How to have sex with two sisters

I recently read that there are 25 year old biological twins working at Tokyo Hentai Club in Tokyo. According to the shop, the twins will actually work together when a customer books them both as a part of a threesome. As far as I know, this is the only explicit two sister service available anywhere in the world right now.

Unfortunately, I have no plans to visit Japan again in the near future. I sure wish I did. I would love nothing more than to tell you what the twin service is like. On the other hand, I can tell you about times I ran into sisters working together even though such a service wasn’t specifically advertised.

Sex with sisters

Anyone who has spent time around working women in Southeast Asia will know that a lot of them call each other sisters even when they aren’t related to each other at all. In fact, this isn’t limited to prostitutes. Regular women also use similar labels. One reason for that is that they feel close. Another is that it’s common to call people of a similar age “sister” in a lot of the local languages. It doesn’t translate so well to English however. I remember the first time I saw porn labeled something like “fucking an Indian auntie” and thinking I accidentally ran into some kind of weird stuff. Only later did I realize that Indians call all women of a certain age aunties.

I first messed around with two sisters in America way back in the day. I was pretty close friends with a set of sisters. I ended up getting a blowjob from the older one once. Later, I dated the younger sister and got many blowjobs from her. There was nothing more naughty than that involved, but I was well on my way to bagging siblings.

The next time I did two sisters came way later. I was at the infamous Travel Hotel in Jakarta. The two sisters were right in the line up and there was no mistaking that they were related. I asked if my eyes were deceiving me and they were forthcoming in saying that they were in fact sisters. I did them both together right in the hotel with no special pricing or tipping.

After that, I found that sisters are not that uncommon in the industry. As explained in a past post, I had many oral appointments with the chubby but expertly skilled Shampoo and Nam at My Friend You Bar in Pattaya that were absolutely amazing. Unfortunately they both retired, but Aom and her sister Ning at Som’s Haven in Bangkok continue to work together nearly every day of the week. Aom is one of the most skilled veterans in the blowjob bar game. Her sister isn’t as good, but what she lacks in skills she makes up for in enthusiasm and adventurousness.

I also met sisters elsewhere. I took one chick and her sister out of an EDSA go go bar in Manila once. They didn’t really want to work together at first, but money talks and they ended up coming around and really getting into it. Another time I took two sisters as a group of three girls out of a nightclub in Phnom Penh. I didn’t find out until after the fact that two of the women were sisters when I actually started a steady thing with one of the sisters later.

I ran into some more sisters in the same city too. They ran one of the hostess bars together. I knew them long enough to know that they were actually family, but it was totally obvious simply by looking at them. Three of the four looked nearly identical though they were each a year apart in age. I screwed the first one years ago. Later on I ended getting blown by the other three sisters at least once. I repeated with one and ended up banging her a few times too. The last time I hung out with two of the sister the alcohol was flowing and the fun was too. I ended up getting sucked off by one of the sisters for about an hour. Then she convinced her non-working friend to try sucking a cock for the first time. That lasted about five minutes. Later on, I took the other sister into a room and banged her. The tab for the whole night was less than two hundred bucks. Not bad considering.

Believe or not I have also experienced the pleasures of the mouths of a woman and her much older but still skilled mother in Bangkok too, but that’s for another post. I didn’t get them at the same time though, which means I am still well behind the guy who does Asian Sex Diary. He recently posted a video of him doing a Thai mother and daughter together. They aren’t the hottest chicks around by any stretch of the imagination but the situation is simply incredible. You’d be tempted to tell a guy claiming such a score to show pics or get the fuck out, but he went further. He got the whole thing on video and published it on the internet!

Asian sisters have done porn a few times before. Asian Americans Luci Thai and her sister Nyla did a threesome with a lucky guy on video once. In Japan, the Futaba Twins were a big hit when they did porn together too. There also a set of twin sisters that do live shows on MyFreeCams under the names hvnlyharmony and melodymajesty. Watching it is nice but experiencing it is even better. Just ask John Tron. Or just watch the video he made with two twin sisters from Thailand.

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