The cheapest sex in Latin America

The cheapest sex in Latin America is also some of the cheapest sex in the world. Already low prices for prostitution can be impacted more by fluctuating exchange rates, inflation, and more. That’s how Venezuela became the cheapest place in the world to buy sex. But it is not alone. And in some places the low prices are just standard and have nothing to do with US dollar.

How much does sex cost in Latin America? It really depends. Some women want $5. Others wants $5000. Crazy right? Obviously there are so-called high class escorts in Latin America who charge tons of money. You also get the chicks working around dumb tourists who can charge even more. But by and large the price of sex is pretty low across Latin America. Still, some places are cheaper than others. This is some of the cheapest sex you can find in Latin America.


Right off the bat, I have to cover Venezuela. For a variety of reasons the place seems to have been in a sort of free fall death spiral for several years. A lot of people ended up leaving in the process. But even more stayed behind. And why not? It’s where they were born and raised.

Things in Venezuela aren’t necessarily as bad as some would have you believe though. Especially if you’ve been to other countries like Myanmar or Honduras for a comparison. Or Detroit. But that is another conversation all together.

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One indication that life goes on in Venezuela is the rampant prostitution. Now some people might point to this to say “see people are starving so they have to sell pussy.” But that makes no sense. If people are starving, how are they getting money to visit prostitutes? I love sex more than anything. But if I hadn’t eaten in 3 days the last place I would go is a brothel. So let’s keep things in perspective.

Prostitutes in Venezuela have Venezuelan customers. They don’t mind foreigners. But foreigners are rare. Because of this things are priced in local money. When someone comes in with US dollars and exchanges them on the black market for the real street rate, they can get 30 minutes of sex with a very attractive escort in an apartment for just over $1 US. Sounds low, right? It is! But the prostitutes don’t have to buy their stuff in America with US money. They shop right in Venezuela where a lot of stuff is much cheaper.


On the plus side, prostitution is legal in Peru. And the chicks get health checks and carry clean pussy certificates issued by the government. On the minus side, the legal paid fucking mostly goes down in squalid rooms jam packed in piss smelling red zones. But hey what do you want when you are paying between 5 and 10 dollars for sex? Because that’s what it costs in Peru.

The worst thing about it isn’t even the stench in my opinion. It’s that these places are set up like markets. You have to pass through some kind of gate with creepy security guards or secret police. They might even take the opportunity to grab your nuts while pretending to check if you have a gun. And you have to pay them for the pleasure!

In some of these places the cover charge is more than the fee for fucking chicks. Oh well. There are lots of women inside. They hang around in their panties too. So there aren’t any surprises in the room like a third tit or massive scar running from toe to shoulder. Sure it’s not nearly as good as Goldentime in Vienna. But at 1/5 of the price, what do you expect?


Prostitution is legal in Colombia. It is also very common. There are massage parlors, strip clubs, brothels, freelancers, prepagados, street hookers and more. But the brothels are definitely the most common. They are also some of the cheapest.

Don’t get me wrong. There are more expensive places in Colombia. Chicks in the strip clubs might get as much as $100 for short time sex. And there are even some escorts and low level actresses who fuck guys for a lot more than that. But I am not talking about those women. I am talking about cheap sex. Colombia is one of the cheapest places in the Americas and the world for that when you look at the brothels.

There are plenty of places in Medellin where a short time session costs just 40,000 COP. These are menu prices too. So no negotiation needed. For those of you following along at home that is a grand total of $10 in American money. Not bad right? Especially when you consider that these brothels usually have a bunch of chicks inside. And they also provide the room and even the rubber.

Most of the chicks are average looking in my opinion. But again, we’re talking about finding the hottest chicks in Latin America. This is a question of cheap pussy. Colombian brothels have lots of chicks in pretty clean and at least somewhat safe surroundings and they charge very little. It makes sense since most of the customers are Colombian dudes. And the average income in Colombia is like $1000 a month. That’s less than they pay the guy who cleans toilets at your local McDonald’s.

Now you might find sex for even less than this. It is definitely possible. I’ve had chicks offer to gum my cock in dark alleys for as little as $2 before. I probably could have negotiated them down to a 5 cent stick of gum. But I didn’t. Because it wasn’t safe. And I am not that much of an asshole. Plus I actually felt pity for the women. But I still didn’t throw them any cash or my cock for the same reason I don’t give money to beggars in Cambodia.

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