Review of Kimochi in Bangkok, Thailand

I first wrote about blowjob bars in Bangkok in 2014. Later I wrote a review of Dr. BJ’s which is probably the most well known blowjob bar in the country. After that place went through some kind of shake up and reopened as Wood Bar, I reviewed it again. I haven’t done many other reviews though. I don’t want to repeat what has been said elsewhere.

A lot of guys have written about Thai blowjob bars in the last year of two. Sadly, I’m not sure if some of them have even been to the places they are supposedly reviewing. Anyway, there is one Bangkok blowjob shop I have not seen reviewed anywhere. That shop is called Kimochi.

Kimochi Bangkok

Kimochi means “feels good” in Japanese. Kimochi is located away from the other blowjob shops in Bangkok. It’s on a small alley off of Sukhumvit Soi 55, which is also known as “Soi Thonglor.”

It looks like a regular massage parlor from outside. When you go through the doors you are in the lobby. There is a huge painting of some horses on the wall that looks like it came from a North Korean propaganda department or something. There are also some seats and menus. The options are listed in plain English (and Japanese). A one hour massage with a blowjob finish is 1400 Baht.

Kimochi requires payment up front. It used to be that every place took payment on the way out, but things have been changing. I guess one too many guys came up short after blowing their loads. The problem is there is no way to really protest bad service now. Oh well.

After paying the fee all of the available chicks assemble under the giant horse painting. There are six or seven chicks there. They are decent looking. No one is super hot, but none of them are ugly either. The funny thing is that none of them are really career service providers. A lot of them were working in restaurants and other mainstream places before they decided to make a career change. I guess playing the skin flute pays better than carrying plates.

The massage goes down in one of the rooms up a few flights of steps. The rooms are pretty clean but they look like they were built by a shoemaker. The flooring and everything is poorly done. At least it is all spick and span. The rooms are big too. Each one has a large bathtub and shower and a large mattress on the ground.

Kimochi charges more than most blowjob bars, but they give a lot more service too. The chicks at Kimochi wash you down then give you an actual massage before blowing you. They aren’t the best blowjob artists in Thailand, but they do their damnest to get the job done. They aren’t satisfied until the customer is satisfied, which is a lot more than can be said about the current crop over at Wood Bar who are obviously uninterested in their work.

Using one of the big rooms at places like Som’s Haven and Kasalong now costs around 1300 Baht. That usually includes full services, but it means the prices aren’t that different. At Kimochi service includes a nice massage, shower service before and after, and a smile. I’m surprised it is not more popular.

Here’s the Kimochi website which lists the operating hours, location, map to the location and a gallery with pictures of some of the women who work there.

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