Where to buy legal sex toys in Saigon

Buying sex toys in Saigon is easy and totally legal. In fact, you can now buy sex toys right in the middle of Ho Chi Minh City. There is a store at 110 Vo Thi Sau in District 1 called Shopkiss.Vn that even has a big sign advertising the fact. It has been there for at least a year and it seems to do good business. As you might have guessed, they have a website too.

You might say “prostitution is illegal in Vietnam, but there are still plenty of brothels and hot toc blowjob barbershops in Ho Chi Minh City.” That’s true, but those places are low key. They don’t put a sign outside that says “buy sex here.” In fact, the reason blowjob spots pretend to be barbershops to begin with is that they have to hide their activities behind a veil of legality!

Shopkiss VN Ho Chi Minh City

Not so with sex toys. As the sex toy shop in the middle of Saigon shows, there are no rules against the sale of this sort of thing. You can buy dildos and condoms right there in the shop, then cross the street and be in a park or a regular old coffee shop. There’s nothing hidden or dirty about it at all. You won’t get arrested for it either.

The place is really mainstream. They even sell high end expensive sex toys like vibrators. Apparently this is popular stuff among a certain high-society set. They also some things that are closer to my heart personally, such as the thinnest condom in the world by Okamoto. It’s next best thing to nothing.

Don’t believe everything you read

Some people say “believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear.” That has got to be modified somehow to apply to the internet. People are talking about “fake news” left and right now. Sites that talk about sex have been bullshitting for years though.

A lot the sites that talk about sex around the world are really full of shit. The original sites are usually pretty good. Some of those that came later can range from good to bad, mostly depending on who makes them. Then there are the sex sites just that pull all their information from other sites. Those are by far the worst. They just mash together a bunch of words, and it comes out about as bad as you would expect.

One of the most visited websites of the kind actually has a complete article claiming that sex toys are illegal in Vietnam. Obviously, this isn’t the case. If it was, how long would a shop that says “sex toys” on a big sign outside last? The place in the picture has been in business for at least a year.

Vietnam is not so restrictive

Once in a while you will still hear someone ranting about how “the commies” rule Vietnam with an iron fist. Sometimes you need to look at who is doing the ranting. I’m not going to get too deep into it or try to claim that Vietnam is a bastion of freedom, but it’s definitely no North Korea.

In many ways, Vietnam is even more open than a country like Thailand. First of all, the internet is not heavily censored in Vietnam. You can open any mainstream porn site you want from Vietnam. Not so in Thailand where tons of porn sites are blocked. If you want to watch porn there you need a VPN.

Don’t get me started on visas. An American citizen can fly into Vietnam and get a one year visa at the airport for $135. That’s it. No questions asked. If you want to stay in Thailand for a year, you have to jump through all sorts of hoops. You’ll end up doing regular runs to the border or checking in with the police all the time. You might even have to make a big bank deposit or enroll in classes.

Sex toys are actually illegal in Thailand too. You can get in trouble for buying sex toys in Thailand or even carrying them into the country. The British newspapers actually warn UK citizens not to bring sex toys into Thailand because of this.

Dildos and the law in Southeast Asia

Sure you can find guys selling sex toys all over Sukhumvit in Bangkok. That doesn’t mean its legal though. The same guys sell Viagra and sex medicines too. They obviously aren’t registered vendors. These guys don’t have shops or sell anywhere officially. They sell on the street and a lot of what they sell is illegal. That includes some of the weapons they display every night! I don’t know the arrangement there, but cops seem to ignore those guys most of the time.

Just because something is illegal doesn’t mean there aren’t people buying and selling it. Look at weed and other drugs. Or more to the point, look at prostitution. As far as I know, prostitution has never been eliminated anywhere simply by outlawing it.

The letter of the law is also flexible in a lot of Southeast Asia. What is actually written as law doesn’t always apply. What is enforced as a law isn’t always written down on a piece of paper somewhere. One thing to realize when you are in Southeast Asia is that you are not at home.

That doesn’t mean you have to walk around terrified though. I have never run into any trouble or even a real problem in years. Southeast Asia is a pretty easy place to get by if you don’t act like an asshole. Bad things can happen to anyone, but the odds are different depending where you are. If you are in Ho Chi Minh City, at least you know where you can buy a rubber cock without issue.

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