Where to find dates and casual sex hook ups in Chiang Mai

As I’ve already written, there is a ton of pay for play available in Chiang Mai even though a lot of farang innocently (or ignorantly) claim otherwise. It’s no Pattaya, but I can think of twenty places right off of the top of my head where you can go and buy sex right now. That sure beats Riyadh!

It’s not that difficult to date Thai chicks in Chiang Mai either. Some people agree with me but I have heard guys moan about an inability to find any action. Some dudes who say they can find chicks to date say they can’t close the deal. I have had a few difficulties but for the most part I’ve been able to bury my bone when I wanted to. I don’t know everyone’s else deal is, but I can tell you about my experiences.

how to date in chiang mai

Chiang Mai has some of the hottest chicks in Thailand. The real Chiang Mai chicks have light skin, pretty faces and bigger boobs with pink nipples. They aren’t like the shorter browner Isan chicks (who are also hot), but that’s a different post.

Farangs and English in Chiang Mai

There are a lot of foreigners living in Thailand and especially Chiang Mai but I guess they aren’t mixing much with the locals. Either that or none of their language is wearing off. Unlike Cambodia where you can find tons of English speakers in every single city, Thailand has relatively few English speakers. A lot of taxi drivers and hotel workers that deal with foreigners every day even struggle with English, if they know any at all. Some of this has got to be by design. People who don’t want to learn English don’t have to, and rightfully so.

The only places I’ve ever seen real numbers of Thai people speaking English were in the farang beer bars and on Thai airlines flying to other countries. Chicks born to rice farmers who dropped out of school pick up the language probably because they have to. The same goes for flight attendants. Just being around English isn’t enough.

Anyway this lack of English extends to the dating and sex world too. I have actually had a lot of success picking up Thai chicks in person, but that requires some Thai. If you only speak English you’re probably out of luck, unless you pick up a barista at Starbucks or something. Even then the conversation probably won’t go far.

I’ve picked up a decent amount of Thai over the years. I am no master, but I can hold a conversation. That goes pretty far and it’s practically required for picking chicks up on the streets.

Get Her Line ID

Thai women are pretty open to giving out their Line or Facebook if they have even the slightest interest in you. I’ve asked for it after only talking to a Thai chick for a minute or so and they nearly always give it up, though one later blocked me when I asked her on a date. Most of the chicks are way more up for hanging out, and several have come right to my condo on my suggestion.

Once you get Thai chicks on the phone it is easier to talk to them. You can just use copy and paste and Google translate to hold a somewhat coherent conversation. That way you can actually communicate without resorting to caveman like pidgin English and hand signals.

In Person Pick Ups

Good places to meet Chiang Mai chicks in person are any of the malls like Central Airport and MAYA, but they are a little more jaded at MAYA with so many tourists and backpackers coming in and out of the place. Warm Up Cafe is the best club to meet regular Thai girls. Zoe In Yellow has too many backpackers and freelancers.

I realize that a lot of people don’t want to put in the work of learning Thai and using Google translate on the phone to set up a date or a hookup. Even if they don’t want to pay for action they still have other options.

Tinder in Chiang Mai

Tinder doesn’t work so well in Chiang Mai. There are a lot of chicks on it but half of them are either Western backpackers or Thai prostitutes working out of the many Chiang Mai happy ending massage parlors trying to score customers. There are regular chicks on there, and they aren’t that difficult to match with, but they rarely speak much English and most of them don’t respond after a match, or if they do, they don’t even want to actually meet in person.

Dating Sites in Chiang Mai

There are more chicks who can speak English and are serious about meeting farang on sites like Thai Friendly. While I am always happy to get paid when someone signs up for an account after clicking a link here, I wouldn’t lie and say a site was good if wasn’t. I have been to some small towns in Thailand where I couldn’t find anyone on any site or app, but that’s not the case in Chiang Mai. There are lots of Thai chicks on Thai Friendly looking for fun or dating.

I usually just ask chicks if they want to come to my condo to swim or watch a movie. It works more than you might think. When it doesn’t I ask them to eat with me or have a coffee. There are coffee shops and restaurants next to every condo in Chiang Mai, so you can guess where I go from there!

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