Review of Wood Bar in Bangkok, Thailand

Dr. BJ’s Salon was one of the first and only places I have ever reviewed on this website. I originally intended to do a lot of reviews but I ended up writing more general stuff. I will probably still get around to reviewing actual places some time soon but first I want to explain how everything works. Hopefully, that will allow me to avoid never ending questions by simply sending people to a post I’ve already written on the subject.

I actually reviewed Dr. BJ’s for the same reason. When I would tell people about places like Thailand they would ask me all kinds of questions. Blowjob shops in particular gained a lot of interest. Dr. BJ’s was the most well known at the time. The place was even covered by some major websites. They didn’t really go over the operation though.

Wood bar blowjob bangkok

I first found out about blowjob bars in Japan. When I came to Thailand I was glad to see that they were all open to me. In Japan most have racist door guards that keep out anyone who isn’t Japanese. In Thailand it is the other way around. Thai guys are not allowed inside.

Dr. BJ’s wasn’t the first blowjob bar I went to. I had experience with older places first. Dr. BJ’s was different though. It was big and totally lit up. There were tons of women. You sat down on a bench and the women all lined up for you to make a selection. You got blown in little booths with hair washing sinks that kind of looked like what you see in Vietnamese blowjob barbershops. There were some super women there too. I got one of the best blowjobs of my life inside.

After a while I stopped going to Dr. BJ’s. The number of women kept declining. A lot of the best chicks left. Others wanted 1000 Baht for what cost 700 Baht elsewhere. The mamasan seemed to in a bad mood. A lot of the chicks didn’t seem into their work at all. I knew it was there, and I knew people were going there, but I didn’t visit for over a year.

Then came the news that Dr BJ’s was closed. People were spreading rumors that the army shut it down. They said that it was “gutted” overnight. With a lack of transparency that kind of rumor mongering is common. Soon afterward Dr. BJ’s reopened with a new name. It was called “Wood.” Emails went out to people who somehow ending up on a Dr. BJ’s mailing list saying that Wood was “same same, but different.” I had to check it out.

It turns out the place wasn’t “gutted.” As far as I can tell they painted some walls. That’s it. The old bright white interior is now a pale pinewood yellow. The booths are still there. The sinks are still there. The seats are still there.

The same mamasan is still there and she still seems to be in a bad mood. There are less women than I remember. I saw less than a dozen when I stopped by. They wear the same sorts of tight black dresses that they used to wear. The prices are the same. About half of the women want 1000 Baht. Some want 700. They still do the same things in the booths. Most are good at it. Some like to use condoms but that’s nothing new at this location. I haven’t heard of it at any other blowjob bar in Bangkok.

It turns out that the promotional material was right. It is “same same.” But a little different.

The actual “bar” is still the same. It’s basically a short bar counter in the back to the right. I never saw anyone sitting there anyway. I don’t think anyone ever went there to drink. It would be pretty weird for someone to cry about a lack of drinking partners in a place where you buy blowies.

Actually, I think it would be weird to complain about a blowjob at all. But that’s a luxury some people have. If you live in a place where you can shop around for blowjobs you can actually compare and make choices. It’s not like being stuck in a worn out relationship in the middle of nowhere with some old hag and pretending you enjoy the semi-annual painful toothy shallow blowjobs she gives you after weeks of begging.

Here’s the Wood Bar website which lists the operating hours, location, map to the location and a gallery with pictures of some of the women who work there.

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