Traveling the world is not difficult

Ever since I went on the road and started my life of constant sex and travel I have been asked a lot of questions. It’s the main reason I started this website! The most common question I get is how I can just keep traveling as much as I want. Especially by people who tell me they have “always dreamed of traveling” even though they’ve never been outside of their hometown. Well guys, I am here to tell you something. Like an impotent elderly man’s cock, traveling is not hard at all.

In fact, it is actually really simple. It goes something like this. You find a place you want to travel to. Then you book a flight and a hotel. Then you go there. I mean really, that is all there is too it. So what is the big problem? Apparently there is some major breakdown in the order between picking the place and actually booking the flight. But why?

Barriers to entry

Obviously I know that there are a lot of obstacles out there for people. Some are easier to get around than others. If you have a job you could always quit. But if you have a family and children that is not something you just want to walk away from. Unless of course you are a lowlife who jizzes in Filipinas then disappears forever.

Then there is the question of money. But is that really a question? You may find it difficult to believe. But I have been constantly on the road for years. Going place to place. Staying in 4 and 5 star hotels and luxury condos. Eating out nearly every meal. And I still spend less than my friends back home who have basic middle class lifestyles.

filthy american airport

If you are willing to slum it and live like a backpacker you can go even cheaper still. I remember talking to some chicks in Chiang Mai who were literally living on 200 bucks a month. Besides the ugly elephant pants and unkempt dreadlocks they didn’t look too bad. I mean they were surviving. So more power to them even if I didn’t want to do them.

Remember that a graduate from the best universities in Southeast Asia will come out of school and make $1000 a month tops. Unless of course they are connected. In which case they don’t need school at all. Then there are the Europeans with third world level salaries. They survive. Some of them live okay lives. Without oversimplifying things I can say this. Where there’s a will, there is a way.

Travel, if you want to

It all really comes down to a matter of commitment. Sure you have to have some kind of means to even be alive. But once you reach a certain point it is a matter of the way you spend your money. If you are serious about traveling, then spend your money on travel.

Do you smoke? How about drinking? Do you use drugs? And video games? How much do you spend on this stuff every month? You can fly from America to Asia for $500. Sometimes even less than that. How many times can you go to the local dive bar with your buddies for $500? And how many cartons of disgusting cigarettes does that get you? Or how many edibles? I wouldn’t really know. Because I spend my money on stuff I am into. Like moving around and fucking women.

Am I rich? No. But I developed an income stream that allows me to go where I want when I want. And I did it when that kind of thing was a lot less common. These days you can do all kinds of stuff. Even if you’re a totally uninventive square on the straight and narrow path you might be able to work remotely. Or teach English or some other skill over Skype. There are all kinds of options. Just make sure you don’t spend more time researching your choices than making the actual choices!

Is this going to work for everyone? No. Some people just aren’t built for this lifestyle. And there is nothing wrong with that. We need people to make the donuts and fly the airplanes too. Otherwise guys like me will go hungry and be stuck traveling by foot.

But if you really want to travel, do it. Focus all of your attention and efforts on doing what you want. That will at least give you a better chance at achieving your goals then giving up, smoking pot, and day dreaming about having sex with two twin sisters or whatever. If you fail, you fail. But at least you tried. And hey, what’s the worst that could happen?

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