The worst go go bar in Pattaya

Late last year I made a post about the worst go go bar in Bangkok. Even though that bar has some of the hottest chicks of any go go bar in the city dancing fully nude I still have some serious problems with it. The same goes for the worst go go bar in Pattaya that I’m going to tell you about now.

I wrote about the best go go bars in Pattaya a long time ago. That post is in a sore need of an update, so I’ll have to do a new post on the topic soon. In the meantime I’ll give you the scoop on what I think is the worst go go bar in the city.

For most people Walking Street probably comes to mind when they think of go go bars. Others might think of the less crowded LK Metro. There are plenty of go go bars in other parts of Pattaya too though. Some of them are pretty good. It seems like it’s easier to find topless or fully nude dancing in the lesser known spots, but that might be changing.

Dolls on Soi 6

Doll’s is a go go bar on Soi 6 which is better known for all the short time sex bars there. You could totally miss Doll’s because of all those bars and the half naked chicks they post up out front who literally try to drag you into their bars sometimes.

Doll’s is at the end of Soi 6 near Beach Road. They usually have some chicks out front in fake silk robes holding signs but I’ve never seen them try to pull anyone in. They don’t need too. The place gets customers and a lot of times it gets so packed that you can barely move inside. I’m talking serious fire hazard status. Last time I was there I had to actually push a drunk Korean dude out of the way to leave after he spent ten minutes blocking the door while he talked to a big fat mamasan about something that must have been so interesting he couldn’t hear me asking him to move or feel me tapping on his shoulder.

dancer at Doll's Soi 6 Pattaya

The tattoo above her tits says “Fuck You”

That’s not what makes Doll’s the worst go go bar in Pattaya though. It’s only part of it. It’s not necessarily the staff either. Or at least I should say it’s not their looks. While all too many go go bars in Thailand now have chubby and even outright fat chicks dancing on stage along with skinny chicks with saggy boobs and wrinkled mom bellies, Doll’s pretty much only has good looking fit chicks on stage at all times.

On top of that, half of the chicks actually take their bikini tops all the way off and dance with their tits out. About half of those have fake tits but if you’re into plastic boobs there are some really round professionally done sets on display. The other half of the chicks don’t take their bikini tops off, but a couple of them are even better looking then the topless girls so they aren’t bad either. At least their looks aren’t bad.

Why it’s the worst

Their business model however sucks in my not so humble opinion. First you have a couple of the chicks turning their job into a full time grind. They put profiles on sites like Thai Friendly and Tinder but only to troll for customers. They hook thirsty guys during the day and tell them to come to the bar at night so they can “get to know each other”.

In reality, these thirsty dudes show up in serious numbers and all buy drinks for the same few chicks. You see one or two chicks that you recognize from Tinder and they’re bouncing back and forth between four or five guys who all buy lady drinks. The worst of it all is that if you hang around you see the dudes all end up leaving without even some paid pussy. It’s a huge waste of time.

There are chicks working at Doll’s who will bar fine. I am pretty sure they all only want to do short time, and that’s fine with me. What’s not fine is that they don’t let you use the rooms upstairs. Supposedly this is because they don’t want problems with police. This is funny since every other bar on the street has rooms upstairs where dudes regularly screw bar girls.

So much for so little

So any guy who does manage to get a chick from Doll’s to agree to screw has to pay 400 Baht for a short time hotel room. On top of that there are all kinds of other high fees. The bar fine at Doll’s 1000 Baht. The chicks ask for 3000 Baht for short time. When you throw in the price of your drinks and however many lady drinks they get out of you, you’re talking about the equivalent of around $200 American dollars for what has to be really uneventful sex.

The first time I was in Doll’s I was packed in a seat talking with the one cool chick I could find inside. She was one of the non nude dancers but she was really hot. As she was telling me that she bangs four to five guys a night on average I got distracted by something. There were so many people there that I could hear everything going on around me. I overheard a dancer on her third lady drink next to me finally agree to sex with the begging dude she was sitting with, but the list of conditions she came up with was crazy. No blowjob. No pussy eating. No more than ten minutes of sex. No hard banging. Only missionary position. Seriously. I was so put off I paid my bill and go the fuck out of there.

Apparently years ago Doll’s was different. They had an open glass front. There weren’t many chicks and none of them got naked. I vaguely remember walking past it but honestly I can’t be sure. I only know what I’ve seen recently.

I have only been to Doll’s twice but I’ve seen was actually shocking in how bad it was both times, especially since there are so many cheap short time bars on the same damn street! I have no problem calling Doll’s the worst go go bar in Pattaya. What do you think?

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