I fucked a Vietnamese waitress

In December, 2019, I fucked a 21 year old Vietnamese waitress. It was a random pickup that I almost didn’t even attempt. I am glad I did. Within 24 hours of my first approach I had my cock burried up to the hairy hilt in her bright pink slit. Today I will tell you how it all went down.

I had just arrived in Vietnam a few days prior. If you know me then you know that I bounce around the world. But I spend a lot of time in Asia. Before the world shut down I spent most of my time there. Since things changed I have since spread myself a little wider. You know just like the top models at Chaturbate.

Anyway I set up in an area I am very familiar with. The hotel knows me so well they remember me by name and face. When they see I book a reservation they are already waiting for me to show up. I don’t get anything special from that. But it’s nice to be known I guess.

There are a lot of good places to eat near the hotel. One is a French style cafe where I often drink coffee and swipe through Tinder for an hour or so each evening. The baked goods are fine. The coffee is even better. It’s also very quiet and clean. That is why I go there.

Back at the bakery

They only have women working at this place. And they’re all in their twenties. Probably because the bakery doesn’t pay enough for an adult on their own to survive. You know like McDonald’s and all that kind of gross fast food shit back in America.

I have been going to this bakery for at least four years. But I have never paid a lick of attention to any of these women working there. One reason is that they always look pissed off. The other is that they are all very plain looking. Plus I have so many other dating options in Vietnam.

traffic in Vietnam

On this particular day I was sitting all the way against the back wall. I had a view of the entire cafe. I was the only one inside as they were closing soon. I was just hanging out when I noticed one of the chicks started sweeping the floor. Now these chicks wear shirts and skirts. And when this chick bent over to use the little broom her skirt kept inching higher and higher. Sometimes it would get so high that I could see the creases on the bottom of her little ass cheeks. So of course I paid attention.

I watched this show go on for a solid five to ten minutes. At the end the floor looked no cleaner whatsoever but I did get a few solid views of her panties. Her legs were thin but she just looked really ripe bent over in what was practically upskirt doggy style.

This cafe is nice but you still pay for your food and drinks up front. Like I said I never cared about these chicks so I just order and pay. But this time I decided to go back up to the counter on the way out. The women speak almost no English at all. And my Vietnamese sucks. The one chick still at the counter looked puzzled when I came back up, especially since they were already shutting down the store.

How I broke the ice and got the slizz

Finally she said something like “what do you want?” in Vietnamese. Typical non-friendly behavior here. I smiled and asked what happened to the girl sweeping the floor. “Huyen?” she asked. “Ya” I answered. She smiled and laughed then screamed out something incomprehensible in Vietnamese.

Next thing I know all the chicks in the back are screaming and laughing. I started smiling like an idiot even though I had no idea what they were saying. For all I know it could have been “that old ugly foreigner is looking for you bitch!” Luckily it must not have been.

Huyen came out and seemed shy and shocked. I just told her that I thought she was pretty and would like to get to know her. Her face turned beat red. She didn’t even answer. But she didn’t run away either. So that was a good sign. Finally I took the initiative and asked if she had Zalo. Everyone in Vietnam does. But when she said “ya” I took that as a cue to get her information. She got her phone and gave me her number. I chatted a little more then left before I wore out my welcome. As I walked out I heard the girls screaming again.

Long story short I started chatting with her on Zalo that night. It was easier since we could translate the conversation. Plus she was a lot more open. She admitted she was shy because she never talked to a foreigner before. She also said she and the other chicks at the cafe always look angry because the pay is low and the boss is mean. She actually came out and met me at a sidewalk bar that very night!

The next day we met again. Food, talking, walking, and tons of flirting and come ons. Eventually I held her hand. Hours later I was leading her to a short time hotel. She didn’t like that but realized there was no choice. My hotel didn’t allow guests with foreigners and she lived with her aunt. That was it. Into the room, kissing, and next thing you know we are in the 69 position. We fucked twice in a row. The second time I even got half of my mushroom head in her anus. This was all bareback but I had the decency to pull out and blow my load on her body both times.

Huyen wasn’t that good looking. She was simply average. Although Vietnamese chicks have some of the best bodies in Asia as a general rule, there are also a lot of featureless women like Huyen around. No ass at all, and very little tits. But she did have nice soft pink nipples and just enough whispy soft hair on her mound to tickle my nose. We had a good time together. We met again a few days later and had another fuck. I don’t remember much more about her. But I honestly miss the coffee at that cafe more than I miss Huyen.

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