How to have sex with a mom and daughter

In the middle of last year I wrote a post called how to have sex with two sisters. Today I’ll tell you how to have sex with a mom and daughter. Or at least I’ll tell you about the opportunities I have had to get my dick wet with some ladies and their grown up female offspring.

Of course I am not talking about anything illegal here. This is about screwing consenting adults when one of the adults just so happens to have emerged from the vagina of the other. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there?

Most people would probably say there is something wrong with it. It would depend who you asked and how you asked it. I find it funny that a lot of the people who would be the most outraged are the same kind of people who are totally cool with innocent people getting blown to bits in wars that they’re all too eager to cheer on and support. So fuck those people, and fuck their moms too.

Mothers I’d like to fuck

I only really started thinking about having sex with a mom and her daughter after I saw it happen over at Asian Sex Diary. Sometime last year the guy who does that site put up a video of a threesome he had with a chubby Thai chick named Pey and her mom. Not long after he put up another video with the same two chicks. I guess the first one was really popular.

And that’s the funny thing. Most people will piss and moan if you talk about banging a mom and her daughter but secretly a lot of them are into that kind of shit or worse. Japanese porn is filled with similar themes and back when people actually bought porn on video, Taboo was one of the best selling movies around.

Thai mom daughter sex

We all have to draw the line somewhere. Most people who watch those videos would probably tell you they just like seeing a fictionalized version of such events. I am not into Taboo movies but I was turned on by the mom daughter threesome at Asian Sex Diary. Frankly, it was some of the best Thai porn I had ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot.

In other words, I definitely don’t want to bang my mom but I’d probably bang yours. At least if you were a hot and horny hooker selling ass somewhere in Southeast Asia. In fact you wouldn’t even have to be hot. You’d just have to be ready to go.

Asian adult mother daughter teams

I have run into mom and daughter teams on four different occasions that I know of. They were all in Asia. I don’t remember seeing any shit like this in Latin America or Europe. To be fair I usually stick to the sex saunas in Europe and they usually only hire hotter chicks in their twenties and thirties, so there might be some family dynasties out there. I don’t know.

I mentioned a lot of sisters who work together in my post on siblings. In the same post, I also mentioned a mom and daughter who both did blowjobs to make a living but I didn’t elaborate them. At the time I said that story was for another post. Well, this is it.

Mother daughter blowjob squad

The twenty two year old daughter was well known to me. She sucked me off close to fifty times at her blowjob bar in Bangkok. She wasn’t the hottest Thai chick by any means but she was cute and fun and she did a good deep throat. And she also had a nice round butt which is tough to find in Thailand, or at least seemed to be back then.

One day after she sucked me off we hung out a little bit. That wasn’t rare for me and her. Sometimes we went for a second round and sometimes we didn’t. We usually took the big room on the top floor so we had time and space to spare. Once in a while I’d even bone her, but only when she asked. Sometimes she wanted to come so she’d tell me to let her ride until she could got off. When I’m paying I am usually out for myself but I was cool with her and I loved her ass so I always said yes.

Anyway, that day we started talking about her life and where she worked before. Then she mentioned another blowjob bar where she used to work. I asked why she stopped working there and she said her mom came back to work and it was awkward. Uh, what?

Mom daughter Thai

I got the full scoop. Her mom started in the blowjob bar circuit years ago and the daughter joined later on when she was 19 and needed money. Some might call that nepotism, but hey I am not one to judge.

I guess she figured out what I was thinking from my questions because she told me her mom’s name and number at the other shop and told me to go over and check her out. Some people get mad that Thai chicks in the game are all about money, but it can be a good thing too. In this case it meant that she was totally cool with me going over to get sucked off by her mom minutes after I blew a load in her mouth. Where else would you find that?

Of course I did make the trip down Sukhumvit and I found her mom. She was in her later forties and average looking at best, but I didn’t care. The situation was hot. I let her deep throat me until I creamed in her mouth then I brought up her daughter and said I visited her often. She was totally cool with it and gave me one of the big famous Thai smiles. Awesome!

The mom stopped working soon after or at least moved somewhere I couldn’t find to suck dicks for a living. The daughter married some fat white guy and retired to some dusty hamlet in Isan where they both presumably sit around waiting around to die. At least I’ll always have the memories.

Another unknown Asian tag team

I ran into mom and daughters two other times for sure. Both of those instances were next door in Cambodia. Both were in hostess bars which are some of the only places that hire women with such a spread in age that this kind of thing is possible. At any given bar on Street 136 you might see a 45 year old lady and another who is 19. That doesn’t usually go on in Bangkok go go bars thankfully.

The first event was at a girlie bar on Street 130 that is now long gone. It got eaten up in the development of new hostess bars in Phnom Penh over the last few years. Anyway I was sitting with a hot dark skinned 19 year old that I met a few days earlier and getting touchy feely. She kept asking me to buy drinks for her “sister” who was fat and old and I kept saying no. I know the game in these places.

Finally she agreed to go out of the bar with me but it was clear she hadn’t been with many foreign guys before, if any. So her sister showed up again and vetted me. She asked where my room was, if I had condoms and more stuff like that. I quickly realized she wasn’t a sister at all. She soon admitted that she was a mom. I didn’t think of it at the time but I should have eventually pushed for a mom daughter combo after I did the cute chick solo a few times. Back then I was too innocent. I wonder where they are now.

A tag team to grow on

The second time I met a mom and daughter team in a bar I was all over it like stink on a Phnom Penh city street trash pile. That time it was in one of the raunchier bars nears the riverside. I saw a chick I used to know and bang who quickly was showing me her tits and her ass. They held up pretty well from years earlier but I wanted someone new. She brought over some friends including a 23 year old chick with a big forehead but even bigger boobs. On her slim frame it looked great. She hadn’t had any kids so her jugs stuck straight out and defied gravity.

After a couple of drinks and some time spent playing with her big firm hooters I decided to barfine her and go to a nearby guesthouse for a quickie. I was going to bring a chubby friend of hers along too because she also had a nice rack that I wanted to play with.

Well after five-head changed into her street clothes I saw her talking to an older chick and giving her some money. I asked who it was and she said her mom. I called her over and started talking. It didn’t take too much back and fourth to get the mom to agree to coming instead of the chubby chick. Prices weren’t even discussed!

Memories of an historic threesome

In fact the only problem was dispensing with the chubby chick who I had already barfined. At the end I threw her 10 bucks and she shut up. I could have gone hardcore and told her to get lost but being an asshole rarely works in Cambodia and I didn’t want to spoil my chances for the multi-generational horizontal conga line I was planning. The bartender let me switch the chicks I was barfining anyway so I didn’t have to pay another barfine. It all worked out.

We went to the hotel and I paid for the room. They took a shower together then I washed my ass and came back into the room. I pulled off big head’s towel and her body was fantastic. I started sucking on her tits before eating her box then throwing on the rubber. The mom dropped her towel on her own and watched porno on her own phone while she waited for her turn.

They laid next to each other on the bed. I did them both one after the other and the mom even joked about the daughter’s big boobs and gave them a shake while I was nuts deep. It was great. I finished off back in the 23 year old. She was riding on top and I had my right hand on her big boobs while my left hand was buried in her mom’s hole. I came like a rocket on its way to mars.

I tried to go back to the bar a week later for round two. The mom was there but the other chick wasn’t. I finally learned from some other chicks in the bar that some dude started giving her money to stop working in the bar. So she was in an apartment somewhere with some white dude. Oh well. Again I have the memories!

I also have a membership at Asian Sex Diary. I go there anytime I’m not actually in Asia. It tides me over but it also inspires me to get back to Asia ASAP. So it’s a blessing and a curse.

Am I sick? Maybe. But if so I don’t want any medicine for what ails me. I love sex. I love adventure. And I love adventurous sex. What else can I say other than what’s here (and what’s in the footer)?

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