A complete list of prostitute prices by country

I have spent a lot of time around the sleaziest parts of the world. And some of the sleaziest websites. Still I haven’t been able to find a really accurate and up to date list of prostitute prices for every country. Today I will rectify that injustice by producing a prostitute price list of my own. This is based purely on my own experience.

I make no guarantees. Nor do I think you should go out and pay women for sex. I am just a random guy who knows a bit about this sort of stuff. So I am writing about it here. Make of it what you will.

Thai prostitutes in a circle

I have not been to every country in the world. But I have been to a lot of them. And I fucked in almost every country I have ever been. The only exceptions came when I had layovers too short to get a load out. Though I will eventually circle back to those spots too. For now you have my incomplete but extensive knowledge to work with.

So here is an alphabetical list of prostitute prices by country. I am posting all the prices in US dollars according to current exchange rates. This makes things more uniform and easy to understand and compare. For better or worse, the almighty greenback is also the world’s reserve currency. Deal with it.


Austria is a developed country in Europe. The capital city of Vienna has a reputation for being a very expensive place. It doesn’t seem out of the norm for me. Then again I have spent a lot of time in Tokyo and New York. Anyway I find it to be a pretty nice place if cold.

austrian prostitute price

The good thing is that prostitution is legal in Austria. I wouldn’t necessarily say it is widespread in Vienna. But there are lots of sex workers and sex shops in the city. They range from strip clubs where the dancers fuck customers to FKK sex saunas where dozens of porn star level women walk around in sexy lingerie.

From what I have seen the prices for prostitutes in Austria are not really that crazy. Sure there are high end escorts charging suckers big bucks. But the regular customers doesn’t have to break the bank to bust his nut.

  • Street walkers: $35-70
  • FKK/Brothels: $70
  • Strip clubs: $140


Located in the heart of Southeast Asia, Cambodia is a country with a dark history. A lot of things have changed over the years though. Especially in terms of development. Sure you still encounter piles of trash and open sewers. But there are also new highways and sky scrapers going up by the minute. The capital of Phnom Penh has been totally transformed. The same goes for the beach town of Sihanoukville. And Siem Reap seems to be on the way.

cambodia prostitute price

Along with this development has come a change in a lot of the people. Women tend to be more independent and free willed than they were even five or ten years ago. Dating is more common. Bars and clubs are more popular. Of course the world’s oldest professional prevails.

With a low average income some people might expect prostitution in Cambodia to be very cheap. There are low priced options mainly meant for poor local guys. But there are also elaborate KTV clubs for rich locals who drive Rolls Royces. The disparity can be extreme. But that can be said of Cambodian society as a whole.


Colombia is another country with a troubled history. Though that is more of a continuing thing than a history. You might be a little less likely to get kidnapped or killed in Colombia these days. But it is still a distinct possibility.

colombian hooker price

On the plus side Colombia has some of the cheapest prostitution around. Prostitution is also legal in Colombia. And widespread. Every major and minor city in Colombia has hookers in it.

Sometimes the hookers are right out in your face in broad daylight. Other times they are set up in plain looking brothels based in apartments. They also have flashy strip clubs where the dancers fuck guys for a fee.

  • Brothels: $5-$25
  • Street walkers: $10-$25
  • Strip clubs: $15-55
  • Freelancers: $25-100
  • Massage parlors: $40-150
  • Escorts: $50-150
  • Bars: $50-150

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is viewed as one of the more progressive countries in Central America. So it makes sense that prostitution is legal in the country. What this really means is that prostitutes and their customers aren’t arrested for selling sex in Costa Rica. But pimps and brothel owners could still be thrown in the slammer.

Costa Rica woman map

Prostitutes actually register with the government in exchange for free bi-monthly checkups. Maybe that’s why the STD rate is comparatively low. Keep in mind that many sex workers in Costa Rica are actually from other countries like Colombia, Venezuela and Nicaragua. The largest numbers can be found places like Gringo Gulch, Hotel Del Ray and the Horseshoe Casino.

The majority of streetwalkers found in Costa Rica were not born women. And most of the strip clubs are rip offs. For these and other reasons I think Costa Rica is vastly overrated. I have been there before but I will probably not return. Some people love the place. I am not one of them.

  • Freelancers: $50-$200
  • Street walkers: $25-$50
  • Massage parlors: $20-120
  • Escorts: $70-250


Czechia was formerly known as the Czech Republic. Before that it was known as Czechoslovakia. It was once also known as the best nightlife and sex spot in all of Europe. I don’t know if people still claim that. But if they do then they are wrong.

beautiful czech prostitute

That doesn’t mean Czechia is bad. I just think it might be a little overrated. For years I heard the place was super cheap and filled with the most beautiful women. Then I went there a few times and found it to be a pretty average place. Maybe that’s just me.

At least there is plenty of prostitution around though. Prague is the capital city and also where most of the action can be found. There are sex saunas, strip clubs where the women don’t strip but do fuck customers, brothels and meat markets like the famous DaVinci Showpark.


Like Austria, Germany is a developed country with legalized prostitution and plenty of options. They have everything from cheap street hookers to high end escorts in Germany. Plus there is a lot in between including flat rate clubs where a set entrance fee includes unlimited sex with the in house entertainers. It’s a train-running gangbangers dream come true.

price to gangbang german prostitute

Most of the prostitution in Germany is shall we say more regular though. When most people think about prostitution in Germany they think of the sex saunas like Artemis or Sharks. These places are filled with naked chicks who suck and fuck customers for 50 or 60 Euros.

There are also the cheap walk up places. These are basically whole apartment buildings with different prostitutes in each room. They can be really cheap but a hassle to explore. Especially if you have to step over piles of passed out junkies.


Holland is known as the Netherlands. And the people are known as the Dutch. Many think of Holland as a prime prostitution spot. I mean when people think about prostitution they often imagine red illuminated windows in the heart of Amsterdam.

price of prostitute in the netherlands

Then there is the reality. Sure there are red light districts in Amsterdam. At least for now. But you’re more likely to fall into one of the canals than find a hot and horny chick. Plus the prices are on the high side considering what actually goes down.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong isn’t really a country. Just ask the CCP. Hong Kong does technically operate with its own system though. And as a part of that they allow for legal prostitution.

price for hookers in hong kong

There is in fact a ton of prostitution in Hong Kong. Some of it is legal, some of it is illegal and some falls in a grey area. When people make up the rules as they go along however this all might not matter that much.

For our purposes it is enough to say that everything from street walkers around temples to high end escorts can be found in Hong Kong. Some are right out in the open and others work through established networks. As you might guess the prices range quite a bit from one extreme to the other!


India is the second most populous country in the world. It is also a very big place full of people who speak several different languages. Different parts of the countries have their own unique characteristics. That even carries over into sex work.

indian prostitution price

Prostitution is technically legal in India with some caveats. Chicks can sell sex. But pimping, running a brothel, soliciting, arranging a paid date for someone, offering paid sex from a moving car and more are outlawed.

In practice prostitution is practiced at two extreme ends. First there are the more common red light districts with dingy and dirty rooms with a lower class clientele. Then there are the escorts and sugar babies who operate out of private apartments on the other end. There are some ladies who work the middle of the road too. Thanks for my man Butter Bread for the help on this.

  • Low end brothels: $5-10
  • Mid-range escorts: $20-55
  • High end escorts: $150
  • Sugar babies: $200-300


Indonesia is one of the largest countries in the world. Yet you don’t hear much about it. Or at least I don’t. And I consider myself a pretty worldly and informed person.

indo prostitute

Of course Indonesia is the biggest Muslim-majority country on earth. So you might expect it to be some really conservative place with no options for fun or nightlife. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In between atrocious nightclub bombings, tons of sexual adventuring actually goes down in Indonesia. Besides all the casual sex going on there are also lots of prostitutes. They range from the humble street walkers standing in the slums to model-like babes dancing topless in seven level sex clubs like Malioboro. If the world only knew!

  • Street walkers: $5-20
  • Freelancers: $5-100
  • Massage parlors: $30-50
  • Bars: $30-100
  • Sex clubs: $30-100


Ah the land of the rising sun. Japan is famous for many things. Japanese porn is of course right at the top of the list. Even with the pricks and pussies blurred out, Japanese AV remains super popular all around the globe.

price of prostitute in japan

Although many watch Japanese porn stars religiously, I don’t think most outside of the country know just how easy it is to meet Japanese porn stars. A lot of them even double up as prostitutes. I’ve had the pleasure of BJs from AV stars myself!

Besides the porn stars who prostitute, Japan is also home to a wide arrange of sexual shops ranging from oppai pubs to soaplands. The Japanese have mastered the art of eroticism. Bonzai!


Laos is a sleepy little rural country nestled in Southeast Asia. You don’t hear much about it unless you are into history or hippie hangouts. Thankfully the government has done a lot to rid the place of the hippie scourge. At the same time they have left most of the prostitutes alone.

prostitute prices in laos

There are a ton of prostitutes in the Lao PDR. Most of the women who want to trade sex for money move over the border into Thailand. They speak basically the same language and they can work in any of the many places there in the land of smiles.

Some Lao chicks do stay in their land of birth and fuck for money though. They are joined by others who come over from Vietnam to do business. So prostitutes can be found in Laos even if there is no neon sign that flashes “BOOM BOOM” all night long.


Like Hong Kong, Macau isn’t technically a country either. See what I wrote about Hong Kong above. Still, this former Portuguese colony is a special Chinese territory. It maintains its own laws. Those include laws that allow for prostitution.

macau casino prostitute price

There used to be more open prostitution in Macau including a “race track” filled with hot hookers. But then things changed. There’s still plenty of sex work around. Though these days it is mostly done behind doors.

Prices range depending on the place. Low end hole in the wall brothels are pretty cheap. Luxury sex saunas like Rio with personal ball washers and buffets cost a bit more.


Malaysia is another Southeast Asian country. Those this one is more known for its supposed conservatism than anything even remotely related to sex. The truth is that there are plenty of horny guys in Malaysia. So there are also plenty of prostitutes.

price of prostitute in malaysia

Sex work can be found all over Malaysia. Though it is a lot easier to locate in some areas than others. The capital city of Kuala Lumpur has everything from street hookers in the middle of town during daylight hours to semi-secretive sex saunas located in the basements of major hotels.

There are also escorts and super low-end brothels located in the shadowy back ends of malls and markets in Malaysia. So there is certainly more than meets the eye.

  • Street walkers / brothels: $10-50
  • Sex saunas: $50-150
  • Escorts: $50-200
  • Bars: $50-500


Myanmar may be known more as a war torn nation than for its women. But the truth is that there are tens of millions of women in Myanmar. Quite a few of them are engaged in prostitution of some kind of another.

cheap burma prostitute

Surely this is no Thailand. The women of Myanmar are by and large still conservative. Or at least they are subject to the whims of their outwardly conservative society. But don’t be fooled. Everything from truck stop lot lizards to elaborate adult entertainment centers exist in this shadowy corner of the world.

A lot of women from Myanmar actually end up crossing the border into Thailand where they can ply their trade a little more freely. But many more stay behind in their homeland and do the same kind of work. Money is the international language.


What can I write about the Philippines that hasn’t already been said before? The place is legendary for its women which have become world renown as LBFM. In case you don’t know, that acronym stands for little brown fucking machines. It was coined by western soldiers stationed in the country to battle the legendary volcano known as Mount Pinatubo.

price of hookers in the philippines

The name is only partially accurate. Sure the average Filipina is small in stature. Most of them have a tan to brown skin tone too. But there are plenty of conservative chicks in the Philippines. There are even plenty of large women these days now that fast food is in full effect.

Still, the Philippines remains one of the easiest countries in the world to have sex. You’d have to be an absolute monster not to find a date and some pussy in the PI. Maybe that’s why prostitutes are so easy to find. They have to battle with the free competition!


Singapore might be the richest and most developed country in Southeast Asia. It is certainly the cleanest and most well regulated. Thankfully the infamously tight regulations of Singapore allow for legal prostitution.

vietnamese prostitutes in singapore

Government inspected brothels staffed by women with regular health checks are just part of the prostitution in Singapore. There are also high end escorts, underground karaoke clubs, freelancers in bars and more.

People might imagine that Singapore is some repressive dictatorship or something. But the little country has happy ending massage parlors right inside the shopping malls. Can you say that about your free and fair country?

South Korea

South Korea is one of the fastest growing and most developed countries in the world. It wasn’t always that way. But things move quickly in this part of the world. That explains why most of the relatively open red light districts have been swept away in favor of sky scrapers and shopping complexes.

price for a prostitute in south korea

Still prostitution remains common and widespread in South Korea. The sex trade is officially outlawed here, along with pornography and dildos. But as you might expect that doesn’t have too much of an impact.

Prostitution is estimated to earn an average $13,000,000 annually in South Korea. One in four Korea dudes regularly pay to get their dicks wet. So it is pretty much normal even if some people in power want to push it into the shadows. A lot of sex work is hidden from foreigners. But if you know where to look you soon realize that there are hookers all over the country. Even in some barbershops!


Taiwan is another contentious area in China’s neck of the woods. Under the current political status the self-administered island officially prohibits prostitution outside of locally designated red light zones. In reality you aren’t going to find any of these special zones in Taiwan. Though there is a good chance that you will still encounter plenty of prostitutes.

Escorts from nearby countries like South Korea and the Philippines commonly go to Taiwan and set up shop for days or weeks at a time. They join many other local and mainland Chinese women who offer hand jobs or full service for a short stack of New Taiwan Dollars.

chinese prostitute in Taiwan

The simple reality is that there are an estimated 100,000 women selling sex in Taiwan. That’s a lot of sex workers no matter how you slice it!

  • Massage parlors: $60-70
  • Escorts: $200-400
  • Sex saunas: $140-150
  • KTV’s: $100-300


Thailand is probably the most famous prostitution hot spot on earth. If not then it might be a close second after the Netherlands. I am not totally sure why this is. Of course there are tens or maybe even hundreds of thousands of sex workers in Thailand. But that is also true of some other countries like Germany and South Korea.

cost of a prostitute in thailand

I guess word spread of the land of smiles after the end of the Vietnam War. Next thing you know the sleepy fishing town of Pattaya was transformed into a internationally known resort. Hundreds of sex shops sprung up and attracted people from around the world. Now they’re working to push out the prostitution and make the place like Disney. Good luck with that!

The hidden truth is that there are probably more prostitutes working for local Thai guys than foreigners. The average visitor might not know that. They see the bright lights of Soi Cowboy and then walk right by the noodle shops that double as brothels.


Prostitution is officially illegal in Uganda. In reality there are women selling sex in all the major cities like Kampala and Entebbe. In Malaba the local government even collects a tax from sex workers. So the practice is pretty much tolerated.

Uganda prostitute

Of course the HIV rate in Uganda is one of the highest in the world. Infection rates are particularly high among sex workers. Still that isn’t enough to shut down the party. Women keep selling sex in Uganda. And guys keep buying it. Just go to Capital Pub to see what I mean.

Prostitutes can be found in a variety of venues though. There are official employees and freelancers all over the country. Local ladies operate alongside women from Kenya doing the same trade. After a violent event some time back women from both countries have agreed to work for the same rates.

  • Freelancers: $12-50
  • Massage parlors: $25-55
  • Sex saunas: $15-50


Prostitution and all other fun was outlawed in America years ago. That is one of the many reasons while I will never move back there.

no fun allowed in overweight america

Of course outlawing something doesn’t make it disappear. That’s why there is still so much murder and hard drug usage in the land of the free. The home of the brave is also home to a lot of illegal prostitution.

Whatever the actual cost of that prostitution may be the real cost is infinitely higher. Men and women have had their faces published in major newspapers, jobs ended, income eliminated, and reputations permanently destroyed for the serious crime of exchanging money for sexual services. So the cost of prostitution in America is simply immeasurable.

  • Fun: Banned


Venezuela is a South American country that has been in the news for probably 20 years. Every day there is some new event there that demands international attention. I say let people determine their own paths in life. But who am I? Just some guy who occasionally pays for pussy.

how much are prostitutes in venezuela?

Venezuela might just have the cheapest prostitutes of any country on earth. I have described hookers on this list who have sex for as little as $5. But it seems like some of the ladies in Venezuela may have that beat.

It all comes down to the exchange rate. Sure it’s not that cut and dry. But for my intents to measure the price of prostitutes in US dollars things are a little more basic. As it turns out with the real street rates today sex for people with USD is super cheap in Venezuela.


Vietnam is last on this list only because it starts with the letter V. Well that and the fact that I haven’t been to Zaire. Unique among mainland Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam is not known for prostitution. Well at least not since the me so horny stuff from the Vietnam War era.

vietnamese prostitute

The fact is that there is tons of prostitution in Vietnam. A lot of tourists don’t see it because it’s not meant for them. It’s meant for Vietnamese guys. Vietnamese guys have lower incomes on average. So that means the prices are pretty low too.

It is a lot easier to find a paid hand job or blow job in Vietnam than full sex. A lot of barbershops even offer those happy ending services. But this list is about the price of actual dick-in-pussy intercourse. That can be found fairly easily in Vietnam too. Especially in Ho Chi Minh City. It just isn’t as common as the jack shacks and blow-n-go’s.

And there you have it. That is my fully incomplete list of the prices prostitutes charge in each and every country. Or at least each and every country where I have been and have been fucked. As time goes on and I visit new and exciting lands I will come back and update this list. But don’t count on it to be accurate to a fault. Don’t count on it or me at all. Like I said in the beginning I am just some regular random dude on the internet. And that’s all.

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