Hooking up with Vietnamese chicks from Tinder

In all of my time in Asia I haven’t heard much about Vietnam or Vietnamese chicks. Apparently, Vietnam is not a big tourist market. And when tourists do go there, they often don’t return. Guys who come to Asia mostly for sex either of the paid or unpaid variety rarely talk about Vietnam. When they do, they say it has a shitty nightlife or talk about stuff from back in the Vietnam war days.

I actually like Vietnam. I have been there over thirty times. And I usually stay for a month or more per visit. Even when I am not in Vietnam, I often find myself around Vietnamese chicks. Unlike some others, I don’t think they’re frigid or hard to get with at all. My experience is pretty much the opposite.

Over the last six months I have fucked several Vietnamese chicks I met on Tinder with very little effort. In a couple of cases they quickly asked me if I wanted to fuck before knowing anything else about me. Most were in Vietnam. But several were in other Asian countries. I’ll tell you about some of the standouts here, to give you an idea of what things are actually like. I won’t mention the Vietnamese prostitutes that have serviced me, though they are numerous. I’ll leave that for another post.

Young, dumb, and full of my cum

A few months ago I found a really easy score on Tinder that even surprised me. I was in Ho Chi Minh City for a couple of nights. I walked over to a coffee shop after unpacking at the hotel and started checking out Tinder.

A few years ago Tinder was like a hidden gem in Ho Chi Minh City. I would get more matches than I could deal with. Of course things went downhill from there. The chicks started realizing that a lot of assholes use the app. And it started getting like Bangkok in terms of success rates. The market was over saturated.

But I still get some matches. Mostly it’s chicks in their late twenties. And they’re usually just good enough for a fuck. But my first match this time was a cute nineteen year old chick. She looked sort of plain in terms of her body, but she had a nice smile and bright eyes. So I asked her to meet.

She asked where I was. I told her and she rode her motorbike over. It took about an hour, but I didn’t mind. Traffic in Ho Chi Minh City is crazy in the evenings. We talked for a while. She was wearing a basic shirt and tight pants that didn’t reveal much from the front. Her English was pretty bad. She could understand pretty much everything, but only if I talked slowly. She had a harder time expressing herself. So I broke out Google translate, which helped a little.

After about an hour she got a call. She said it was her Aunt. Her mom was dead, so she lived with other family. Her aunt told her to go home because it was getting dark. I said okay and started to stand up. Then she said “wait” and told me she didn’t want to go yet. I invited her over to my hotel across the way as I paid the bill. She quickly agreed.

round asian booty on bed

In the room she flopped herself down on the bed on her belly with limbs stretched out to the sides. She looked tired, but her ass looked ripe and ready to go. I sat on the bed and started rubbing her bubble butt over her clothes. No objection. So I started kissing her neck and putting my hand down her pants. She started moaning like she’d never been touched before.

I took off her clothes and her body was great. Firm and curvy with a round butt and perky tits. Her pussy was shaved so I could see her big hanging meat curtains. When I touched them they were soaking wet. She pulled off my pants and started yanking at my cock like she was trying to pull a carrot out of the ground. Rather than have my dick ripped off, I moved up and stuck it in her face. She gave a mediocre suck job, then I slipped it in.

I am pretty good at controlling my cum these days. But I almost shot my wad as soon as I slid into between her beefy brown piss flaps. It was a great fit and her body was just what I like. I calmed myself down so I could enjoy the experience. The mirror on the nightstand helped with that as I did her in multiple positions.

She got really into and was literally dripping down below. She moaned like one of those Japanese porn stars. It was almost too loud. Unfortunately she had a stuffy nose and could barely get the air out of her nose, which dislodged a booger that was a real buzz kill. But I just focused on other things like her big butt as I exploded right in her hole.

It turned out she wasn’t just slow with English but a little slow in general. I had to take her to the pharmacy to get the morning after pill because she didn’t know how to do it. Total cost was like fifty cents, and I bought her a water to wash it down.

She sent me messages daily after that. About a week later she said something like “hey why don’t you ever ask me to meet again.” I told her I would love to but I had moved on to another country. She was genuinely sad and did one of those creepy crying selfies with running mascara that I am sure she posted on facebook or something. I actually felt bad. We talked since and she’s friendly. But she said she never wants to meet me again because I am no good. Oh well!

Chiang Mai Viet pie

I have spent a lot of time in Chiang Mai. I even wrote a guide to the city. Some people like it. Others deride it as a hippy hangout with terrible nightlife. I wouldn’t know about that. I spent months there hooking up with lots of chicks I met online including a really sexy Vietnamese slut. And I mean that in the best way possible.

I have Tinder gold so I can see who has swiped right on me before I start swiping myself. One day I woke up and noticed a thin twenty three year old Vietnamese chick with short curly hair and great legs was at the top of the stack. So I swiped to match her and started talking. She was in town on vacation with two of her friends from back home. One was a gay guy. The other was a fat chick.

I told her I lived in Chiang Mai, made up some shit about me being homophobic, and then asked her to meet so I could show her around. She told me she would if she could get away from her friends. Then she sent me a pic of her in a bikini and another of her laying on a hotel bed in a very short dress. I didn’t hear anything from her after that. Then suddenly two days later she told me it was her last day in town and said she wanted to meet.

I had her come to the coffee shop right across from my condo. She showed up on time looking very fresh and sexy. I ordered the coffees to go and told her to follow me. I walked right into my condo, into the elevator, and up to my room. She came in with no hesitation whatsoever. We drank the coffees on my balcony then I excused myself to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and came back out shirtless.

She smiled. We started making out. I had her clothes off in no time. She had no tits at all, but the rest of her body was great. She had a small patch of silky black pussy hair that I loved running my fingers through. She sucked a good cock, then she got up and sat on my cock. I fucked her right on the couch. I wasn’t sure where to unload so I shot it on her poop shoot after banging her doggy. She took a shower and asked what else we could do. I said Chiang Mai was pretty boring. She got the hint and left. I never heard from her again.

Temple and cock hopping

The most notable of the Vietnamese chicks I’ve screwed recently was in Siem Reap. The Vietnamese passport is one of the lowest rated in the world. Vietnamese people can only go to a handful of countries without applying for a visa. One of them is Cambodia. Tons of Vietnamese people go to Cambodia. A lot of them go to Siem Reap to see the famous Angkor Wat temple complex.

I was in Siem Reap after spending some time in Laos. The flight over was cheap and short. I have seen enough temples to last me a lifetime. But I doubt I’ll ever get tired of pussy. That should you tell what kind of guy I am. Hey, what can I say? That’s why the site is called my sexpedition and not my archeological adventure.

Anyway I opened Tinder right after I got into my airbnb villa. I might have swiped right on five chicks before I matched with this pretty average looking Vietnamese chick. I knew she was Vietnamese just by looking at her. Plus her name gave it way.

We exchanged pleasantries then she told me she was in Siem Reap on holiday. She said it was her last day and she wanted to fuck “one more guy” before she left in the morning. It was so quick and easy that it almost seemed like a scam. But I let my dick do the thinking and agreed to help her out.

I took a grab taxi over to the shitty hostel she was staying at. She took like five minutes to come outside which was annoying enough that I almost left. When she finally showed up she still looked pretty average. A slim twenty one year old Vietnamese chick in a t-shirt and jeans that I probably wouldn’t have noticed in the streets.

I had the taxi take us back to my airbnb rental. She thought it was my four bedroom house and was impressed. I didn’t bother to clarify. She walked right into the ground level bedroom and started undressing. I was impressed with her frame! She was thin with perfect skin and full b cup tits that looked huge on her body. She was freshly waxed and otherwise hairless. Her body reminded me of the porn star Vina Sky.

We got right into the sex. She was horrible at sucking cock. It was like she just put it in her mouth and didn’t move. But she told me she wanted to learn. She also told me she goes on vacation every three months to some Asian city and does site seeing and fucking with foreigners. An adventurous girl who wants to “experience the world” I guess. Her pussy was small, fresh and delicious. I almost slipped it in raw dog but she wanted me to wear a condom. So I did her in a few positions and nutted in the cock sock. Then I called a taxi to take her home.

She sent me a message to let me know she was back at the hostel safe. A few days later she messaged me from back in Vietnam. She asked if I would visit. When I told her I wasn’t sure when or even if I’d be there again, she offered to let me hit it without a condom. You know, because she “knows me” now. I laughed and haven’t seen her since.

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