Why men should use sex toys

I have a lot of experience with sex and things of a sexual nature. It is my honest belief that all men should use sex toys. The weird thing is that with the possible exception of Japan, there is a stigma related to male sex toys. I think it’s part of the same bullshit narrative that says everything from porno to sex work is terrible. I don’t buy it.

I do buy sex toys though. Over the years they have brought me a lot of enjoyment. They are different from masturbating by hand. They are actually closer to having sex with a woman. Or at least getting a nice deepthroat blowjob.

Male sex toys are useful for many reasons. Here are just a few:

  • Sex toys can provide a sexual outlet when none is available.
  • Sex toys can help with premature ejaculation
  • Sex toys can help with erectile dysfunction
  • Sex toys can help the inexperienced practice
  • Sex toys can keep women-hating incels from going crazy

I usually have sex every day. I also masturbate several times a week. Often I do that with sex toys. But there are times when I can’t find sex for a few days for whatever reason. Maybe I am out in the middle of nowhere. Or surrounded by asexual landwales with purple hair. That’s when I reach for my onahole!

Sex toys make you better

Sex toys are fantastic but not world changing. And that is what you want. They are just good enough to get you off without putting you off of the chase for pussy. I have busted some serious ball sack quaking nuts in some of my better sex toys. But I have never stopped looking for sex with real women. This is what you call a proper balance.

Male sex toys can also make you better. Whether you need to learn to hold out longer and control your sperm or figure out how to keep your cock rock hard when it is not squeezed in your hand’s death grip you can look to a fake pussy. They grasp your cock enough to make it feel good. But they aren’t too much tighter than a real women’s fuck hole either. So you can learn how to work a twat without going soft of blowing a load on the third stroke.

chick holding onahole

Sex toys can also help you train yourself for condoms. If you have trouble staying hard or cumming with a condom on you can simply slide into a rubber and fuck your sex toys. Eventually you will get comfortable enough to where you can jizz even through that thick latex cock sock. I am not ashamed to admit I have done this. It helps me be more accepting of condoms so that I don’t get something bad like AIDS or incurable gonorrhea.

I suggest getting a couple of sex toys. That way you can switch off and really develop some skill and stamina. I have mastered my wood long ago. I can edge for hours or even days then squirt out a massive wad on some unsuspecting babe’s tits. Or I can get off a quick nut in some fat and ugly chick when I just want some quick relief. The power is in my mind. And my shaft. I have copious self-play time to thank for that.

Where to buy male sex toys

Now that you know why male sex toys are good I can tell you where to buy them. When I was a younger dude they used to sell these lame “pocket pussies” that were made out of a material that felt like pencil erasers. I tried one. They were not good.

Later on I got a hold of a Fleshlight and a Fifi. These are both somewhat popular in America. Though people still laugh and joke about this kind of stuff like immature babies. The Fleshlight is not bad. If it’s your only choice you can definitely work with it. My ex-girlfriend bought me one for Xmas and I fucked it for a good year. The Fifi on the other hand was terrible and I tossed it right in the fucking trash can.

Eventually I ended up in Japan and wandered into a sex toy mega mall. At first I thought it was sort of funny. But it soon set in just how amazing these places were. I ended up filling my backpack with Japanese sex toys and bringing them back home. Thankfully customs never bothered me about it. That might have been awkward.

I remember way back then thinking that someone should bring this stuff to America. Then someone did. Actually many people did. These days guys have tons of options for buying Japanese sex toys. You go online, order what you want, and it shows up days later in an unmarked brown box. It might not be as cool as seeing it all in public. And there are no display units to touch. But it sure is a lot more private and convenient than flying to Tokyo and visiting M’s Pop!

Now there are trustworthy shops online that have been in business for 10 or 20 years. Some of the best are Kanojo Toys, J-List and Toy Demon. I have used them all and each was reliable. Some of my favorite sex toys of all time were acquired this way including the Julia Plus. Then there’s the discreet but awesome Pissius Succubus. It is like my American Express. I wouldn’t leave home without it!

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