There’s no inflation on hookers

By now everyone knows about the widespread inflation hitting the western world and extending out like so many indiscriminately dropped barrels of Agent Orange. Whether you are buying a car, a house, some gasoline, a computer, or even a gallon of milk, then you have probably seen prices increase over the last year.

In my life of constant travel and sex the biggest issue has been fuel prices and ticket charges. Some of the flights I have been taking regularly for years cost way more than they did prior to 2020. Then there are the crazy fuel fees. Whether I am driving on my own or taking a taxi this digs into my wallet to a point that is definitely noticeable. But one thing really hasn’t changed much. That’s the price of sex from hookers.

In fact, the price of sex has actually dropped in some places due in part to the world situation. Now I am speaking as a guy who deals in US dollars first and foremost. So exchange rates can have a lot to do with that.

inflation fetish

For example, let’s say I was paying 800 Baht for a blowjob in Bangkok back in 2019. Well back then I was only getting 30 Baht for my dollar. So an 800 Baht blowie cost me $26.66 at the time. Now I can still get my cock sucked for 800 Baht in Bangkok. But I am getting 34 Baht for my greenback. So now I am only paying $23.52 for the same head. That’s a 3 dollar discount on the price of getting my prick licked. It might not sound like much at first. Until you realize that I am the kind of guy who visits Bangkok BJ Bars as much as three times a day while I am in town. Do the math!

What about other parts of the world? Well, it’s pretty much been the same in my experience. Indonesian hookers aren’t asking me for any more now than they would have three years ago. Cambodian chicks aren’t asking for more either. In Colombia I actually paid less during the heat of the pandemic than I did when everything was “normal”. I don’t know if the price differentials were enough to cover the changes in air fare but I still can’t complain. For me plentiful sex is what it is all about. I can forgo the Filet Mignon for a while as long as I can still have a 20 year old babe ride my rod like a horse at the track for 20 or thirty bucks. You can even watch prostitute porno for the same prices that you would have paid 3 years ago.

Japan hasn’t raised any prices either from what I can tell. When I made a review of Tokyo Style in 2019 I paid 46,000 Yen for a two hour deluxe course complete with a life changing “lube bath”. Guess what the price for the same service is right now? You guessed it: 46,000 Yen. The difference is that I got 105 yen to my US dollar in 2019. Now I can get more than 120. Again, do the math and you will quickly see what I am talking about.

I am sure that the price of sex must have gone up somewhere in the world. But I haven’t experienced it in my travel. Keep in mind that I travel pretty widely and I never stopped even when it looked like half of the world was shut down. I can only tell you what I know based on what I have seen with my own eyes. This has been a great year for me filled with lost of new experiences and plenty of sex. When the sex was paid for the prices were no higher than they were prior to the pandemic. Some were even cheaper. So it’s not all bad my friends.

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