The price of a happy ending massage across Asia

I have been all over the world, but I’ve spent the most time in Asia. I’ve had a lot of massages too. I was talking with a guy the other day and we got on to the subject of massage prices. That got me thinking about the differences in rates from one city to the next. So I decided to write up this post on the price of happy ending massages across Asia.

When I talk about a “happy ending massage” in this case, I mean a massage ending with a hand job. There are all sorts of other massages available that end in blowjobs or full sex, but for the purposes of this post I want to compare the same basic service.

When giving prices I list the most common going rates for basic happy ending massage. Obviously there are places that charge more and in some cases there may even be some places that charge less. I did my best. Here’s a list of happy ending massage prices in Asia from lowest to highest.

Price of happy ending massage in Asia

In Jakarta a basic massage with happy ending can be found for as little as 135,00 Rupiah. That’s only $10.15 US. As far as I can tell, that price can’t be beat in Asia, with the exception of low end massage places in Phnom Penh mentioned below. So Jakarta is basically the cheapest place to get a rub down and hand job, but probably not the cheapest place in the world to buy sex.

Happy ending massage in Vientiane is available, but it can’t be found everywhere. A body massage costs 50,000 Kip, and a happy ending usually requires a tip of 50,000 Kip more. That comes to a total of $12 US.

In Phnom Penh, the price of a happy ending ranges depending on the place. In the low end places for locals, a massage is $3 and a tug job is another $5.  In better places, an oil massage is $8 and a handie is $10. On average then, the price is about $13 US. The prices are basically the same in other Cambodian cities too.

In Bangkok an oil massage with a happy ending in a normal massage parlor costs around 500 Baht. Some people ask way more than that, and some tourists pay it. The fact remains that the going rate is 500 Baht. This is about $14.25 US. The same is generally true for Pattaya.

In Kathmandu you can find a massage with happy ending for 1500 Rupees total. That comes out to $14.50 US.

In Manila there are tons of massage girls on streets like P Burgos every night who will give a body massage for 500 Pesos. Sometimes they will include a hand job in that price. Other times they will want a little more. So a happy ending massage is around $17 US on average. Up in Angeles City the prices are pretty much the same. Down in Cebu they cost around the same too.

In Ho Chi Minh City, there are a wide range of massage options available. The VIP rooms are the best, but since we want to compare similar services, we have to look at the price of basic happy ending massages. A basic body massage is 250,000 Dong. Most massage chicks who do hand jobs will take 200,000 Dong for the service. That comes to a total of $20 US.

In Yangon a body massage and a happy ending is 30000 Kyat, or about $22 US, assuming you can find it. Most places are only interested in legitimate massage. The others are more likely to offer full sex for more money.

In Kuala Lumpur,  there are many Thai massage parlors where happy endings are offered. The price for a one hour massage is 60 Ringgit and a hand job typically requires a tip of 50 Ringgit more. That totals $26 US.

The happy ending massage places in Chiang Mai usually want a little more than those in other Thai cities. The service there ends up costing around 1000 Baht, or $29 US, in most cases.

Over in Shanghai, an all inclusive body massage with a hand job finale is around 220 RMB. That’s $32 US. In smaller Chinese cities the same service can be found at lower prices but may require some Chinese skills.

In Hong Kong you can get a massage and happy ending for $250 HKD, or about $32 US. In Macau the same kind of service goes for around $30 US, but it usually goes down in a sex sauna with an entry fee.

In Singapore, massage is available at all hours in the many massage parlors inside of Orchard Towers. A thirty minute body rub is $50 SGD and a hand job is $50 SGD more. That comes to $72 US, which is right around what the legal brothels in Geylang charge for full sex.

In Seoul, a massage with happy ending and nothing more usually costs around 85,000 Won. At current exchange rates, that’s $76 US.

Finally, in Tokyo, one can find a one hour Thai massage for 5,000 Yen. At some of these places a happy ending can be added for an additional 5,000 Yen. There are also places like Asian Feeling that specialize in body massage with happy ending for as little as 9,000 Yen. That comes to about $80 US. Of course more expensive and luxurious services like those offered by Tokyo Style are also available for a lot more.

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