Review of Rio Sauna in Macau

As you might be able to tell, I recently returned from another trip to Macau. I figured that I might as well review some Macau saunas. I wanted to do it years ago. But in retrospect, I am glad I waited. Because the saunas aren’t exactly the same as they used to be. Prices are up but service has not gotten any better. They’re still like nothing in this world though. So let’s talk about Rio, which is the biggest and most famous place of its kind.

Rio Saunua is located right inside of the Rio Hotel. And incidentally, that is a very nice girl friendly hotel in Macau. Its one of the few places with the same name in English and Chinese, so it’s easy to get there by taxi. The price is reasonable too. Best of all, they actually give you a discount coupon for the sauna when you check in as a single man. But sometimes you do have to ask for it if they forget.

I like staying in the Rio because it is a nice hotel at a decent price. Macau is a major gambling gub, so it lowers the prices of the rooms a bit. You can get a four or five star for less than a hundred dollars a night. Plus it makes it easy to meet up with chicks after work. But that’s a topic for another time.

The Rio Sauna in Macau

Getting to the Rio Sauna is as easy as going up to the fifth floor. If you’re not staying in the hotel you can just walk in and head to the elevators. But they have some sauna guys stationed in front of the main entrance. So if they see you roll up as a single guy, they might call out to you and escort you up to the sauna themselves. Service is the name of the game in Macau!

You can buy a discount card for 90 Patacas. It doesn’t help on your first visit. But any time you go back over the next year, you can get one free service plus 300 Patacas off if you go for full service. So that’s quite a deal. You don’t see this kind of stuff outside of Asia. They take their business seriously.

Rio Sauna in Macau

Rio is an elaborate place with hand tiled ceiling, big pools and more. It’s so well known for a reason. Of course all of this comes with a price. And Rio has long had the reputation as being the most expensive sauna in Macau. But as I will explain, that is no longer true. In some ways it’s now cheaper than the famous “low price” Familia Nobre!

After you put your stuff in a locker you get your wrist band to track your spending. Then you shower and take a dip in the pool if you wish. They have Vietnamese chicks who help you put on your robe, but they beg for tips. That’s annoying, but I guess they’re just trying to make due. When you get into the main lounge, you have a lot of choices for seating. You get the nice leather recliners. And they come cover you with towels or blankets as soon as you sit down. The chairs are more spread out than other saunas, so you get plenty of room.

The women and the services

Rio has all the usual services. You can get a foot rub, get your nails trimmed, get your ears cleaned, or even get a haircut. They also have the usual “thigh massage” chicks who rub your dick and balls for thirty minutes at a time. Most service staff is Vietnamese. But there are some Indonesian chicks too. The waitresses come from all over. There’s even a multi-lingual lady from Myanmar who brings free food and drinks as you order it.

The handjob massages at Rio Sauna are good, but they do the normal ones out in the open. So they just throw a towel over your mid section then pull your pants down and go to work. This can be cool or annoying, depending on whether or not the manager comes over to talk to you while you’re getting your shaft cranked. But there’s something special about getting a foot rub and rod massage while a waitress brings you food and drink. You can opt for a two hour hand job massage in a back room, but that costs almost as much as full service.

There are lots of full service chicks at Rio. Every twenty or thirty minutes they do a “showtime” over by the pool. If you haven’t done full service yet, one of the managers usually comes over and asks if you want to join. After a couple of guys walk over there with them, they bring out the ladies. Cheap disco music plays while a line of forty of fifty chicks comes out. Most them are pretty damn sexy. Some are of course hotter than others.

The price of pleasure

The majority of full service chicks at Rio Sauna are Chinese. They charge 3008 Patacas, which is about $375 American. There are also Vietnamese chicks plus some other foreigners. The Viets charge more at Rio than Familia Nobre! So like I said, so much for this being the most expensive sauna. There are also Russian chicks who charge 3232 Patacas. Then there is the “model” class made up of Chinese chicks and sometimes a Korean. They get 4537 per appointment. That’s over $560 US dollars for those keeping score at home.

After you pick a chick, the manager will write down her number on a piece of paper. They might try to sell you a “milk bath” too. That’s a waste of time and money. But it’s easy enough to say no. The same goes for any offer of a “special rubber.” I’ve never heard of it but apparently they try this on some guys.

The chick you select walks you back through a maze of halls into one of the many private rooms. They are nice enough. But they can also be cold as ice. Luckily, they put enough towels in there to double as blankets. And when the chick gets the shower going, the room warms up.

For your money you get a table shower that includes all over licking. And I do mean all over. You usually get some head on the table shower too. Then you can finish what was started over on the bed. The ladies know what they’re doing. And they’re service oriented. This is an Asian style of service that you don’t find in many other places. And it helps explain the premium price. It also explains why Rio continues to be so popular, even though they charge what they do.

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