Anal sex is unnatural

Anal sex is unnatural. This is a fact. Now I am not some fanatic who thinks the act of butt sex is abhorrent. But is certainly not what nature intended. Well, nature doesn’t actually intend anything. Still our human anatomy is not setup for butt fucking.

The anus doesn’t naturally lubricate at all. Because it is not configured to receive anything. That’s why you need to apply lubricant when you fuck someone in the ass. Unless of course you are going for “painal.”

That is something to bring up too. Some people will point to male animals that butt fuck other male animals in the wild. What they fail to mention is that this is a way for those animals to assert dominance. The same way a pit bull might bite a labrador retriever’s throat out.

There’s nothing natural about butt fucking

In the same way, guys in the animalistic prison system sometimes rape other guys anally. There is nothing “natural” about that. It is a negative reaction to a negative, man-made situation. And this activity is carried out by people who are mostly mentally ill.

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When you fuck a vagina you don’t need any lubricant at all. Unless of course you are banging a dried up old MILF or a woman who simply isn’t turned on. Normally the pussy self-lubricates and your hard prick can slide right into it with little or no effort whatsoever. Now that is what you call natural!

Additionally, your cock is designed to enter a vagina and drive out all the sperm from the guys who fucked it previously. It is not designed to enter an anus and shovel out shitty remnants. So if you fuck a butt and come up with mud on your helmet you have no one to blame but yourself. Get it? Butt yourself.

What is natural, and does it matter?

What about blowjobs? Masturbation? Happy ending hand jobs from the old Chinese granny down at your local Lucky Dragon jack shack? Aren’t all of those activities unnatural too? Of course not!

Sure some might say that the only natural sex is vaginal intercourse with the intent of reproduction. But they are confusing nature with their own convoluted religious programming. There is all sorts of non procreative intimate activity in nature. And our closest primate relatives love to fuck for fun and beat their meat too. Some even beat off others for payment. Bananas or $60, we’re still talking about the same thing!

Finally we must admit that anal sex is the leading vector for sexually transmitted diseases. Because the anus isn’t designed to receive a cock or a hot load of cum all sorts of stuff can go wrong. You didn’t really think your mom got her hemorrhoids from eating too much beef stew did you? Lots of people have herpes. But only people who get fucked in the ass can get anal herpes.

On the other hand, anal sex can feel really good. At least for the giver. It depends on the situation and the type of asshole, but buttfucking can be pretty damn nice. So who cares if it is natural or not? It is not natural for man to fly through the sky either. But if it wasn’t for the Wright brothers I wouldn’t have been able to fuck 3 chicks in 2 hours. Tell that to your anti-anal bible brigade!

So while I have told you to stop eating ass I would not dare tell you to stop fucking it. Unless of course you want to. You shouldn’t take advice from me anyway. I am a random nobody on the internet. That doesn’t change the facts though. Anal sex is unnatural whether you like it or not.

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