Are prostitutes a waste of money?

Are prostitutes a waste of money? That’s for you to decide. I can only give you my viewpoint as a man who had sex with over a thousand women. I’ve purchased sex from some of those women. Others have fucked me free of charge. Then there are those in the middle who may have indirectly ended up riding my rod due to some money I spent on a date or a gift of some sort. It’s not black and white.

Some guys will talk shit and claim they would never pay for sex. Some of those professional “pick up artist” weirdos will even say that sex you pay for “doesn’t count.” Whatever that means! These same guys will turn around and spend tons of dough on clothes, travel, booze, dates and a whole bunch of other stuff in order to score some “free sex.” The jokes write themselves.

Did you ever see that shirt on sale in Pattaya? You know the one. On the front it says “I spent half my money on booze and women.” Then on the back it says “The other half I wasted.” That’s corny but funny. And somehow also true.

I already told you how I spent all my stimulus money on hookers. I am not ashamed to admit that. The money was free and I used it where sex work was legal and appreciated. I think they call that a win-win. I have no regrets though admittedly I wouldn’t wear that stupid ass shirt. But I would pay for sex again without question.

Wasting money on hookers

So is spending money on prostitutes a waste of money? Well it depends. What would you be spending that money on otherwise? If you were going to buy food for poor people or even yourself with that dough then it would probably be a bad idea to spend it on sex with hookers instead. But what if that money was going to be used to find sex anyway?

thai prostitute paid for sex

Were you going to spend the money on nice new clothes? Shoes? Jewelry? Cologne? A nice car? What would matter in that case is your motivation for buying those things. If you are getting a car so you can go on dates in order to get sex than it’s not much different than giving money straight to a hooker. Except that with a hooker you’re more or less guaranteed to get sex. On the other hand buying a Mustang in hopes of getting laid might just be wishful thinking.

The same goes with buying new name brand clothes if you are doing that only to impress women. The truth is that no woman worth anything is going to be impressed by that sort of shit. And guys who know what they are doing can get laid even in bummy old clothes with holes. Even though I dress to impress I will be the first to tell you that the clothes don’t make the man.

What if you were going to “waste” your money on something else? You know like video games or a brand new pool stick. Would that even be a waste? If you get enjoyment out of your money then isn’t it well spent?

Be careful what you waste

What about a guy who spends his money on two, three or even four houses? Or guys who spend their money to “collect cars.” Is that a waste of money considering that you only need one house and can only drive one car at a time? Is it a waste when you consider that millions of people don’t even have enough food to eat or clean water to drink?

Then there are the guys who work their entire lives and eke out a basic existence on a budget so they can put away a significant savings. If they get hit by a car and die before they can use the savings can we say that it was all a waste? What if their wife wants a divorce and takes half the money? Is that a waste? What if they leave it to their kids but those kids are useless assholes who blow all the money on drugs?

By now you probably see what I am getting at. Only you can decide whether or not you want to go down the long dark road of paying for sex. But that just shows how relative all of this is. One man’s waste is another man’s great use of money. This is just another way of saying one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. That’s why some people throw away glass bottles while other people collect them to build houses!

I’ve told you before and I will tell you again. Life is a waste of time! It’s all a big nothing and it doesn’t really matter. Born to die. World is a fuck. Kill em all 1989. I am trash man. Each of us only has a limited amount of time on this earth. And we decide how we want to use it. The same goes for our money. The most honorable men among us use their time, energy and other available resources to help those who need it. But those of us who spend a little money on sex aren’t that bad either.

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