Sex saunas in Macau

Macau is famous for its casinos but it’s also filled with fully legal large saunas where guys go to buy sex with women from all over the world. Why these sex saunas in Macau aren’t talked about more is anyone’s guess. It could be due to a local want to keep the lid on it or it could be because people who don’t speak Chinese are largely ignorant to the whole thing.

There’s really no need for that though. The saunas are open to pretty much everyone (though I have heard that black guys and those who are or appear to be Indian or Arab are sometimes not allowed in) and many of the basic floor workers are from places like the Philippines and Indonesia and can speak English.

Macau Asian Sex Diary

The saunas are openly advertised and most of them are attached to large four and five star hotels. Most of the advertisement is in Chinese though so unless you can read and understand that language you can have a hard time figuring things out. I always found it funny that the same people who sell ferry tickets to Macau in Hong Kong also sell discount packages to the saunas so you can get something like “a round trip ferry ride and choice with a Vietnamese woman of the manager’s choice at Rio Spa along with a handjob and a body wash” all for one low price.

I first started visiting Macau years ago when there was very little information about it online. At least in English or that I could find. I’m not a whiz kid computer programmer so I could have missed it. Anyway I had to find things out for myself by putting in leg work and spending a lot of money that I probably should have put into a retirement fund. The good thing is that you can now read about what I learned.

All you have to do to visit a Macau sex sauna is show up. There will be a front desk that looks like a place to check in but there’s no need to stop there. You pay on the way out.

Instead you keep on going to a locker room. There will be a bunch of workers in there to stand around while you get undressed then fold your clothes and put them in a locker. They will also give you a robe and a pair of shorts and slippers to wear while you’re in the sauna. Most importantly they’ll give you a numbered wrist band. That will be used to track all of your purchases during your stay. In some saunas the workers are female and its fun to get butt naked in front of them. At a few the workers are guys. Oddly enough the guys tend to stare at your naked body while the women tend to look away or only sneak a peak. Oh well.

After you put your things in a locker you have to shower off. You can usually do this by yourself in any of the many showers or you can get a woman in a bikini to do it for you. The shower girls are usually Vietnamese and while they’re sexy they’re not as hot as the sex girls inside. Like everything else except the food (more on that later) the shower costs money if the girl does it for you. Table showers and body scrubs are also sometimes available. Blowjobs and handjobs are sometimes thrown in but it’s not a guarantee everywhere. If you’re really into a shower girl you can usually get her number and ask for full sex with her but like I said the women inside are usually much better looking. You can also get the phone numbers of shower girls, locker girls and almost anyone else if you’re sly about it and the girl warms up to you even a little bit. From there you can arrange meetings in your hotel after work. A lot of guys are into this. I’ve done it a few times but it’s too much work for me in a place filled with sex saunas where I can get sex on demand without any drama or stress.

After you shower you can eat soak in one of the pools or hot tubs with some naked Chinese dudes or head to the towel room. There a guy or girl will hand you a towel and a new robe, shorts and pair of slippers. You put those on and head into the lounge area.

The lounge is just a big room with lots of comfortable chairs. You can pick anyone you want. The best ones are away from guys who are smoking stinky ass cigarettes or snoring loudly.

A lounge in a typical Macau sex sauna

Once you’ve got a chair a waitress will approach you and ask for a drink order. They always have food menus. There are lots of drinks and food available for free. There is usually a little “premium” selection too which costs money. The free stuff is good enough for me in most cases.

Next to the food menu there is also usually a sexy menu. Trying to decipher this can be a pain in the ass since it’s usually written in a combination of Chinese and odd English euphemisms. Ordering a body scrub might amount to pointing to a “white swan ivory soak” and getting a handjob might be called something like “golden rose bloom in April.” It’s easier just to call over someone and ask for what you want. The managers can sometimes be helpful in explaining the menu but some of them can barely speak English. Waitresses that are Indonesian or Filipino are the best best.

Each sauna also has some floor service workers. They wear different colored uniforms. Some are sexy, some are not. Some will do things like massage your feet or your head. Some will cut your toe nails or clean your ears. And some will jack you off either right there in the lounge or in a private room depending on the place. I like to get jacked off in the lounge while an old Vietnamese lady rubs my feet and I eat watermelon but that’s just me. Each service is usually sold in a 20 or 30 minute block. The prices are all over the place depending on where you are. I think it’s reasonable but I’ve also heard people complain.

When you get a “thigh massage” aka your meat beat you usually aren’t supposed to bust your nut. The workers are good at doing just enough to get you there without making you shoot. If you get a certain amount of dick massages, especially if they are in private, you’re usually entitled to then get off. I think they want to encourage you to fuck one of the full service models so everything is geared toward getting you there.

Depending on the place the full service models will either line up regularly in a common area or they will be called to line up whenever a customer tells someone he’s ready to pick a woman. They are usually separated into groups. Sometimes they have “models”, “porn stars” and then regular girls. Sometimes they’re divided into Vietnamese, Chinese, etc. Different groups have different rates but it’s easy to see who the standard girls are and if you can’t figure that out you can always just ask. The women are for the most part very good looking and usually 19 to 27 or so in age. Vietnamese and mainland Chinese women are most common but you can also see Thais, Uzbeks, Russians and even Africans at times. Some places even have little shows but I find these annoying and try to avoid them.

After you chose a lady you’ll be taken back to a hotel room with a shower and usually a shower table in it. The woman will clean you off and usually give you a little blowjob or ass licking then take you to the bed. There she’ll start blowing you. This can be straight up or it can be done with the aid of stuff like hot tea, ice cubes, mouth wash or something else. Condoms aren’t used for oral sex but they are always used for fucking. Some women will let you lick their pussies but others won’t. The sex is usually very good and sometimes even at porn star level. The girlfriend experience is pretty much unheard of unless you meet a girl after work in your hotel room.

After you bust your nut you can lay around and talk through hand signals and Google translate until your time is up. Then you go back to the lounge. You can hang out, get more services, sleep, order more food or do whatever you want.

An entry fee covers between 12 and 24 hours but you don’t have to pay it at all when you fuck a girl or get a certain number of services. Some places have small rooms where you can sleep overnight but others will just tell you to sleep in your chair, and believe me you won’t be alone if you do.

When you’re ready to leave you just go back to the locker room. You can shower before you leave if you want. Once you get dressed, again with the help of the locker room team, you go to the front desk and pay your bill. It’s impossible for me to write every item on every menu here but I can give you a general idea of the price. Services cost anywhere from $20 – $50. Full fucks can be anywhere from $150 – $300. Discounts and deals can be had at certain times or when you combine certain packages. The second full fuck is usually discounted. You can talk to a manager.

I give the prices in US dollars even though the places deal in either Macau or Hong Kong money. It’s easier to give you an idea of the rates this way. I’ll write a post on my favorite saunas soon.


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