The easiest places to get rimmed

Do you like to get rimmed? I have to admit that a well done rim job is hard to beat. Especially if it is done simultaneously with a world class blowjob. That happened to me once years ago and my toes still tingle from the thought of it. Overall my ass has been on so many women’s mouths its like lipstick. Sometimes it was really good. Sometimes it was just okay. But it was never bad. I don’t go out of my way to get my buckeye serviced. But I never mind it when it happens.

What is rimming or a “rim job”? Also known as tossing salad, anilingus, and eating ass, this is where a woman licks your ass hole. Usually they just lick around the edges. Hence the name rimming. But some women are real deep divers who truly dig in with their tongues like they’re looking for gold. This sexual practice comes with its dangers. Mainly for the ass eater. But it is still getting more popular all the time.

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Of course, most regular women aren’t going to slobber on the average guys pooper hole. And for good reason! Most prostitutes around the world don’t even want to do it for cash. But there are some pay for play places where licking the brown eye is common place and expected.

These are the easiest places to get rimmed in the world. At least that I know of. You will notice that these places are all located firmly within East Asia. There is something to this. Until recently butt munching was mostly done over this way. That might still explain why its so common and good in this part of the world. From what I hear this activity is real popular with gay dudes too.

Macau sex saunas

Macau sex saunas are easy to find and easy to get into. They seem to be accepting of everyone. The only thing they are not is easy to afford. Spending a half day in one of these luxurious saunas can cost hundreds of dollars. Now this has never put me in the poor house. And I personally think its worth the expense. But for cheap charlies this is a bridge to far to cross. They may have some luck with the chicks that give $6 blowjobs on Bush Mountain.

These places are literally built around water. They have pools, hot tubs, saunas (duh) and lots and lots of showers. Most even have a chick who will shower you off naked when you first come in. How’s that for service?

There are lots of minor services offered in Macau sex saunas. Besides bringing soup or free drinks, they have women who will cut finger and toe nails, massage a sore back, shave ear hair, massage a not-so-sore cock, and give a full service massage complete with soapy body-to-body massage. It is there in the B2B massage where rimming is most common. It doesn’t seem to go down as much in places like Familia Nobre that are most popular with foreigners. But at the really Chinese spots like Golden and Big Boss there are some super hot chicks that almost always stick their tongues where the sun don’t shine. Some chicks at Darling 1 rim too!

Japanese soaplands

Soaplands are the only places in Japan where guys can get reliable full service. They are not just walk in brothels though. They hire skilled chicks who make guys feel at home. They wash them head to toe and baby them before covering their bodies in nuru gel and doing a body to body slide. It’s one of the best sexual services on earth.

In most Japanese soaplands a rim job is a standard part of the package. First they meet you and greet you. Then they take you to the room. Next they undress you and put your clothes away. Then they undress themselves. After that, they bring you to the wash area and sit you on a little plastic stool. Now this stool has a big slit in the bottom. That slit is there so they can soap up your ass crack and wash it out well. This is key. So later, after your bath and during your “mat play” time, they will typically tongue your anus for a significant amount of time.

Now a rim job is not totally guaranteed in a soapland. Technically sex isn’t either. The place is charging for a full body shampoo. But normally a rim job is thrown in with the general service. That’s virtually always true for Japanese customers. But I guess they might see a hairy foreign butthole and decide to dine elsewhere.

Bangkok massage parlors

It’s pretty easy to get rimmed at a lot of Bangkok massage parlors. Now that doesn’t mean you can go to the massage shop right in the airport and spread your ass cheeks. But this is a common service at a good number of the naughty massage parlors in Bangkok. This mainly goes down at the raunchy pornstar experience places or the Japanese style parlors. The hot chicks in the soapy massage parlors don’t normally munch on bunghole for lunch.

Most of the chicks working in the places that do kinky massage, prostate massage, and golden showers are also happy to play a little rusty trombone. Some of the hardcore MILFs working out of Cherry, Snow White and Tulip eat poop shoot like they need it for sustenance. And that’s fine by me!

Rimming is definitely not guaranteed at Bangkok massage parlors. Except at the fetish shops where they actually put RIM right on the menu. Still it’s possible to get a real professional or just get real lucky at a high end full service massage parlor too. The best erotic massage I ever had in Bangkok came with plenty of rimming. Come to think of it I believe it also came with some deep French kissing. Maybe I should see a doctor.

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