Act like you know!

Back in the day people used to say “act like you know.” It almost became a cliche. It was right up there with keep it real. I don’t know the lasting value of the latter. But it definitely makes sense to act like you know. Especially when you travel to new places and don’t want to be taken for a sucker. Going with the flow, following the rules and keeping your head low leads to a long life. As long as you don’t get AIDS along the way.

You hear about some guys who travel to Asia and get into fights, get arrested, get addicted to drugs or even drop dead on the street at age 30. To me that sounds crazy. There is so much going on and so much to live for in this part of the world. Once you get your income situation figured out you literally just have to eat and exercise enough to stay alive in between fucking as many Asian babes as you want. So why would you get into any kind of trouble?

I don’t look for guys to be friends or foes with. I don’t look for poisons to put into my body either. I look for the nourishment I need to survive. Then I spend most of the rest of my time looking for women who will let me stick my penis in their fuck holes. Why would it be any different?

How to act like you know

What does it mean to act like you know? Exactly what it sounds like. Whatever the question is you act like you know the answer. That doesn’t mean that you do know the answer, or that you give the answer. Otherwise you might turn into a total buffoon and maybe even find yourself elected to high office. I am talking about a posture and an attitude that becomes especially useful when dealing with hardened hustlers the world over.

act like you know

For example when you fly into a new city. It is best to have an idea of where you are going, how you are getting there, and what it will cost. But what if you don’t? Do you walk over the information counter and start asking questions then wander around like a fool waiting for be approached by some kind soul? No. You walk with dedication and determination and use your skills at perception to find your way. Oh those people over there are waiting for a taxi. I heard the last guy say he would pay $9 to get downtown. Now you know where to go and how much it costs. So you won’t get into a car with some random dude offering you a ride for $40.

When in Rome

Look around at the locals and do as they do. Don’t let random weirdos with tattoos and pierced noses start talking to you. Wave off any people you didn’t invite to talk to you. Keep walking firm and fast past any hustlers and organized beggars. Pretend like you belong. If you do it well enough people will believe and leave you alone. It explains why people rarely approach me with their bullshit when I travel. Even though I see tourists in Hawaiian shirts get pestered every other second.

It helps to speak a bit of any local language. Even if just location names and numbers. When I first started learning Thai I could count to 100 and make some basic sentences. I soon noticed when stopping taxis in Thailand that if I said where I was going in Thai and negotiated in Thai numbers I either got the real meter rate or a huge discount over what I was paying as a dumb English speaking tourist.

The same goes for anything else. Whether it be booking travel, walking into a brothel for the first time, or negotiating a business transaction. You have to carry yourself like a man who knows what he is after. If you float around with that wondrous look in your eyes the predators will home in on you like sharks on a bleeding baby seal. Trust me I have seen it happen so many times. Some guys walk around in their swim trunks and flip flops looking like total marks. Now not everyone is built for this lifestyle but you don’t have to be a hardened world traveler to avoid tricks and scams. Why pay double or triple for no reason? Act like you know and avoid a whole world of hurt!

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