Beware of addicts!

Pay attention guys. This is important. I have a little public service announcement to make for any male with a beating heart, throbbing dick and bank account with a positive balance. Whether you travel the world like me or stay holed up in your mom’s basement in Kentucky there is something you need to know.

I have already given you one great tip to meet women everywhere in the world. I’ve told you how to dress for success with Asian women. I’ve even told you how to tell if your Thai girlfriend is really a prostitute. But today I may drop the greatest gem on you yet by writing out these three simple words: beware of addicts!

I am talking here about drug addicts. The crazy thing is that I don’t even have much experience dealing with them at all. I am no junkie and I don’t relate with people who are junkies. But I have seen regular square guys from back in the world get torn up by falling in love with users and drug abusers. And I have read stories like this one. The message is clear: just stay away!

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The chick that tried to violate me in Thailand might have been high on something. Either that or drunk. And I am quite sure I have stuck my cock into a few druggies over the years. Especially in some of the cheap brothels I’ve visited. But I have not and would not get into any kind of relationship whatsoever with a dope addict. Not even a passing friendly “just say hi” kind of relationship. Just say no to drug users!

Don’t tell me she is hot or nice either. If by some chance she is hot, that won’t last. Tweakers lose their teeth and age 20 years overnight. Dope fiends waste away and become zombies. Burnouts go brain dead and spend their life watching the ceiling fan spin around in circles. And when they want more of their drug of choice, which is always, they will look to you to foot the bill.

If you can afford it they will keep milking you until you can’t. Or they will milk you for treatments that fail then steal your wallet for more drugs later. They might even bring their druggie friends around to throw you out of your condo window and steal your loot. They will probably also try to get you to “just try” their favorite poison. DON’T DO IT!

Early into adulthood I realized the western rat race wasn’t for me. I packed up my stuff and went on the road. I never looked back. I won’t ever move home either. But I never gave up on myself. I never fell down the slow spiral of suicide and self destruction.

I am here to fuck and chew bubblegum. And I am all out of bubblegum. I fuck as much as I can. When I can’t fuck I watch porn and Asian sex cams. I use sex toys. I get hand jobs. I date regular women to stay grounded and enjoy the company of the fairer sex. I read books to improve my mind. I exercise to improve my body. I stay in touch with childhood friends back home. I call my mother on Mother’s Day. I live life!

I do not give up or give in no matter how bleak things look around me. I want to enjoy every day I have before this all-to-short experience of living is over and done with. No one lays on their death bed wishing they had fucked less women! But plenty of people probably flash back on that first “experimental” hit of dope as they choke to death on their own vomit in the middle of some third world shack. Then they die and their junkie “lovers” raid their pockets for the last dollar to help buy more drugs.

Just because you don’t fit in to the regular 9 to 5 doesn’t mean you have to drop out of life completely. There is a whole wide world out here waiting to be explored and enjoyed. No suicide fast or slow is required. Stay healthy guys, in each and every way!

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