Soapy massage parlors in Macau

Macau is most famous as a gambling town. It’s like the Vegas of the east. Unlike Las Vegas though, Macau has legalized prostitution. Nevada is famously home to the only legal prostitution in the US. But you have to drive out of Las Vegas and into other counties to find it. In Macau, there are usually checks selling sex in some way or another sort right in your hotel.

The most prominent places of prostitution in Macau are the big sex saunas, which I have already told you about. But there are other types of knocking shops around too. There are street walkers, WeChat prostitutes, cheap sex brothels, and a couple of soapy massage parlors.

Soapy massage parlors in Macau

The soapy massage parlors in Macau are a lot like the soapy massage parlors in Thailand. In fact, they’re pretty much identical. You can even find Thai chicks working in the soapy massage parlors of Macau. The main difference is the price. You will probably pay more in Macau than you would for comparable service in Thailand. But you might be surprised at the price gap.

Although Macau is generally a lot more expensive than Thailand, the prices at the soapies in Macau aren’t that much higher than those in the Land of Smiles. You pay about 1800 Pataca for 75 minutes at a Macau soapy. That’s around $223 in American money, or 7100 Thai Baht. While you can find service in some Thai soapies for 1300 Baht, you can also pay 8000 Baht or more with a “model” in a high-end facility.

Darling massage sauna Macau

There are basically two soapy massage parlors in Macau. And they’re both under the same umbrella. You have Darling 1 and Darling 2. The names and companies are the same, but each place is actually a little different. You can get the same sort of soapy massage service in either location. But the procedures, prices, and surroundings will vary a bit.

Darling 1 is closer to the action in the casinos and tourist spots. But it never overflows with people. The chicks always outnumber the guys, usually by 10 or 20 to 1. There’s no shortage of ladies or seats. Darling 2 is quieter but it goes the extra mile with some special services and discounted rates. Both places have their pros and very few cons.

Darling 1

Darling 1 is located in the Macau Masters hotel. It is the bigger and better known of the two Darling soapies. Darling 1 is on the third floor of the hotel. There’s even a special elevator you can use to get directly to the place without interacting with hotel guests.

When you walk in you’ll probably talk to a mamasan or a papa. They’re pretty active. They’re also fluent in many languages, including English. Used to be that there was a really cute Indonesian mamasan, but I haven’t seen her in a while. One of her replacements tries to be pushy, but as always the paying customer can set the pace.

The chicks sit in the middle of the room. They’re on staircase-type seating so you can get a good view of them all. And if you’re eyes are really bad, they even have a pair of binoculars there for you to scope out the ladies up close and in full pervert mode.

Darling 1 Macau

Each lady has a number pinned on her lingerie. The regular chicks wear heart-shaped pins and charge 1800 MOP. The so-called models wear stars and charge 2120 for 75 minutes. The main difference between them seems to be a few inches of height. A lot of the “regular” chicks are pretty damn hot.

The pins also have colors. They indicate nationality. The managers can break down the color schemes for you. Basically there are Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese chicks at Darling 1. Occasionally you might find a lady from another part of Asia or even Europe. But don’t count on it.

After you pick a chick and pay, you go up to the room. They’re nice and clean with big bath tubs and televisions that play porn. The beds are big too, there are mirrors on the ceilings, and the whole vibe is pretty sexual. A waitress brings you a drink then you get down to the action. That means 75 minutes of getting washes, sucked and fucked. A lot of times you get your salad tossed too. After you blow your load, you usually just relax. But a tip of 500 can often get you another round before time is out.

Darling 2

Darling 2 is a little smaller than Darling 1. It’s also more out of the way with its location on Avenida do Ouvidor Arriaga. But what Darling 2 lacks in size it makes up for in pizzazz. That’s because the place specializes in threesomes. The 3P service is a standard menu item at Darling 2, and it comes at a discounted rate.

While Darling 1 has chicks from all over Asia, you’re most likely to see nothing but Vietnamese women at Darling 2. That’s no problem of course, since Vietnamese chicks are usually sexy. The same goes at Darling 2. You might not see many models, but you will see plenty of beautiful women.

For your 1800 Pataca, you’ll get lead by any two ladies of your choosing to a private room. Once there, they’ll give you head-to-toe full service in tandem. Three way interaction isn’t the name of the game at Darling 2. Instead, it’s like you’re a VIP getting serviced by two skilled and sexy women at the same time.

As with any paid threesome, things can be a little on the mechanical side. But it all depends on how you look at it. Darling 2 has been in business for a while. That means there are new and repeat customers. And I can totally understand why. Being in bed with two hot Asians is a truly great experience!

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