Will Covid-19 lead to more or less prostitution?

There’s a lot of speculation about what the long lasting fallout of the Covid-19 crisis is going to be. I am mostly concerned about finding and fucking chicks around the world, so that is what I focus on. Of course international travel is all fucked up. The economy is too, with numbers coming out that look like a new great depression. The human cost of this all may be enormous. But will it lead to more or less prostitution?

We already know that the corona virus changed the way guys whack off. A bunch of lame Corona virus porn started popping up almost instantly after the news of a new disease broke. I just saw one today called “Big Tits Covid 19” that shows what I mean. Maybe PornHub giving out free premium accounts during lockdown contributed to this. That’s not necessarily what I am talking about here.

Knocking cocks around on lockdown

First we heard that masturbatory aid sales were going through the roof. Guys saw a lockdown coming and they wanted to keep cumming. So they started buying and hoarding male masturbators. I was hearing about this even before people started piling up toilet paper. I didn’t get involved as I was fucking my way right through all the bad news, but it was a real thing that happened.

Another obvious impact was that cam sites started seeing a huge increase in viewers and money. Unable to go outside and try to pick up chicks in noisy night clubs guys instead turned to staying home, tuning in to live cam shows, and beating their meat like it owed them money.

With so many chicks already turning to this kind of work before corona I am sure the news of big money to be had will turn even more ladies into cam whores. I’ve already seen some Filipina and Thai prostitutes turn to camming and making their own porn to make ends meet. I am sure more is to come. Those chicks are still selling pussy on the side though. The question is which way will other women turn: towards prostitution or away from it?

Will prostitution make a comeback?

The economy is down all around the world. Tourism has tanked. Millions are out of work. Most prostitution places are closed by order of the powers that be. So the question is how much of this will change whenever the big guys decide otherwise? First we were waiting for a vaccine next thing you knew the economy had to be reopened at all costs. Some countries had or have curfews, because you know the virus is more active at night.

two street hookers in short skirts

Now things are reopening in most countries but there is a special question of prostitution. If you want to reopen but with mask requirements and social distancing in place things are going to be real tough for women that suck cock for money. Even Long Dong Silver would have trouble getting his dick sucked by a woman standing 6 feet away.

That doesn’t even account for the places that simply couldn’t make it through the lockdown. A lot of big go go bars closed forever. Being shut down for three months was more than they could handle. Or at least more than the owners were willing to deal with. I don’t blame them since the future is still uncertain. I will be sad if I can’t fondle a bunch of boobs at Babydolls anymore but life goes on.

Prostitution is going to go on too. In a couple of spots it never stopped going. Trust me I know. Even where shit was totally shut down there were chicks doing the side routine and relying on guys they know. You don’t think that all the bar girls suddenly took up computer programming did you? Still things are going to be different in a lot of ways. Some we don’t even know of yet. I’ll keep you informed as I see what’s going on.

Will the corona crisis drive women to prostitution?

Is the economic crisis going to drive a lot of women into prostitution? There is an argument that most sex work is driven by a need to make money, but that never made a ton of sense to me. Isn’t all work driven by the need of people to make money? If people would do the work for free, why would anyone pay them?

Some people like to point to places like the crisis ridden Venezuela to show that a bad economy can lead to an abundance of cheap prostitution. I have even wondered whether or not Venezuela has the cheapest prostitution in the world. There is some confusion here.

First of all we have to remember that prostitution was common in Venezuela long before Chavez became president and the bottom fell out of international oil prices. So it’s not like women just started selling pussy the moment Venezuela was sanctioned by Washington. Second, we can look right across the border to Colombia. There’s no crisis there (unless you count a five decade long low level civil war), but you can still fuck a good looking Colombian chick for 11 bucks.

Let’s look around the world. Japan is a very rich country but it has tons of prostitution with brothels in every city and town. Vietnam is objectively a poorer place than Thailand. But you don’t find tens of thousands of Vietnamese farm girls dancing half naked on stage for foreign guys that can fuck them for cash. Myanmar is one of the poorest countries in the world but there are just a couple of brothels around even in the biggest city. Plus the women who work the Yangon fashion shows want close to $100 for a fuck. Then there’s the US which is the richest country in the world but filled with sugar babies, strippers and chicks fucking and flicking their beans on Chaturbate and Onlyfans. See what I mean? It seems like it’s more of a cultural thing than anything else. I don’t think Corona virus has a hell of a lot to do with it. How about you?

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