Cheap sex in Macau

Macau is most well known as the leading gambling center in the world. Macau is filled with five star hotels, big bright casinos, gourmet restaurants and more. That “more” includes a bunch of sex saunas where high rollers go to blow their winnings; and their loads. In spite of that you can still find a good amount of cheap sex in Macau.

Sure, “cheap sex” is relative. A guy used to dropping 200 dollars in an American strip club and getting nothing more than blue balls might think a Thai go go dancer charging $150 for sex is a “great deal.” Meanwhile a Burmese construction worker in Thailand used to spending $15 at the local whore house would think the go go dancer and her customers were all out of their fucking minds.

Cheap Macau prostitute

So I’m not saying Macau is the cheapest place in the world to buy sex. I’m just saying that there are a lot of paid sex options for guys in Macau that don’t cost the kind of big money you might expect a high end sex sauna like Rio to charge. Again, it’s all relative though. Rio is not actually all that expensive considering what customers get for their money. One could easily spend an entire day in the place swimming, getting body massages, eating various foods, getting his cock rubbed for hours and banging three chicks for less than a thousand bucks.

The Lisboa Racetrack ladies disappeared after a big crackdown, but there’s still a lot around on the small island of Macau.

Prostitution is legal in Macau, but pimping is not. I don’t know how that works exactly since there are lots of sex saunas, but I do think the rules are the reason Macau has it’s own walk up brothels. These hotel walk ups aren’t exactly like the walk up brothels in Hong Kong but they’re not far off either. Chicks basically work out of rooms and service guys who show up. Prices are usually around 350 HKD, which is less than fifty bucks American. You can find hotel walk ups on sites like nightlife141.

There are also WeChat prostitutes in Macau. They’re not that similar to the women who find customers through WeChat in Vietnam but they’re not all that different either. In fact some of them might even be from Vietnam and a few double as hotel walk up chicks. Basically they use the “people around me” feature of the smartphone app WeChat to find customers. They negotiate rates right on the app then give out the location of their rooms. The majority of the chicks are Chinese or working with Chinese agents and the chats are in Chinese too. Google translate is a possibility for guys who don’t speak Chinese to hook up with these chicks but they have to announce that they’re foreign before showing up because some chicks don’t want to screw hairy western barbarians. WeChat prostitutes can basically ask whatever they want but anything between 500 and 1000 HKD is considered reasonable.

Next you’ve got Darling One in the Macau Masters Hotel. This is basically like a Thai soapy massage parlor but it is located in Macau. Even some of the chicks inside are Thai. Others are Chinese or Vietnamese. You can tell which is which by the colors of their number tags. The manager explains all that when you enter. Anyway, the price is 1700 HKD. That’s around $217 US dollars. Not exactly cheap, but cheaper than some other places for what you get. The chicks are all hot and they do a nice wash down followed by good sex in super clean rooms with mirrors and porn. It beats getting 10 lapdances at Joe’s Muff Shack in Iowa for the same amount of money.

Hou Va is way cheaper than Darling One and it shows. You might even call it the epicenter of cheap sex in Macau. It’s basically a brothel with a local Chinese mamasan and chicks from China and Vietnam inside. The action goes down in small dumpy rooms upstairs that look like the rooms in most oily massage parlors in Thailand. If you let the mamasan choose the girl the price at Hou Va is only 500 Hong Kong Dollars. If you choose yourself it’s 888 which is still only 113 bucks.

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