Review of Familia Nobre in Macau

Familia Nobre is one of the male sex saunas in Macau. It is a fairly big place with a lot of room and plenty of women inside. For some reason, it seems to be one of the most popular local saunas for foreigners. Western guys are still pretty rare inside. But when they do show up at a Macau sauna, it is often this place.

I explained everything about Macau sex saunas about five years ago. I also made a list of the five best sex saunas in Macau that is still more or less accurate. And Familia Nobre has a prominent position on that list.

Familia Nobre is one of the bigger saunas. It used to be known as a somewhat cheaper place. But as I will explain, that is no longer true. The entire sauna went under a bit of an overhaul not long ago. So it’s all up to date and nice enough. But no one goes to Macau saunas to look at the architecture.

Familia Nobre in Macau

Most Macau saunas are inside of hotels. Familia Nobre has its own building. There is a big rainbow LED sign above the door. And it’s right in front of a big park in the middle of Macau. So it is easy to find. All the taxis know it too. But they call it Hao Moon, which is the Chinese name.

There’s always a security guy standing in front of the entrance. After passing him you go up a flight of stairs and you’re in the lobby. It looks like a five star hotel. The ladies behind the counter are only there to take your money on the way out. Some younger guys in suits take you straight back to the lockers and give you a wrist band with a number. That number tracks your spending in the sauna.

Familia Nobre

After you undress and put your stuff in a locker, you are free to use the sauna. You’re supposed to shower first. There are enough showers for a football team and they blast hot water which feels great. There are multiple swimming pools you can use, along with a sink with razors, shampoos, toothbrushes, colognes, and whatever else you might need. They even have a couple of bikini-clad Vietnamese chicks who will wash you on a table for money.

When you’re done with the wet area, you head over the the changing room. Someone there will hand you a robe and a pair of shorts. You also swap your shower slippers for the flip flops they give you. Then you can go into the main room.

The women and services inside

Inside there are all sorts reclining chairs. You can sit in any of them. As soon as you do, a waitress will run over and bring you some towels. They will let you sit down, then they cover you with the big beach towel like a blanket. They’ll also offer you any of the free food and drink on the menu It’s pure service from beginning to end.

Not long after that, the service girls will approach you. One set does foot massages and pedicures. Another crew does ear cleaning, shoulder massages, manicures and facials. Then there are the thigh massage girls, who give thirty minute handjobs in private rooms in the back. They all wear different clothes, so you know who is who. And you can always ask. Amazingly, you’ll find service staff from Vietnam who can speak Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mandarin, English and probably some phrases in other languages too.

Finally there are the full service chicks. It used to be that they would line up in front of your chair whenever you called for them. But now after you tell a manager you want to see them, they take you back to a hallway by the kitchen to see them. Each woman wears a different colored badge. These tell you where they are from or their class.

Bang for your buck

At Familia Nobre, most of the chicks are Vietnamese. They charge 2588 Patacas. That’s about $320 US Dollars. There are a couple of Chinese ladies who charge a bit more. Then there are the Europeans. Lately they’ve had some super sexy Ukranian women who could stop you in their tracks. But they charge the equivalent of $570 American. There’s also a black chick who has been there for at least five years. Her ass is round and firm and she gets a lot of customers. But I am not one of them, so I can’t tell you more.

Familiar Nobre used to be about the cheapest sauna in Macau. As you can see, that is no longer the case. The prices have sort of equalized across Macau saunas. And sadly, service has not gotten any better with the new higher prices. There are still options for cheap sex in Macau. But Familia Nobre is not one of them.

That said, Macau is not a backpacker location. If I was short on money, I wouldn’t be heading to the biggest casino town in the world. The saunas charge a bit of money, but they provide a real customer oriented service that you can’t find pretty much anywhere else in the world.

I don’t think anyone is counting pennies or going over regrets when they’re in a room with a full service chick. They lay you on a table and wash your entire body. Then they lick you all over. Then they rub their body against your in soapy massage fashion. Finally they take you over to the main room and give it to you every way they can while the images reflect of the ceiling mirrors. It’s almost priceless.

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