Tanabata bars are opening up all over Asia

At the beginning of the year I posted a review of the Tanabata bars in Phnom Penh. As I spelled out back then, Tanabata is a Japanese style hostess bar. That means the chicks who work in the bar stay inside of the bar and the customers stay on the other side. The chicks are there to entertain. To be clear, their idea of entertaining has nothing to do with getting naked or having sex.

Girl bars are popular in Japan. I don’t really know why. Some people say it’s because Japanese guys work too much and don’t have time to meet girls. At the same time you can find tons of reports complaining about all the employed guys in Japan who can’t find work and married Japanese guys who never talk or have sex with their wives. So what’s the deal?

What's the deal?

To be honest, I can’t even imagine what’s going on inside the heads of Japanese guys who go to girls bars. The rules are crazy. You’re not even allowed to touch the girls. So what are you supposed to do? Well, the same thing they do at Tanabata: talk and watch them do weird choreographed dances and stuff like that.

What goes on in girls bars?

The chicks usually aren’t even that hot, and a lot of times they’re ability to talk is limited. Like in Tokyo there are a lot of Filipina and Chinese chicks working in girls bars. The Japanese customers speak Japanese. The chicks can only speak a little of it. How much talking can they do?

In a Thai go go bar it might not matter. Conversation there is usually limited to stuff like “what you name?” and “how much boom boom?” How about in a bar where the only thing the guys and girls can really do is talk? In Cambodia the chicks are all from Vietnam. Most of them barely speak English and at most can get out a few phrases in Japanese. How about the local Khmer language? They can’t speak it at all!

In Japan the girls bar model is weird because there’s tons of prostitution in Japan. It’s not that hard to date and have sex with Japanese chicks either. Still enough guys go into those places to keep them going.

New Tanabata bars on the way

I guess the same thing is true in Southeast Asia. Tanabata plans on opening 100 bars by the end of 2018. That’s right: one hundred bars. That’s a lot of bars. I’ve never heard of a hostess bar boss in Southeast Asia owning more than a handful of bars at the most. I’ve definitely never heard of a chain of hostess bars expanding through ASEAN. That’s exactly what Tanabata is doing though with plans to open bars in Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and even Myanmar!

Tanabata bar babes

You gotta wonder why guys go into these places in those countries especially. I mean every one of those countries has countless hookers all around. Are these guys above paying for sex but cool for paying for company? Do they think they’ll turn one of these bar girls into a wife? Again, I’m at a loss. I really can’t explain it.

I first went into a Tanabata out of curiosity. I hit it off with a couple of the chicks and so they dropped their kawaii act and starting being normal around me. I never fell for the chicks but they were cool enough. I definitely wouldn’t go into their bars dropping all kinds of money though. The few times I was in Tanabata bars I didn’t see many customers. They must be making money though since they’re opening all over the place.

I’m obviously missing something. Maybe I don’t get it for the same reason I think Hooters is horrible and doesn’t belong in Southeast Asia. It could be that I just don’t understand different generations or cultures and their views on women and even the world. I’m starting to wonder. What do you think?

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