The hardest places to get laid in the world

What is the hardest place to get laid in the world? If you’re a sexless dude with a shriveled dick you might think it is wherever you are right now. The truth is that there are almost always options for finding sex. But people don’t always take them. Whether it’s big fat grandmothers or cracked out street hookers there are usually at least some people willing to have sex everywhere in the world. The question is who wants to have sex with those people?

A lot of guys claim that countries like Cambodia and Vietnam are tough when it comes to getting laid. I couldn’t disagree more. I have had sex with lots of regular women in Cambodia and even more in Vietnam. I think some guys are looking for a lineup of nude chicks spread eagle or something. In fact women aren’t all that different no matter where you go. If you’re repulsive back home you won’t become an instant superstar by flying to another country.

in the desert

You have to have some social skills to score in most situations. Dressing like an adult male and cleaning your body helps too. I am quite comfortable talking to pretty much any woman I come across. That’s why I usually have no trouble meeting women, going on dates and having sex. But there are exceptions.

Over the years I have written about things like the easiest cities in Thailand to find sex and the easiest places in the world to have a threesome. Today I am going to switch things up. Here I will tell you about the hardest places in the world to get laid. At least in my experience. Your mileage may vary and all of that jazz. But if you haven’t been around as much as I have you may find this interesting.

Middle America

Middle America might be the worst place around to try to get laid. I was going to list some place like Yangon, until I realized I always get lucky there. Meanwhile when I do travel through middle America I find the pickings to be slim. And that’s about the only thing I find to be slim.

There are tons of women in the major cities. Especially the cities on the coasts like New York and San Diego. It’s easy enough to have sex with multiple women even in a short stay in one of those cities. But you could be camped out in Iowa for a week without getting your dick wet. All of the decent looking chicks with half a brain flee these armpits of America as soon as they turn 18. What is left is the leftovers.

Not only is the number of women low. You also have to deal with the fact that the great majority of the women who are left in these backwaters are either elderly or extremely overweight. Add to that heavy tattoos, single mothers, drug addiction and a general decline in femininity and you realize what kind of monster you are truly dealing with. Some of these places don’t even have titty bars or massage parlors!

Judging by all the potential matches I see on my Tinder gold account when I pass through, it is actually probably easy to hook up with some of the bovines in these areas. But who would want to? More to the point, who could actually get their dick hard for any of these land whales? Not me my friend. That’s why I always keep a deep throat cup in my bag. It’s also one reason why I will never move back to America.

Frankfurt, Germany

I don’t know what the deal is with Frankfurt. Well maybe I do. It’s one of the darkest, dreariest, fucked up looking cities in all of Germany. Down by the train station you almost feel like you’re in some wasteland like the southside of Chicago. Except there are less dead bodies in the street.

Sure there are nice parts of town, but who cares. Because I have never had any luck finding casual sex in Frankfurt. I’ve scored plenty up in Berlin where there are more women. And nicer and more outgoing women too. But in Frankfurt? I’m lucky if I get a match from an old granny on Tinder! In the streets women are colder than the arctic. So what is a man with a hard prick to do?

One good thing about Frankfurt is that it is located in the heart of Germany. Prostitution is legal and you can find it all over the place. Right down by the train station you have big apartment blocks filled with prostitutes. Across town you have various brothels with European and even Asian women working. Then there are the many FKK sex saunas in the city.

So while it may be hard to get laid in the form of a freebie or hookup it is always possible to break out 30-50 Euro and simply pay for sex. Most of the chicks working in the local FKK are a lot sexier than the average local chicks anyway. I saw one of the hottest chicks of my life in Oase.

Bogota, Colombia

Yes, you read that right. You might expect to find some city like Riyadh on a list of the hardest places to get laid long before you would see Bogota. But it’s actually easy to hook up with Filipina chicks over in the Saudi capitol. They’re penned up and ready to go waiting for a western dude to wash through.

There are no Filipinas in Bogota. Only Colombian chicks with wide shoulders who dress like dudes and walk around like black-hearted dark stalkers. As a stranger you’re more likely to find a woman to spit on you in Bogota than to find one who will engage in polite conversation.

Okay, I am exaggerating about the local population of females, but boy are they a tough nut to crack! I have had a ton of luck with women in Colombia every time I have been there. On a recent visit I even ended up screwing a shop keeper I met on my way to a brothel! But in Bogota everything is different.

Now I am quite sure that if you settled down in town and spent some real time looking for women you could find them. But who has time for that shit? Not me. Especially when there are so many inexpensive prostitutes in town. Most places I travel I get lucky by accident. After multiple trips to Bogota I couldn’t even score on purpose. My level of effort was low. But it usually is. The results speak for themselves. If women don’t want a willing stud like me, something must be wrong. Right?

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