All about Soi 6 Pattaya bars

Pattaya, Thailand is one of the easiest places in the world to find sex but if you don’t know where you’re going you could end up wandering into a dump. Pattaya Beach Road Soi 6 is a short road lined with small bars that offer guaranteed service at a low low price.

Soi 6 is also called Soi Yadsik. It’s easy to find and easy to get to. You can walk on the big paved path along the beach until you reach it, you can take a moto sai or you can get on the baht bus on Second Road and ride there for 10 Baht.

Soi 6 isn’t short but it isn’t long either. It’s lined with bars on both sides and most of them have women sitting outside in their idea of sexy clothes trying to call you in. You can walk from one end to the other in a few minutes or take longer and soak in the sites. A lot of newbies stick out because they get intimidated, look straight ahead and walk really fast. I don’t know what they’re scared of. The worst thing that could happen is that they would have sex.

All about Soi 6 bars

I don’t like the ladyboys that hang out in front of a few of the bars myself. I have nothing against ladyboys in general. The problem is when they get aggressive. It only very rarely happens to me and I end it with a stern but respectful look and maybe a few words. I’ve seen timid guys fare a lot worse. The good thing is that most of the bars have ladies and only ladies. That allows the guys looking for ladyboys to find what they’re after and allows guys looking for pussy to do that too.

picture of pattaya soi 6

Pussy is as hard to find on Soi 6 as fire is in hell. Some of the women working there just ask you to come in and have a drink but a few are way more forward. If you slow down when they call for you they might run out in the street, grab your cock and say that want you to cum on their faces. Most of them don’t mean it but it’s a good way to get customers.

You can fuck at any of the bars on Soi 6. If you want you can treat some of them like a blowjob bar and just get sucked off inside without going upstairs to a private room. This can save you 300 Baht that would go towards the room but a few places will still try to charge you a barfine even though you never take a lady out of the bar. Thankfully there aren’t many rip offs on Soi 6. If you say what you want and ask for clear prices up front you’ll get them. High prices and scams are more common at Pattaya go go bars on Walking Street but really they aren’t that common there either.

Soi 6 sex is easy as it gets

Pretty much anyone can get service in Soi 6. I even saw an old Australian lady get her pussy licked at a bar once. But if you want to get what you want to get you have to assert yourself. That doesn’t mean to be a macho rude asshole but you have to be proactive.

Screw Pattaya book

You go to the bar you want instead of getting pulled into one, you pick the lady you want instead of getting stuck with the next woman in line or a lady that you’re not attracted to, you lay out what you want to do instead of just letting them tell you what they what to do. It’s easy enough.

I’ve spent more time than I can calculate in Pattaya. I still visit from time to time. I usually have an idea of the bar I want to visit before I go but I’ll still occasionally stop at another bar I know if I see someone outside that really catches my eye or maybe an old flame. The last time I intended to get sucked off in King Kong but I stopped off at Saigon Girl instead when I saw a woman outside that I knew from years back. She married a customer and stopped working but I guess that dried up since she was back at her old job. She remembered me and I remembered her and her sweet ass that she gave to me long ago. Five minutes later I was nuts deep.

Pattaya short time prices

The bars can have different prices but things are pretty much the same across the board. Drinks are overpriced but cheaper than they would be in a go go bar or even in most regular bars back in the West. Rooms usually cost 300 Baht. Some are nice and clean and others are total shit holes. Unfortunately a lot of hot women work at the places with shit holes so I sometimes have to rub my bum on dirty sheets to get a quality fuck in.

The total price was 1000 Baht for a long time. That meant giving the woman another 700 Baht on top of the 300 for the bar. Nowadays more of them demand 1000 Baht for themselves on top of the 300. It’s still a good value at about 40 dollars American all in. If a girl is into it you can take her out of the bar for a few hours or even overnight. A barfine has to be paid but everything else can be negotiated directly with the woman. I never give more than 2000 Baht for an all nighter with a Soi 6 babe.

Soi 6 bar girls

There are too many bars on Soi 6 to name but maybe I’ll try in the future. That kind of “research” would be a good reason to visit again though I don’t know how far I’d make it before I ran into some sweet bodied babe I knew before who loved to take it up the butt while rubbing my balls.

Some of my favorite bars over the years have been Lisa Bar, Quicky Bar, Red Point, Saigon Girl, Sky Bar and Thai Rose. You can get blown inside Click Bar, My Friend You, King Kong, Full Moon and Hole In One. Ladyboys work in Hi Boss, Pook Bar and So What.

Good hotels within a short walk of Soi 6 include Hotel Sabai Empress, Sabai Resort, and Sunshine Vista Hotel which is more like an apartment than a hotel and great for privacy and extended stays.

Best Soi 6 bars

I first wrote about Soi 6 about 8 years ago. Not much has changed since. Prices have gone up a little in some places. And it’s not as openly naughty as it used to be. But it’s still a street filled with bars with rooms where you can get head or sex for the equivalent of $30 to $40 American dollars.

For me that makes Soi 6 worth the visit. Eventually it may end. I already see weird tourist couples walking down the street to gawk at the scene. Then there are the lame guys who can’t stop taking pictures and videos of everything, including the other guys in the bars. For now it is still a place I like to visit and drain my nuts.

Soi 6 is home to the worst go go bar in Pattaya. But it also has a lot of other bars that make it worth a visit. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Pattaya without stopping off on Soi 6 at least once. Usually I stop every day I am in town. The following list of the 5 best bars on Soi 6 will help you see why.

5. King Kong

King Kong is one of the best blowjob bars on Soi 6. Sure the chicks inside will go upstairs. But a couple of them are real specialists in the art of oral. And they even have a little area to do it in.

King Kong bar soi 6

As one of the old school bars everything is kind of like it used to be inside. Prices are cheap and the women are ready to go. They want there money. And guys like me want what we want. So it’s a match made in heaven.

So I think King Kong is almost always worth a visit. Just take note of One Direction bar nextdoor. The direction they’re talking about might be in your ass. Because it’s a haunt for horny ladyboys who love to try to snatch guys out of the street.

4. Saigon Girl

Saigon Girl is another bar up at the top end of Soi 6 near second road. So if you come in on the Baht Bus you are only a few steps away from the place. But it’s one of the last indoor bars. So I think a lot of guys walk past it. It’s never crowded inside, which is kind of surprising.

saigon girl bar pattaya soi 6

I say that because Saigon Girl always has some really hot chicks working. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed there. They usually wear some of the sexiest clothes on the strip too. I remember one night I went inside and all the women were wearing fishnet stockings. It was great.

The funny thing is that I don’t go to Saigon Girl every time I’m in Pattaya. I always plan to. But then I get distracted. I wonder if the inside design has something to do with that. It’s easier to get pulled into the open bars with all the women out and in your face calling out. “Hey handsome man come here I horny!”

3. My Friend You

Speaking of open and closed bars, I can’t forget My Friend You. From what they tell me, this is one of the original Soi 6 bars. It was already old when I first visited. And that was several years ago. But they recently remodeled the joint. So now this once closed and private club is open to the street like most others.

My Friend You is another blowjob bar on Soi 6. Well, at least it was. Even with the redesign they kept a little semi-private area downstairs for knob slobbing. But it seems more like a regular bar now. So it’s a touch of old and new.

my friend you bar soi 6 pattaya

There were a lot of new chicks at My Friend You the last time I stopped by. And that’s a good thing. Because this bar was never known for having the best looking babes. Far from it. When it was specialized in sucking it was more about skill. Now they have more of a blend for guys who like to go upstairs too.

My Friend You will always hold a special place in my heart. A team of sisters gave me one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had there. They have both moved on to other things. But my memory of that night will last as long as I do!

2. Jungle Bar

Jungle Bar is one of the newer breed of bars on Soi 6. And I think it’s the best of class. That could have something to do with the chicks wearing fishnets so often though. Did I mention that I’m into that?

jungle bar soi 6 pattaya

The bar is always packed with ladies. I think I counted fifteen the last time I was there. And a couple of them had really great legs and asses. I was like a kid in a candy store. The mix was nice too. There was a pearl white chick with jet black hair standing next to a dark brown chick with a nice firm ass. Let’s just say I mingled with both.

Of course, Jungle Bar isn’t perfect. As one of the new school bars the prices are a little higher. And some of the chicks are less than service oriented. But I guess that’s the way of the world. Still it’s better than most bars you’d find anywhere else in the world. So I am not complaining.

1. Lucky Love

Lucky Love is one of the biggest bars on Soi 6. It’s as big as two normal Soi 6 bars combined. And there are a lot of chicks working there. They’re not usually busy either. You can always find some sitting out in the street looking for guys.

lucky love bar soi 6

I usually hit Lucky Love on the way out of Soi 6. Because it’s down on the end of the road just before you get to the beach. If I haven’t found anyone to catch my interest on the strip, I just sit down at Lucky Love. They usually have at least one or two cute chicks there. And even the average ones look alright since they wear costumes.

Another great thing about Lucky Love is that they always have some A+ chicks on hand. So whenever I’m in the mood to pump a poop shoot, I put Lucky Love on my short list. The rooms are pretty good too. They have full shower bathrooms inside each one. It’s a decent place to end a day. Or start one, since Soi 6 starts coming to life at about noon.

Soi 6 BJ bars

You have to be careful when writing things. If you make too many pronouncements you’ll get out in the wrong sooner than later. Take this Soi 6 website which says “There are a couple of mom and pop mini marts, pharmacies, salons and laundries but no franchise stores such as 7/11 as obviously they would not approve of the location.” In fact, there is now a Seven Eleven on Soi 6 and it’s right next to one of the oldest and most notorious bars on the street.

a ground of soi 6 whores

Earlier I wrote that there are no specific blowjob bars on Soi 6. That is only kind of true now. Sure, there are no places like King’s Club where you are basically expected to walk in, get sucked off, then leave on the strip. Well, wait a minute. There kind of are. I guess the difference is that the blowjob bars on Soi 6 could also be short time bars or just bars depending on how you use them. There are actually dudes that hang out in some of these bars for hours or even days drinking beer!

I feel fine calling these places blowjob bars now because they mainly seem to be doing blowjobs. On top of that, and more importantly, the chicks they have posted outside now vocally say stuff like “blowjob bar come here” and “I want to suck your cock.” So that’s that. The price at all of these places is 800 Baht per blow.

King Kong

Coming from Second Road, King Kong is the first BJ bar you see on Soi 6. It’s on the left side of the road just a few steps from the corner. The word is that this used to be one of the wildest bars in Thailand. It’s pretty quite now, but that’s cool with me. The bar is long and they have a set of couches in the back behind a big refrigerator where the magic happens.

Only a couple of chicks work in King Kong but they definitely have the skills to pay the bills. I don’t know if those skills would transfer to many other industries but I sure wouldn’t mind having say an executive assistant who could suck a soccer ball through a straw.

Lick Bar

Lick Bar is two doors down from King Kong. I’ve heard that they are actually owned by the same people but I don’t know if that’s true, and frankly I don’t care. I do know that they offer the same service and have more chicks though. The chicks are good at their (blow) jobs too.

At Lick Bar there is a little bar. After that there are two super worn out couches. That’s where they do the damn thing. The couches have curtains that can be pulled around them so it’s all shielded from view. It’s not really a secret though. We’re not talking about going into a bank vault here.

Some people call this place Click Bar, which is understandable since the sign has a chicks lips that kind of looks like a letter C. The name is really Lick Bar though. I know that because I’ve actually been inside the bar many times and the name is in there on all kinds of stuff like the coasters.

My Friend You

After Lick Bar there is the Seven Eleven convenience store I just mentioned. That place is pretty funny because it’s so well lit with neon and serious looking girls working inside, meanwhile chicks in mini skirts and bikinis not to mention half naked ladyboys are going in and out all day. It’s like the Seven Eleven on Sukhumvit Soi 8 in Bangkok with the Lolita’s and Kasalong chicks in uniform buying stuff but even more extreme.

Anyway, after the Seven Eleven there is My Friend You bar. It’s one of the oldest and one of the biggest bars on Soi 6 believe it or not. It takes up two shop houses instead of just one like most bars. The name is almost as funny as the happenings at the Seven Eleven next door. If you’ve ever had a Thai bar girl ask “where my friend you?” you’ll get the joke.

My Friend You has a lot of chicks. Last time I stopped by there were ten out front. A couple are decent looking, most are chubby and/or older, and one is actually beastly, but that doesn’t seem to stop anyone from going inside. It’s never packed, but from what I hear the chicks there get several dudes off each every day.

There’s a little bar in front and then the other shop house side is where the blow goes. On that side there are a bunch of black couches spaced out where the chicks can get busy. Usually there’s only one dude at a time back there, but it’s not always quite. I have seen it with two or even three dudes getting it done there at the same time. Things are spread out and the lights are low though.

They also have rooms upstairs for short time like pretty much every other bar on Soi. I have been up there for a couple of good fucks. Or when I wanted to get my cock sucked off in privacy. I guess you can call it privacy even if I had three women with me, right?

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