Are swingers clubs good for single guys?

Whether you are a single man or a committed guy who cheats you may be wondering if swingers clubs are good for you. Perhaps you’re a man like me who loves to fuck as much as possible. But maybe you don’t want to spend the time and effort trying to pick chicks up. And you don’t want to go the easy road and pay for it either. So you’re thinking you can go to a swinger club to live out all of your wild sexual fantasies.

My hard prick has steered me into a lot of situations and taken me all around the globe. I have been to a lot of sex clubs. Sometimes with other chicks but more often alone. So I can tell you about swinger clubs from a single guy’s perspective.

I might even be able to tell you if swingers clubs are good for singe men. But first we have to decide what kind of “swinger’s club” we are talking about. There are the American-style lifestyle clubs, there are the German flat rate clubs, there are the German sex saunas, then there are the Japanese happening bars. They’re all pretty different.

American style swinger clubs

I call these American style lifestyle clubs because that is where I found them first. There are swingers clubs all over the world. Some are underground. Others and public. But all the big ones that I know of like Trapeze are located in the United States.

In America people like to talk a lot of shit. So they say they are in the lifestyle instead of just saying they like to fuck random people. Maybe they want to differentiate themselves now that the average American woman also likes to fuck randos on the regular. Anyway these clubs go by a lot of names. And they all have their own peculiarities.

swingers welcome sign

Some of them won’t let single guys inside at all. Others will let single men inside but they charge a higher fee. For example a club might charge a couple $40 to enter but ask a single guy $100. Then there are the clubs that only allow single guys one night per week. The idea is to weed out the weirdos I think. But it doesn’t work. Every swinger club that allows single men will have at least a few strange dudes sulking around in the shadows looking like a creep. It’s just the way it is.

If you’re a fun and outgoing guy you can have fun at a swinger’s club. Maybe. It really depends if the place is busy and if the right couple wanders in. Forget single women. They’re as rare as unicorns. More likely is that some cuck rolls in and makes himself DJ or bartender for the night. Meanwhile his wife wanders over to the glory hole or starts flirting with you and some other guys. Next thing you know you’re part of a fuck train working on some middle aged broad with wrinkled sun burnt skin and fake hooters. Then the husband peers in from behind a ficus tree. But even that is better than the times no one shows up other than the weirdos I talked about above.

Don’t expect a lot of hot chicks. I’ve been in a few of these places. I saw tons of really big chicks. I mean super overweight to the point where you wonder how they buy clothes. I have seen some average looking middle of the road women too. But not a ton. Lots of moms too. Hopefully not yours though. I am into Asian MILFs but 55 year old white American ladies usually don’t do it for me. Unless by “it” you mean my tax return.

German swingers clubs

There are probably regular American style lifestyle clubs in Germany. If so I never found them. I was too busy at the sex saunas. Once in a while I wandered into a flat rate club too.

I’ve already written a lot about the FKK sex saunas of Germany. Mostly they are filled with hot porn star level European chicks who will fuck you or anyone else who asks for a flat fee of 40 or 60 Euros. But there are some especially cool FKK saunas like Goldentime in Vienna that allow couples and single women to come inside too. While I wouldn’t say it is common, it is not unheard of for some hot European housewife to show up looking to bang as many guys as she can.

The flat rate clubs are more like pay-to-play swingers clubs. A chick or group of chicks will be scheduled to come in. Then a bunch of guys will pay a flat rate to come in. Some of that money goes to the chicks. Inside it is no holes barred. Guys can fuck as much as they and the women want. Sometimes this devolves into gross sweaty gangbangs with dudes that look like your uncle. Other times you get private time with one of the chicks in between her 15 other fuck sessions. Once in a great while they will have a “private party.”

As a single guy you still have to pay. But the lady or ladies of the hour will be housewives or single ladies who always wanted to experience group sex or getting fucked by lots of dudes in a row. I guess they figure this is a safe space to get their holes rocked for a while. It is definitely a good place for a single guy to go get some easy fucking. So if you don’t mind waiting in line for a go it’s hard to go wrong with these places. It’s as close to a guarantee as you might find in the civilized world.

Japanese swingers clubs

Finally we come to the Japanese swingers clubs. These happening clubs or happening bars are basically the local version of the swingers club. Like most other things, the Japanese do it better. We’re talking nice clean places with paid staff who keep everything orderly. Then there are things like costumes, condoms, rope shows and many sex rooms where people can bang. Of course they can bang in public too!

Japanese laws are weird from any viewpoint. We’re talking about a place where they can show assholes and jizz in the porn but not pricks and pussies. And where you can buy a blowjob but not pay for pussy. Unless you pay for it in a soapland. I can’t pretend to know how all this stuff works. I just tell you what I know.

What I know is that there are plenty of happening bars in Japan. But none of them are the kinds of places with big signs on the outside. You have to know where it is and what you are looking for. Then you have to knock on a door like in the old spy movies. Then someone talks to you and decides if you can come inside. If you do get inside you fill out a membership form and get a card that lets you join. That might sound scary but the cool thing is that all the happening bars seem to accept single dudes.

Single guys can actually get attention in these places too. Even western barbarians! One time I walked in, took off my shoes, and went over to the bar for some of the free drinks. Not a minute later I had a really cute and only slightly chubby 21 year old Japanese chick talking to me in slow but competent English. A few minutes later she showed me her tits and said “I am on period so cannot fuck. But blowjob OK!” I pulled my pants down and got some mediocre head right there at the bar while the even cuter bar tender asked me “feeling good?” Everything was nice until some random dude walked over and tried to rub my shoulders. That ended that particular episode. But it was still a fun time.

Another time I went to a different place. I had been there before on a quiet and boring night. This time the place was packed. Some dude was tying a chick up with ropes and vibrating her pussy with a toy while people watched. Suddenly a bunch of people got up and went downstairs. I finished my drink and went down to see what was going on. A couple of group fucking sessions! The biggest one had four dudes working on one decent Japanese chick while a guy I can only imagine was her husband looked on from the corner and beat off.

In the other group there were 3 dude and 2 Japanese women. One of the guys was an old white guy with hairy shoulders banging away in doggy style with a big smile on his face! I watched for a while and went upstairs. Finally a dude came out and asked me if I wanted to work on the chick who was banging all the guys. It was the husband. I didn’t want to be rude so I went back downstairs, pulled down my pants, got a nice deep BJ and shot my load all over her face. Then I put my clothes on and left.

The Japanese clubs are the best I’ve been to. But the German ones are close behind. I could do without the American places. But you might be different than me. I can say that the Japanese places aren’t the sort of joints a tourist would accidentally pop in to. It takes some know how to get in a Japanese happening club. But I did it. And if I can do you might be able to too! Or not. Not every person is built for this lifestyle and that’s fine too. I’m just here for the fun of it.

You don’t have to my word for it anyway. Not when you can watch a tried and true documentary account like this video recorded live and on location inside a genuine Japanese swingers club!

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