The morning after pill in Southeast Asia

The morning after pill is one of the greatest advances in modern medicine. These emergency contraceptive pills can keep a woman from getting pregnant even if they just got creampied. Single motherhood and fatherless children are sad realities. But both are preventable. That’s why anyone who is sexually active in Asia should know about these emergency contraceptive pills.

Of course you should wear a condom when you have sex. Especially with strangers. And you definitely shouldn’t blow your load into women until you want to get them pregnant and start a family. This is basic stuff.

But let’s say you accidentally bust a nut in a bargirl in the heat of the moment. Your best bet is to head out instantly or very soon after to get the morning after pill for the woman you’ve just fucked.

Emergency contraception in Southeast Asia

The morning after pill is a type of emergency contraception that can prevent pregnancy. It either delays ovulation or prevents fertilization. So there are really no moral argument about using the morning after pill. Unless of course you are some kind of raving religious maniac. And if you are go read your holy book and find the part about barebacking prostitutes. Tell me what it says in the comments.

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Thankfully there are few religious extremist movements in most of Southeast Asia. You’ll notice I put the words few and most there. Because they do exist. Especially in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. But for the most part no one in this part of the world cares one bit if you buy a morning after pill.

It’s actually a lot easier to get the morning after pill in third world countries like Cambodia or Vietnam than it is in the supposedly more advanced places like Japan and the United States. You don’t need a doctor, a prescription, or even insurance to get the morning after pill in most of the ASEAN countries. You just walk right up to a pharmacy and buy it.

Getting the morning after pill in SEA

In Cambodia you can walk up to any pharmacy and ask for the morning after pill. It costs around $2.50 in American money. There are tons of pharmacies in Cambodia. Many are just open windows in buildings. For best effect you might want to seek out a professionally run pharmacy with air conditioning like the U Care chain if you can. You’re likely to get better medicine there without paying much more in price.

Vietnam also has pharmacies all over the place. Including plenty of the open window kinds of places mentioned above. Again it’s good to get any medicine from a clean climate controlled place if you can. But the morning after pill is available at pretty much every pharmacy in Vietnam for 10,000 VND. That’s like 50 cents if you’re converting it into US dollars.

You can get the morning after pill at any pharmacy in Thailand for around 50 Baht. That’s less than two bucks for those following along at home. Thailand has the open air pharmacies too. You’ll see tons in cities like Pattaya and Chiang Mai. Plus even more out in the provinces. But almost every urban area has chain pharmacies like Boots too. I understand emergencies happen. But I would still tend to look for the air conditioned recognized chains to make sure I was getting medicine that actually works.

There aren’t as many pharmacies of any kind in Laos. But the morning after pill is widely available there. And it’s cheap. The biggest issue in Laos is that a lot of Lao women have no idea this stuff exists. That might explain why teen pregnancy in so high in Laos.

Singapore is one of the most modern and developed countries in the world. At least outwardly. In reality it can also be a very conservative and socially backward place. The morning after pill is legal in the Lion City. But it is only available with a prescription. As with most rules this regulation is followed by everyone in Singapore. Thankfully it’s not too tough to get a quick consult with a General Practitioner who will write out a prescription for a pill like Estinor. Of course it won’t be cheap but it won’t cost nearly as much as a doctor visit in America either.

In Malaysia it’s illegal for Muslim women to drink alcohol. But thankfully any woman in Malaysia can legally get the morning after pill from a pharmacy by simply asking. Most ladies probably wouldn’t want to use a local place where they are known for obvious reasons. Luckily pills like Postinor are available at almost every pharmacy in the country for 15 Ringgit which is around $3.50 American money.

In Myanmar the law says that women need a prescription to get the morning after pill. In practice a lot of pharmacies give them out to anyone has the money. Medicines like Postinor and Pregnon are fairly easy to find. Especially in major cities like Yangon. The price is around 1000 Kyats which is something like fifty cents.

A similar law requires a prescription for the morning after pill in Indonesia. In more modern cities like Jakarta this rule is rarely enforced. But out in the provinces some pharmacies will refuse to give out the pill even if a woman has a prescription. Emergency contraception should taken as soon after having sex as possible. But it can work for up to 72 hours after the event. So that’s something to consider. Indonesia is also a country where few women know that a morning after pill even exists. Religion dominates here and sexual education is at extremely low levels similar to places like Mississippi.

The Philippines is a complete backwater where religious assholes run rampant. Because of this you can’t actually get a dedicated morning after pill there. But that doesn’t mean every load blown has to result into yet another unwanted child. You shouldn’t cum in Filipinas unless you’re married and want to start a family. But in an emergency situation you can get oral contraceptives like Nordiol over the counter. And according to the Cleveland Clinic these can be used in lieu of a morning after pill in a method known as Yuzpe.

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