Cheap sex in Asia vs Latin America

Both Latin America and Asia have a lot of cheap sex on offer. I am not talking about freebies or pickups either. I am talking about cheap prostitution. When I say “cheap” I mean penis in pussy sex for less than the equivalent of $30 US. Believe it or not there is tons of it in these two continents.

That doesn’t mean the average Joe Blow is going to get a tug job by the taxi driver when he rolls out of the airport in Medellin or Manila. Though they might actually get fucked by the taxi in another way. But the topic of discussion here is the kind of fucking that is pleasurable. At least for one of the people involved.

I’ve already written about cheap sex in Latin America and cheap sex in Asia. But I have never done a direct comparison of the two. Until now. Here is a breakdown of cheap sex in Asia versus cheap sex in Latin America.

Cheap sex in Asia

In Asia there is easy and cheap sex available from $32 on down to $8.50. And quite a lot of it. In some cities like Pattaya there are literally women selling sex of one kind or another on every single street. There are even women sucking cock for $6 behind bushes up on the mountain. Those women are old and gross though. Unlike the nice looking ladies who do $6.50 blowjobs in Ho Chi Minh City. But this post is about penetrative pussy sex.

You can get sex with a woman in a short time bar or gentlemen’s club in Pattaya for 1000 Baht. This is also what most of the freelancers you meet on Tinder or sites like Thai Friendly will ask for. For your edification 1000 Baht is equal to $30. Not bad, right?

save money not hoes meme

At sex clubs in Jakarta the cost is even less. Places like Bunker and Terminal have hundreds of women lined up inside just waiting for customers. They offer a full service suck and fuck combo in clean hotel rooms in the basement of the building for a mere 365000 Rupiah. That comes out to about $25 in American money. The price is even less at the large and opulent King Cross!

Still too much? How about the Chinese hookers with their own rooms at the Hotel Richmoore in Kuala Lumpur? They charge 80 Ringgit for a quick fuck. It’s no frills but they do spread their legs long enough for guys to blow a load in the rubber. What else do you want for $20? The fat old Indian hookers nearby charge even less than that. But I don’t know the exact amount and I am not really eager to find out.

There are also street walkers in Manila, Pattaya and Angeles City who will fuck guys for a few bucks. In Thailand we are talking about a mix of freelance and professional prostitutes who want 500 Baht which is $14. In the Philippines they usually pretend to be “massage” women, and some of them are not pretending. But they fuck for 500 Pesos which is $10.

Cheaper still are the low end brothels in Cambodia. Some of these places charge as little as $2.50 but the women inside usually want more than that for the whole shebang. Otherwise they just do a 30 second shoulder rub and call it a session. Even still a tip of $5 only brings the grand total to $8.50 which is about as low as it gets for paid sex in Asia. At least if we are talking about a place with a roof and four walls. Of course the price goes up considerably for the guys who get robbed.

Cheap sex in Latin America

I haven’t heard of much robbery inside brothels in Latin America. There it’s more likely to get hit over the head in the middle of a city and relieved of your merchandise. The rate of kidnapping has gone down considerably in recent years. But the threat is ever present.

A lot of Latin American guys are also infected with machismo which makes them aggressive as a pitbul smelling its own piss on a tree. It doesn’t really match with the widespread practice of guys shaving their legs and carrying purses there. But hey, who am I to judge?

So why would anyone want to travel to a region with such a high rate of head splitting? The women of course. Some guys will say golf or scuba diving too. But they’re lying to themselves. Either about their true interests or their heterosexuality. It is what it is and I don’t mind. More toticos for me. And the cheaper, the better!

Prostitution is legal in Colombia. People take advantage of that situation. So there are prostitutes all over the country. Some of the least expensive sex in the country can be found in the brothels run out of individual buildings. They usually look like houses or apartment buildings. Manly because that’s what they used to be. Some guys oversee these places and they even have menus with the prices. Short time sex costs just 40,000 COP. That comes out to $10 USD. In other words, it is very cheap! But it’s not the cheapest in the region.

Prostitution in Peru is legal and regulated too. Prostitutes carry health cards with the results of their latest pap smear. They also fuck for between $5 and $10 in organized brothels guarded by dudes with sweat stained shirts. But that is neither here nor there. The best thing about prostitution in Peru is that someone keeps an eye on things to try to up the safety. The worst thing is that someone keeps an eye on things and its mostly dudes. Anyway for an average cost of $7.50 the many Peruvian prostitutes in the organized red zones will lay back, spread their legs, and let a dude pump off in their holes long enough to muster a nut. Those nuts are blown securely into latex condoms and deposited on piles of hundreds more used rubbers that lay around for weeks or months at a time. Hey, you get what you pay for.

Then there is Venezuela, home to the cheapest sex in the world. The funny thing is that Venezuela is also home to the most beautiful women in the world by many accounts. A total of 7 Miss Universe even came from there. So what gives? Geo-politics and money plays have combined to create a strange situation. People in Venezuela can buy stuff cheap. The local money is inflated. And the black market is out of control. What this all means in practice is that beautiful prostitutes in nice private apartments are fucking guys for the equivalent of $1.38. It cannot get any cheaper than that!

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