Places that offer multiple pops

I’ve spent the last few weeks telling you about sex shops around the world. There’s a lot more to come. Today I’m going to tell you about shops that allow multiple pops. That means you can blow your load more than once in a single session. While this kind of service is sometimes available in a wide variety of places it’s only really guaranteed in certain ones. Well, nothing is guaranteed in the industry but these places offer as close to that as you can get.

Multiple pops

Darling 1 is a full service massage parlor in Macau with Vietnamese and Thai women working. I described it before in a post on sex saunas in Macau. The women are hot and they know how to screw. For one low price of 1749 Hong Kong Dollars you can get a session with any one of them that includes two pops.

Cherry Massage is an oily massage parlor on Sukhumvit Soi 24/1 in Bangkok, Thailand. It’s pretty much like any other oily massage parlor but a few things make it better. One is that the women tend to go a little further than some of the others. Special requests are more easily met too. Even though the house fee is lower than any other oily massage parlor I know of, the standard policy is to allow you as many shots as you can get in the time booked. If you can blow more than once in an hour session then soups on!

Both the Eden Club in Bangkok and the Devil’s Den in Pattaya allow multiple pops in single sessions. That’s good since each session involves at least two women. You want to make sure you give each an equal share of your love juice when you honor them with your presence don’t you? Or at least you want to reach the mountain top with each of your new temporary lovers.

The Dio & Emotion blowjob bar team in Tokyo that I described in my post on pink salons in Tokyo sells foreigners a double set for 7000 Yen that gives them 15 minutes blowjobs from two women. You don’t have to bust two nuts but if you’re able to it’s well within bounds as your purchase price allows you to shoot once in each mouth or run the distance until the time runs out. Whichever cums first.

These are not the only places that allow for multiple shots but it’s a start. I’ll tell you about more in the future.

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