How to make sex with a condom feel good

How can you make sex with a condom feel good? It’s tough. You are ready to go, then you unroll that thick rubber sock over your fuck stick and things start to go numb. You put it in her holes and feel the warmth but not the full sensation. What is a man to do?

I only know of four real ways to make sex with a condom feel good. Unless of course you have never had sex without a condom before. If that’s the case then all condom sex is going to feel good. So you should keep wearing condoms every time. Once you come over to the barebacking dark side like me it’s difficult to go back. And that’s a shame because there are a lot of risks out there like HIV and incurable gonorrhea.

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For those of us who have dared to go in raw or have sex with prostitutes there are some methods to increase pleasure and lessen the temptation. Sliding it in without protection is a pretty stupid thing to do. And I say that as a guy who has done tons of chick bareback.

I am trying to improve myself and become a better man. Part of that means having safe sex when there is a risk that things might go the wrong way. I have found a few ways to make condom sex feel better. Here they are.

Putting lube inside a condom

Now this might sound like something stupid. But putting a little bit of lube inside a condom can make safe sex feel a hell of a lot better. Some teacher’s aid told me this trick years ago. But I never tried it until I was a lot older.

I was banging this super hot Thai chick with an incredible body but I couldn’t feel anything but the dry stiff rubber surrounding my dick. In frustration I ripped off the jimmy hat and beat off onto her tight brown bung hole. It was alright. But not the conclusion I was looking for. So I tried to come up with a solution.

Reaching into my memory bank I remembered what I heard about putting lube in the condom. I tried it and it works pretty good. It makes for more wet and slippery sensations against your cock head. And that’s where most of your sensation comes from. Just remember to use condom safe lube like KY Jelly. Any oil or silicone based stuff can eat away at latex and make your condoms break.

Try it with a pro

My next best tip to making condom sex feel good is trying it with a pro. A seasoned expert who sucks and fucks for a living will usually know how to get guys off even with a rubber. For them it can literally be a case of life and death.

I’ve been with some Japanese soapland chicks and Korean massage babes who put condoms on my dick without me ever noticing. They usually do it in the middle of a session by using their mouths and lots of lubes. You think you’re getting a bareback blowjob. She sits on your prick and you start to panic. Then you look down and realize you were wearing a rubber the entire time!

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I’ve had some amateurs and semi-pros try to put on condoms with their mouths. But it was never close to the expertise demonstrated by the mostly middle aged MILFs who did it best in soaplands and massage parlors.

Of course I would never suggest that anyone anywhere do anything that is against the law. But some of us are luckily enough to be located in areas where paying for a blowjob does not carry a stiff jail sentence.

Use a better condom

Another way to make sex with a rubber feel better is to use better condoms. There are a bunch out there that are improved over the old models. Why deal with the plain old Lifestyles when there are alternatives?

Some of the regular condoms feel more like mittens than something that should go on your rod. Then you run into countries like Thailand where most of the local condoms are small and tight. So even if you get a thin one it will still be uncomfortable.

The obvious solution to this is to buy better condoms. You have stuff like the Okamoto Zero Zero Two from Japan which is one of the thinnest condoms you can find. You also have the Hex from Lelo which is designed in a totally new way.

Don’t forget about rubbers made from different materials either. The SKYN is a non-latex condom that allows more heat and sensation through. SKYN aren’t cheap but they are good. Sometimes I have to look down to make sure the condom didn’t break when I’m wearing these. There’s also a Supra Bare-Skin from Trojan but I haven’t tried it yet. Have you?

Get a nuru massage

Finally there is the nuru massage. This is a body to body massage using a clear gel invented by perverts in Japan. You usually get a nuru massage on a big silver raft. It feels really great when done right. And if your dick has a rubber on when you’re getting your nuru massage you might not even notice!

Seriously. When you are covered with tons of that clear slippery gel everything just seems wet and warm. Chicks that are really good will keep on added the heated gel even while they fuck you on the nuru mat too.

So it just feels like your whole body is sliding in and out of some wet warm goo. It’s a lot like a whole body fuck! I never mind wearing a condom when I’m getting a nuru massage. Because I can rarely even tell that I am wearing one.

Again no that I would never suggest anyone do anything they aren’t allowed to do. I stick to getting nuru massages in places where I know the cops won’t kick in the door and throw the cuffs on me naked. Soaplands in Japan are legal places where they do nuru massages. And they are the places where I learned that sex with a condom can still feel good even if you’re a worn out old poon hound like me!

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