been shut down for the last two years. It seems like they will be one of the last places to open back up too. It’s not so bad though since I can just call up Bangkok Exotic Massage and order a soapy massage right in the privacy of my own place. The price is cheaper than most of the huge soapies too, even the service is the same or better. Comparing apples and oranges makes me want to get my banana washed right now!

Of course I am a huge fan of both handjobs and blowjobs, and those are definitely on the menu at this place. But I think nuru massage is actually my favorite sensual service of all. It’s an all over sort of thing that leaves you feeling refreshed and great for the rest of the day. Being able to have one without even rolling out of bed is simply fantastic. Plus I can just hop into the shower afterwards to clean up. Then I am still in my room so I can recover with a nice rest in the ice cold air conditioning. Now you can probably tell why I don’t mind staying indoors!

I can only imagine how nice the world would be if this sort of stuff existed all over. I bet the levels of arguments and fights would go down tenfold if there were Exotic Massage joints in every major city on earth. At least this place is here in Bangkok though. Since I am in Bangkok too I can enjoy it whenever I want. I find that to be pretty frequent.

The bottom line is that I really like Bangkok Exotic Massage. I have been a patron for years and I plan on continuing until I have a chance to meet each and every pretty face that works there. I don’t know how long that will take me, but I do plan on finding out!

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