Don’t get romantic with prostitutes

These days, a lot of guys are traveling or moving to places like Colombia or South East Asia. For many of them the main motivation is access to easy sex. In fact they usually have to put up with a lot of local shit for that access. Most of the action revolves around money. As they say in Thailand, “no money, no honey.”

The truth is, it is actually pretty easy to get sex for free in Thailand and other southeast Asian countries like Vietnam and even Cambodia too. It just the smallest bit of effort. But there are many reasons that guys pay for sex anyway. As someone once wrote in a comment here, it’s hard to get motivated to even go on a date when there’s a blowjob bar across the street where you can get your balls expertly drained for thirty bucks.

The thing is a lot of guys pay for sex with women that just aren’t that good looking. A lot of times they’re worse looking than the girls they could fuck for free. Seriously. I have seen more guys than I can count walking around holding hands with old worn out women. Trust me when I say that I am not the only one who notices. A hot Vietnamese chick I fucked once admitted she didn’t think I would be interested because she had white skin. And several taxi drivers, tuk tuk drivers, and bar girls over the years have asked me why western guys go for old ladies, fat ladies and women that locals would otherwise not be interested in.

This doesn’t seem to apply as much to Asian guys however. They typically want women in the nineteen to twenty four age range with nice bodies and good looks. And this too is widely known. Mamasans will even push the hotter chicks towards Asian customers while directing old fat chicks to the western guys. What’s going on here?

Paying for pipe work

Imagine you own a house and a pipe breaks. If you don’t want to fix it yourself, you just call a plumber. They fix pipes for a living. You pay the plumber his rate and he fixes your pipes. Then you both say thanks and part ways. Right?

You probably wouldn’t ask the plumber much about his personal life while he was fixing your pipes. You most likely wouldn’t ask the guy to hang around after or become friends with him either. Nor would you send the guy messages on Facebook weeks later. This is the way the cold and impersonal market works. Commodities are exchanged for money, and that’s the end of the interaction for the most part.

brown skin thai girls

If life is like this why would prostitution be any different? Sure sex is involved, but it’s not the romantic kind of sex that involves two people in love. It’s not even the lusty kind based on mutual attraction that you might get with a nightclub hookup. A guy pays for a service. The prostitute delivers it. That is all.

I realize that prostitutes are people too. And I am not calling for an ice cold meat market mentality. But people should realize what’s actually going on around them. Too many guys confuse customer service with interest. If you want to know the difference, walk into any go go bar without any money in your pocket and see what happens.

Who do you want on your pipe?

Here’s another analogy. Let’s go back to the broken pipe situation. There are several plumbers around, and you have to choose one. You can go by price, but the rates are all pretty similar. And they don’t always reflect quality of service anyway. So you need to narrow things down by other means.

Let’s say there is an old plumber around. He’s been fixing pipes for forty years. But he uses outdated and worn out tools. And with failing eyesight he can’t see well either. Even if you pity the guy, it’s unlikely you would choose him solely for that reason. Instead, you would call another plumber with modern tools and functional eye sight. And you wouldn’t feel bad about it either.

Yet countless guys end up with old flabby women when they spend money on sex. In some place with just a handful of choices you might be able to understand it. But not in a country with hundreds of thousands of sex workers. It’s so common that people in countries like Thailand literally think that farang prefer older women with kids to slim beauties with nice skin and flat stomachs.

Why does this happen? Sure there are different ideas of beauty. So do farang really prefer single moms and grandmas? Some do. And sometimes it is out of pity. Other times it’s due to inability to say no or shake free from the sharks. There are some old pros around who can spot guys like that. They quickly lock on and won’t let go. That’s why you see a lot of newbies with old prostitutes stuck to their arms in places like Pattaya.

But I think the biggest cause for this is a sort of social programming from “back home” that says guys should stay “on their own level.” So old guys should only go with old ladies. Unattractive guys should only go with unattractive chicks. And so on and so forth. I don’t think that’s true in any event but it definitely doesn’t apply to transactional sex, for all the reasons listed in the plumber parable above. I mean, after you watch Thai porn do you track down the chick you fapped to and ask for hand in marriage?

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