Where to find African prostitutes in Bangkok

Thailand is internationally known as a place with a lot of pay for play action. Guys come from around the world for tourism. A lot of them have sex with Thai women while there are there. Some come specifically for that, even though the new tourism minister says otherwise.

The amount of guys coming to Thailand looking for sex also brings women looking for sex. Some also pay for sex with the locals. They visit the female friendly places alone or more commonly as a part of a couple. Others are looking for guys to pay them for sex. A few Western escorts visit the city from time to time. They charge their same Western rates so I’m not sure how many customers they get.

African prostitute

There are also women from the old Eastern Bloc in Thailand as I mentioned when I wrote about Russian prostitutes in Asia. Some work in specialized bars like the Russian go go bar on Walking Street in Pattaya. Others work the streets. There are usually some camped out at the end of Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 near the Subway. They look pretty old and worn out but they must be making money. Why else would they be there?

I’ve heard guys say it makes no sense to have sex with a woman who isn’t Thai when in Thailand. I don’t really get this. I wonder if they only eat Thai food while they’re in country.

A lot of the prostitutes in America come from other countries. That is fitting since America is a great melting pot. But it’s the same in other big financial centers. Lots of foreign chicks fuck for cash in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Macau and even Jakarta.

The funny thing is that a lot of the guys who say they don’t get looking for non-Thai chicks in Thailand have probably had sex with women who weren’t Thai and didn’t even know it. Some Burmese women and chicks from different ethnic groups like the Thai Yai work in soapy massage parlors across the country. A lot of Lao women and a few Burmese also work in the go go bars. If you think all Southeast Asians look the same I guess you wouldn’t realize it, but it’s true.

African chicks stand out a lot more than Southeast Asian women do. Obviously their skin color is typically a lot darker than all but the darkest of the Isaan ladies. They also tend to be a bit bigger. There have been African women tricking in Bangkok for as long as I can remember.

The Grace Hotel was always the epicenter for African women. They hang in the lobby looking for customers. I guess they pull a lot of Arab clients. That part of the city is full of them and has been for the longest time. Recently, African women are spreading out even more. They still hang out in certain areas though so they’re not that difficult to find.

The African chicks can’t work in bars. They go to Thailand on tourist visas. The local chicks wouldn’t want the competition anyway. Some of the African chicks go to late night discos to find customers but that isn’t all that common. For the most part they work the streets.

African street walkers usually post up on the north side of lower Sukhumvit. They either stand around or walk slowly between Sukhumvit Soi 3 and the Asok BTS station. They seem to be most concentrated near Soi 11. There are some staircases around that lead to the pedestrians overpasses used to cross Sukhumvit. The chicks are often found under these staircases. Especially if it’s raining. Sometimes they hang out at the little sidewalk bars too.

Although it sounds terribly stereotypical, I can say that I’ve seen some of the African working women eating at the fried chicken stand in front of the 7-Eleven on Sukhumvit Soi 8 next to Lolita’s blowjob bar often enough to call it a common haunt of theirs. This is the only place I’ve seen them on the south side of Sukhumvit.

The women usually hang together and are easily identifiable. I don’t think anyone with their eyes open would mistake a regular black tourist for a street walker. The street walkers wear provocative clothes like short skirts that show off their big asses and wait for guys. They connect with customers by making eye contact or saying “how are you?” and getting a reply.

There are usually some African guys hanging around the area too. I don’t know if they are pimps but they are most likely connected with the chicks. Sometimes late at night they hang out together. Usually the guys post up out of view. These are some of the same guys who try to sell weed to people in the same area. I don’t know much more about them. I wouldn’t go anywhere near drugs in Thailand.

The African women can all speak English. They have accents but they are totally understandable. They are mostly average looking chicks between twenty and thirty. Some might fall in love with them. Others would want nothing to do with them. Everyone has their own taste.

Most of the women claim they are from Kenya if asked. Some actually are. Some are from Uganda, but they don’t admit it. I don’t know why. It could be because Uganda is known for having one of the highest levels of HIV in the world. There are tons of Nigerians in Southeast Asia but I haven’t seen any Nigerian street walkers in Bangkok.

You might think that African chicks walking streets half way around the world from their homelands would be hardened. Their lives must be tough. Most of them seem to be pretty friendly and happy though. They work out of customer’s hotels or short time hotels. There are a few of those in the area. They only cost a few hundred Baht for an hour.

The African hookers usually start out with super high prices like 3000 Baht for a quicky. They are all known to haggle. They go down in price pretty easily. They also go down pretty easily. I can’t be sure but I guess most guys pay them around 1500 Baht for a sucky fucky in a short time room. I haven’t heard of anyone being scammed. It doesn’t seem to be that common. It’s always possible with a street walker though. They could demand more money or start a scene. Women from bars are more likely to stick to the script since they can be found again along with their managers and bosses.

Surprisingly, not a lot of drama goes down with street walkers in Thailand. I don’t think they are worried about their reputations. There just isn’t a big shake down scene. It’s more common to run into renegade taxi drivers who refuse to use their meters and quote insane and unrealistic prices for short rides.

Danger lurks everywhere I guess. Luckily, I’ve been pretty safe so far.

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