HCMC is the easiest city to get laid in Vietnam

There is no question about and no doubt in my mind. Ho Chi Minh City is absolutely the easiest place to find sex in Vietnam. I have the experience and the knowledge to back this up! After years of living and traveling in Southeast Asia, I’ve been in more Vietnamese holes than the tour guides at the Cu Chi Tunnels.

I have already told you about the easiest cities to get laid in Thailand and Cambodia. I usually break down the country into its various major and minor cities and tell you the good and bad about each. But there is simply no need for that here. Ho Chi Minh City is the biggest, the best, and the easiest when it comes to screwing chicks with ease. There just isn’t any competition.

Sure you can get your dick wet pretty easily in other cities like Da Nang, Nha Trang and Vung Tau. I’ve even had a good amount of sex in lower tier towns like Can Tho with very little effort involved. But considering all it takes to move around in this crowded country I could have just stayed next to the airport in Saigon and had all the orgasms I wanted. I wouldn’t even have to leave my hotel room!

Prostitution in Ho Chi Minh City

There is no defined red light district in HCMC. No Soi Cowboy or go go bars at all. No big soapy massage parlors. And no strip clubs. But do you know what? There are still more prostitutes in Ho Chi Minh City than you could ever hope to fuck in a lifetime! I’ve been writing about the paid sex in Ho Chi Minh City for years.

There’s a whole range of hookers in HCMC. But most of them charge very little money when compared to the rest of the world. There are hot toc om where they do blowjobs for $6.50. There are full service barbershops where they fuck for $45. Then you have the many happy ending massage parlors. There are alsoHugging cafes and sexy cafes too.

ho chi minh city

Don’t forget the hostess bars either. In a couple of the old school joints you can still get your cock sucked or ridden while the mammasan sits across from you and puts ice in your drink. I love to fuck in front of an audience so I don’t mind paying them $100 and even buying a drink for the old fat bitch in charge.

But even if I was too lazy to even walk outside I could always find one of the countless WeChat prostitutes. They literally hang out on the app all day looking for dudes to fuck for money. Some of them are mid tier but I have actually met some hot chicks with really sexy bodies. No surprise that they fuck for $50 considering there are whole websites filled with Saigon escorts who fuck for just 200,000 VND. That’s just $8 for those keeping track back home.

Picking up chicks in HCMC

Picking up chicks in Ho Chi Minh City is easy too. There are tons of sluts and open minded women who want to try a slide down a big foreign bean pole. You can meet these women all over. Tinder is always great. I’ve met tons of chicks there that I fucked the same night or even the same hour. There was that 25 year old chick with the big nose but smoking body I met at Phuc Long. Her tight dress drove me crazy and I told her we should go back to the room. Then there was that beautiful 19 year old chick I met at Starbucks. I thought she was lame because she kept taking pictures of her smoothie. But she was so thankful that I took her there she invited herself back to my room and I fucked her bareback twice. Then there was that older woman with the curly hair who met me at the park outside of my hotel. We were literally fucking in an hourly hotel across the alley within 10 minutes of meeting. None of these chicks wanted money, commitment or anything else!

I like the apps because they let you cover a lot of ground fast. And you can do right from your room. But I am definitely not beyond picking up chicks in the street either. Nightclubs like Apocalypse Now and Lush have tons of chicks inside who want to fuck western guys. I am not even counting the freelance hookers either. Some other local clubs are even better. Best still are the little late night street bars where they serve super cheap beer and delicious coffee to crowds of people sitting on tiny plastic chairs.

The biggest problem there is the biggest problem everywhere in Vietnam. That’s the language barrier. It is easiest enough to work around though. By now I speak enough tiếng Việt to hold a conversation. Even if I didn’t I’d use jokes, body language and Google translate to game my way through. Plus Vietnamese dudes can be super helpful. Many times a dude from a group of Vietnamese people would help me meet chicks and translate a little for us. They are usually friendly and laughing. They find it funny when we try to pick up “their chicks.” Unlike angry Western macho dick heads who think everyone is their enemy.

The dating scene in Saigon

I constantly see guys whining on the internet about how Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City are supposedly so bad for meeting women. I just don’t get it. I mean there are no rows of go go bars but there are so many options here that I can’t see what you have to complain about. I am totally confident that I could find sex every day for the rest of my life in HCMC. And I am talking about dating regular women and having sex with them too. No I am not Brad Pitt. Nor am I a 19 year old stud.

Right off the bat you have tens of millions of people. The HCMC metro is home to over 20 million people. Half of them are women. That’s a huge pool to draw from. This is one of those major cities like New York where you can date different women all the time and not worry about it. No one is going to rat you out or see you and tell the neighbor. It’s a place where no one knows your name. Well except for the secret police in plain clothes at that coffee shop over there. But he doesn’t care who you fuck either.

I’ve honestly dated more women in HCMC than I can remember. Sure some of them stick out in my mind. But others are forgetable. That includes some that I fucked once or twice too. I always had so many other options that I always moved on as soon as I was ready. Sometimes that was a week into dating. But I’ve also dated women longer here. And it’s always been a great time with very little hassle. I’ve never had a Vietnamese woman break up with me either. That goes to show how loyal they are.

People sometimes come here and ask me how I meet all these women. Or they accuse me of being full of shit. That’s fine. I don’t mind either. I know what I did and I think my experience speaks through my words. But you don’t have to believe me. If you’re interested in dating Vietnamese women come to Ho Chi Minh City. Get on Tinder and pay for the premium option. Do at least 50 match swipes a day. Ask all the women you talk to for a date at a coffee or tea shop. Show up well dressed, speaking a few words of the local language, and be friendly. Within a week you should have more women than you can handle and plenty of new notches on your belt. And if none of that works, at least you can watch some Vietnamese porn. It’s not censored here unlike over in Thailand.

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