One tip to pick up women anywhere in the world

I’ve been living a constant life of travel and sex for many years. When I turned 19 I went on the road and never looked back. It has been one hell of a ride, and it’s still going. I have learned about the world and its people. I took the skills I had at picking up women back home and honed them on an international scale.

Sure I have paid for my fair share of sex. In fact, I have probably done it more than most. But I am a horny guy, and I love women. So I have continued to pick up chicks even when it seemed like a bad idea. I have written about a fraction of my sexual adventures here. Some people have been astonished. Others have expressed disbelief. The dudes who can read through the lines often asked me how I did it. I don’t have any real answers other than to say I just talk to women naturally.

It really is that simple. But how do you talk naturally to different women all around the world? There is one major thing that helps. For the sake of simplicity, let’s call it “one tip to pick up women anywhere in the world.” It might seem like common sense. But if people understood everything at the same level, all sense would be common. Right?

The best international pick up tip

This tip is not much of a secret at all, but let me tell you guys that it absolutely works. Read it and read it again if you really want to know. Here it is: learn other languages. Yes. That’s it. This is not exactly rocket science. But it works even better than that. I’ve never blown myself up trying to learn how to say cumshot in another language. NASA only wishes they could say the same.

languages in southeast asia

Learning the languages of the countries you visit will literally set you apart from 95 percent of other foreigners. It takes you out of the tourist realm. It makes you look like a man instead of a sucker to be gamed. It’s like the difference between wearing decent clothes and walking around a major city in swim trunks and a Hawaiian shirt.

If you can say basic things like “hello,” “thanks,” “how are you,” “how old are you,” “what’s your name,” and count to a thousand, you are way head of the pack. Locals will respect you more. Women will open up to you more. You will be able to talk to more people naturally. It’s really the thing to do. The only people who wont like it are some prostitutes and hustlers. When they know you can speak the language they don’t think they can fleece you.

Local language is a must

Can you travel without learning a word of a foreign language? Sure. Millions do it. There are guys who have been living in countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia for decades who can’t count to ten. It says more about them then their host countries. I can’t live like that. I need to know.

In fact, I wouldn’t even consider traveling to a country if I couldn’t at least count in the local language. I have been to fifty countries at this point, so let that sink in. And no, it really isn’t that difficult. You learned English when you were an infant. You can at least learn to count in Thai or Japanese now that you’re an adult.

Don’t be scared. You don’t have to get fluent, though that would be ideal. You should be able to speak basic phrases in the native language of any country you visit though. And secondary languages too where they apply.

Seriously, and no I am not kidding. Just listen to the words people speak around you. Repeat them. Practice. Make mistakes. Let locals laugh and correct you. Remember the corrections. Take lessons if you have to. Rinse and repeat until you turn into the local playboy. Then move on to the next place and language.

When you are up around Chiang Mai, speaking even a little Tai Yai can open up a whole other world and give you access to literally thousands of hot chicks. Don’t you think it’s worth fifteen minutes of memorization to be able to talk to tons of hot women? If you don’t, then you and I are on different wavelengths.

Speaking in tongues

That’s okay too, because some people simply aren’t built for this lifestyle. If you’re not just deal with it and move on. It’s no big deal. I will never be a professional athlete. I am cool with that. So I wouldn’t complain if a professional trainer told me I’d have to hit the gym if I wanted to play third base for the Royals. I don’t and I won’t. So on to the next thing.

Guys back home are always amazed with the sex stories I tell them. I actually started this site because I got tired of repeating stories about walk in blowjob salons to disbelieving dudes who have been fucking the same fat ugly wife once a month for the last ten years. I, on the other hand, am always amazed by the number of guys who “dream” of travel and sex but won’t leave their couches to buy a plane ticket.

I am just as amazed by all the dudes who tell me it’s so hard to fuck Cambodian or Vietnamese girls or whatever. It’s not, as my life experience proves. It just requires a minimum of effort and a basic sense of reality. If you can have a normal conversation with a barber or cab driver you should be able to talk to a chick anywhere in Asia, with the possible exception of places like Afghanistan.

Speaking the language, even in sentence fragments, makes it so much easier. It gets you out of the tourist ghetto and into the real world where actual people live. If you’re tired of hearing about sick buffaloes from single moms with 9 kids and even more tattoos, learn to speak a little of the local language. You will be glad you did, and so will the chicks you are talking to. Cam on!

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