The cheapest prostitutes in the world

Where are the cheapest prostitutes in the world? This is a very serious question that is just dying for a scientific study. But since the Ford foundation won’t fund my research into the matter I have had to run my own amateur tests.

Several years ago I realized that the rat race was bullshit. So I packed up my belongings, went on the road, and sought out new pussy to fuck. I have now been traveling the world for quite a while. I have fucked close to a thousand women. I have had my dick in the mouths of well over 1000. Some of these chicks fucked me because they found me attractive. Some others fucked me for money.

So I have quite a bit of experience with hookers all over the earth. This isn’t to say I have discovered all the cheapest girls in the world. Plus millions upon millions of women freely fuck guys all the time. That’s where asshole like me come from. Now this asshole will tell you where he found the lowest prices for sex.

3. Manila, Philippines

Manila is a massive city and the capital of the Philippines. It is also a basket case of a city where expensive and exclusive high rise condos spring up in the midst of grinding poverty. People surviving on crumbs clean the bathrooms of the rich and powerful. This leads to all sorts of weird stuff.

One thing is the wide variance in prostitute prices. On one extreme end well known models sell sex to rich guys in secret for lots of cash. On the other end street people sell sex to taxi drivers in slums for pennies.

Somewhere in the middle sit the “massage ladies.” These chicks walk around on P Burgos Street as the go go bars let out asking guys if they want a massage. For an average rate of 500 Pesos, these chicks will go to hotel rooms and have sex.

Now 500 pesos comes out to less than $10 in US dollars. On the other hand it is 9 pesos more than the daily minimum wage of 491 Pesos set for the capital region. In any case, it is one of the lowest prostitute prices on earth. It also compares with the 500 PHP short time right charged by brothel based prostitutes in the nearby Angeles City.

2. Lima, Peru

Peru is the only place on this list where prostitution is actually legal. Of course prostitutes and their customers don’t really care about stuff like that. You can find hookers everywhere. That includes Saudi Arabia where infidelity is punishable by death.

While there are all sorts of sex workers in Peru, the legal prostitutes are limited to government inspected red light districts. These are basically big caged in buildings that tend to smell like a mixture of hot urine and shame.

Prostitutes working in the Lima red light districts like El Trocadero charge a measly 20 Peruvian Soles for sex. At the current exchange rate that comes out 3 cents shy of five US Dollars. And you thought the Colombian brothels were cheap!

1. Caracas, Venezuela

If you are a regular here then you probably know that Venezuela is the cheapest place in the world to buy sex. Those who are new to the site may not be aware of this. Even those with experience may be curious about why prices are so low in Venezuela.

As a result of economic crisis, embargoes and inflation, the market exchange rate for Venezuelan currency is astronomical. At the same the prices for lots of things like gasoline are heavily subsidized for locals.

So even a hot Venezuelan hooker can sell sex for 1,100 Bolivars and still live a life. Meanwhile foreigners with US currency can get 800 Bolivars for every dollar they exchange.

Do a little basic math here and you quickly see why Venezuela has the cheapest prostitutes in the world.

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