Easiest cities for sex in Thailand

Where’s the easiest place to get laid in Thailand? I am asked this question in one form or another at least once a week. Usually people find this website and ask. But sometimes the guys back home fantasize about getting away from their fat ugly wives for a “golf trip” to the land of smiles. So they want to know where they could theoretically get their cocks wet on these fictional trips. Well I have the real life answers!

Getting laid in Thailand is no real task. You can literally land on an airplane, hop directly into a taxi, and be balls deep in a Thai prostitute at a massage parlor 10 minutes later. I am not even exaggerating about that. And this is even true if you land in a small city like Udon Thani. But what if you are not into paying for pussy? It still isn’t that difficult. Sure some of it depends on your skills or maybe even the way you dress. But if you sign up for Thai Friendly and start chatting with chicks before you arrive, you can easily have a horny Thai babe waiting for you right at the airport. Trust me, I have done it many times.

So since finding sex in Thailand is so easy, you might wonder why I would even bother writing a post about the easiest cities to find sex in Thailand. Well, like I said, a lot of people have asked the question over the years. That tells me that this question is on a lot of minds. So rather than just write it off like the asshole I am, I figured I would do the world a favor and write out my answer. I even gave it a bit of thought, so I could approach the inquiry with the seriousness it deserves. This is what I came up with.


Pattaya has got to be one of the easiest places in the entire world to have sex. The entire city is literally built around it. You can’t stumble down the busted sidewalk without passing a dozen bars, massage parlors or brothels with women running out and calling you a “hansum man.” This is one of the only places on earth where you might accidentally have sex even if it wasn’t your intention. If you can’t get laid in Pattaya you better stick to watching Thai porno. Because no one on earth can help you.

Pattaya Thailand

So I absolutely have to include Pattaya at the top of the list of easy places to get laid in Thailand. The city has it all from blowjob bars to go go bars and soapy massage parlors. Then there are all the short time bars, freelancers and even super cheap street hookers. What else could you want in terms of sex? Well maybe you’re one of those proud boys who thinks you are above paying for sex. So you don’t want to fuck unless you can romance or scam your way into the pussy. In that case I feel bad for you son. I have 99 problems but paid pussy ain’t one.

If you don’t mind spending $6 on a blowjob then Pattaya is about as good as it gets for ease of access. Sure you can actually pick up chicks here. And it is pretty easy. But Pattaya is all about the pay for play.


Bangkok is the capital and largest city in Thailand. Simply in terms of sheer size and numbers you have tons of options here. There is also a huge amount of paid action. Everything you can find in Pattaya exists here too. And probably even in equal numbers. But it is all more spread out. So Bangkok doesn’t feel like a tourist town. It definitely doesn’t feel like a sex tourist town, unlike Pattaya. Because of that and all the business, universities, and government centered here, there are a lot of “normal girls” in Bangkok.

Bangkok Thailand

These normal women number in the tens or even hundreds of thousands. Some of them are fresh from the rice paddies of outer provinces. But the majority have spent significant time in Bangkok. Sure that might harden them to the realities of life a bit. But this is still Thailand where the average woman is warm and friendly. The Bangkok chicks are also more worldly than the other women of Thailand. So they aren’t as likely to be afraid of foreigners. It is super easy to score a date in Bangkok. And it’s easy to go from a date to the bedroom. That’s why there are so many hotels around!

There are also a lot of sluts in Bangkok. I don’t say that disparagingly. I love sluts! These are women who don’t fuck for money but also don’t require a date or relationship to fuck. You can find them by the thousands in Bangkok. You can pick them up in the usual places like night clubs or the filthy backpacker section of town as you would in any other city. But in Bangkok you can also find them in odd places like a food court at the mall or right on Tinder. There have been numerous times where I have matched a chick on Tinder in Bangkok and sent a first message saying something like “I love blowjobs.” Then they would reply that they love giving them and come straight over to my room. This sounds unbelievable. I know. I wouldn’t believe it myself if I didn’t experience it. Now this doesn’t work all the time and these chicks were mostly mediocre looking. But I’m talking about ease of sex. Not where to find the best looking chicks!

Bangkok is the sweat spot between the meat market and the meet market. You can meet tons of regular Thai chicks here for dating and romance. You can also find plenty of sluts who are down to fuck and don’t care about anything else. And if that all fails, or you simply want to have a relaxing time getting served, you can walk into any of the many sex shops or even order an escort directly to your room. So Bangkok is certainly one of the easiest places to find sex in Thailand.


Korat is the local nickname for the city that officially called Nakhon Ratchasima. If that is not confusing enough, Thai people switch the sounds of the letter R and L. So most Thai people actually refer to this place as “Kolat.” There is a good chance you have never heard of this city by any of its names. And that is one of the reasons why this is among the easiest places to get laid in Thailand.

Korat Thailand

Korat is the biggest city in the Isan region of Thailand. The Isan region is filled with ethnic Lao and Khmer people, along with some central Thai. There is a lot of history and back and forth here that I won’t get into. It’s enough to say that Isan is a place unto its own and it was only recently really incorporated into Thailand. Some might argue the incorporation wasn’t done all that well. It’s long been the poorest part of Thailand. It’s also long been the origin of the majority of bar girls around the country.

I don’t know that Korat chicks are particularly horny. I mean they are certainly horny enough. Once I was standing in the street buying a Coca Cola from a vendor when a bunch of chicks strolled out of a nearby university. I guess they got out of class just then. They all say directly across the street from me and kept yelling my way. One of them ran over to me and said “I love you in English” then laughed and ran away. Where else does this kind of stuff happen?

And Korat has its share of prostitution too. Like all cities you can find plenty of women in town willing to jack you, suck you, fuck you or maybe even kick you in the nads and piss all over your face for a few hundred Baht. Still that’s nothing unique to this town. That’s true all over Thailand.

So why do I say Korat is such an easy place to get laid? There are several reasons. The first I have already mentioned. There aren’t many foreigners who travel there. So you’re already new and unique unlike say Bangkok where a sizeable percentage of the population views you as a “bird shit farang” right off the bat. The second reason is the women here are by and large still lovely and polite. You won’t run into a ton of heavily tattooed hardcore whores among the general population. It’s like the good old days. Korat makes you understand why people call Thailand the land of smiles. Finally, the place is pretty boring and poor despite its size. So just taking a chick out for a nice date at a coffee shop is enough to really brighten up her life. That’s good for the mind, body and soul. It’s also good for your prick if you play your cards right and get her into bed. That is not difficult to due in Korat. So that’s why it’s on this list!

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