Review of Windmill in Pattaya

As I’ve explained time and time again, the adult entertainment in some other countries can really blow what they do in America out of the water. You might not think that would be the case, but it is. America is weird in that there is in your face sexuality all over the place, but then certain rules pop up here and there that seems to contradict it all.

A great example is porn and prostitution. Prostitution is illegal in all of the United States, except for a few counties in sparsely populated parts of Nevada where it exists in a highly regulated form. On the other hand, if a guy puts a camera up and records his sex, he can pay a girl for banging him since it’s just porn which of course is totally legal.

Pattaya fun town

In Thailand things can be just as crazy, but in the other direction. Porn is actually illegal in Thailand, even though there’s still plenty of Thai porn online. But there are bars and brothels all over the country that more or less sell sex openly. The city of Pattaya is pretty much built around the pretense, even if some people wish it wasn’t.

Yet even in Pattaya, things aren’t always as wild as some might expect, especially nowadays. In most of the many go go bars in the city there is no nudity at all. Instead the ladies on stage wear bikinis or even shorts and shirts. In a few places certain chicks get topless at times. Only a few go go bars around today have full nudity. Windmill is one of those bars.

While Windmill is located in Thailand, it’s actually owned and operated by a western dude. They even have an English manager who hangs out in the bar every single night. He’s right there by the door to greet you when you walk in and in the same place to tell you thanks on the way out.

Windmill near Walking Street

Windmill isn’t located right on the famous Walking Street strip. It’s on Soi Diamond, which is a narrow alley that juts off of Walking Street. You can’t really miss the place though. It has big neon blue signs all around the doors and there are always people out front welcoming customers in.

sexy thai with tattoos at windmill pattaya

There’s no cover charge at Windmill. Drinks are cheap too, even for Thailand. With an American dollars now being equal to about 31 Baht you see that these prices are good. You can buy a beer for yourself for just 80 Baht, and lady drinks are only 170 Baht. For those who don’t know, lady drinks are a kind of tip guys give to dancers in girlie bars across Southeast Asia. You usually pay a little extra for the drink, and that extra money goes to the girl.

Nude dancers and more

At a lot of go go bars in Thailand nowadays, including most of the non-nude varieties, the dancers won’t even sit with a customer unless he buys a drink. Even after he buys a drink she usually heads back to the stage for more dancing before long. Things are a little different at Windmill. While they don’t come right out and say it in their advertising, the general idea at Windmill is that guys who buy drinks for the chicks can get up close and personal with them on the seats.

The chicks at Windmill are fully nude most of the time. When they do cover up, it is only partially. So they’ll have a very short plaid skirt on with no panties, and a very light white shirt tied around their tops. This gets dropped when they’re on stage or sitting with guys.

There is a big stage in the middle of the floor where around a dozen ladies are dancing fully nude at any time. At the end of that stage there is a round area where there are usually one or two more girls fully nude and spread eagle or doggy style. Around the walls there are about five or six more small elevated stages with poles where more chicks dance fully naked, so no matter where you sit you get an eye full. Especially if the hot chick named Eye is on stage.

Sometimes where you sit is a real question. The place can get pretty well packed a lot of nights. You can usually find a seat, but that’s not always the case. The place is popular, and for good reason. Recently they even expanded into a second floor. Depending on when you show up, you might find that the ground floor is totally full. That’s even though there are seats all over the place, including in the back corner around the bathtub. You read that right: there is a bathtub on the ground floor.

Fun all over the place

Generally speaking, the put the less attractive women on the second floor but that doesn’t mean there are no lookers up there. The place is pretty well divided with about half of the dancers being average looking and sporting saggy boobs and sometimes stomachs a quarter being pretty good looking with better bodies, and another twenty five percent being super attractive with great bodies. Even the upper floor gets filled with people a lot of times, which goes to show that it’s not too bad at all. Last time I was up there a petite chick was squirting milk out of her tits on command for 20 Baht tips.

You might be able to guess what goes on in the bathtub I mentioned earlier, especially if I tell you that there are always at least two chicks in there at the same time. They are pretty open and flirty too, especially towards customers who are generous with the lady drinks. Last time I was there seated by the tub a slim babe with an amazing body bent over and showed all the spectators her perfect little pussy and poop shoot while the slightly less attractive chick next to her stuck her finger up her own third input.

Seeing that was more or less free for me and a lot of others sitting around. I bought lady drinks later but I didn’t have to. Some guys go to Windmill, buy a cheap beer, and then just nurse it while taking in all the sites. There’s no need for tipping to the chicks on stage really. Again, it’s not America. But they do appreciate it when guys let loose with the cash.

The bar fine at Windmill is 1000 Baht. For those who don’t know, a bar fine is the amount of money customers have to pay to a go go bar if they want to take one of the dancers out of the place for whatever reason. Usually the reason is to go have sex. It’s a normal part of the scene in Thailand. Most of the dancers at Windmill want 1500 to 2000 Baht from guys to have sex. They do it either in the guy’s hotel rooms or in one of the many 500 Baht short time hotels on or around Walking Street.

Windmill is located on Soi Diamond in Pattaya, Thailand. The club is open every day from 7:00 PM to 3:30 AM. The website is

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