Where to find Russian prostitutes in Asia

Why would a guy want to know where to find Russian prostitutes in Asia? A lot of guys love Russian women. After the USSR collapsed their dreams became reality as more desperate women started offering sex for money. For guys who couldn’t otherwise have sex with a Russian woman, or at least meet some Ukrainian chicks, I guess this was some kind of heaven.

Traveling to Russia isn’t the easiest thing though. So untold numbers were kept from realizing their most heartfelt goal of boning a broad from the Great Bear. Lucky for them it only took a few years after the fall of the USSR before the arrival of Russian prostitutes in Asia. A lot of Asian guys love blonds so they have shortage of customers.

I don’t have any particular interest in Russian women. I have encountered them regularly during my travels around the world. Here’s a list of the places I have most often seen Russian prostitutes in Asia. For the sake of keeping things simple I will include blond women from other CIS countries in this list. Most people probably can’t tell the difference anyway.


In Thailand, Russian women can be found in a few go go bars. Some of them are available to barfine and have sex with. Others are only dancers. The prices are always ridiculously high. The only customers I see are Asian guys and some Indians and Arabs.

Asian sex diary Russian

This could explain why some of these bars have gone out of business. The most high profile Russian go go bar I know is smack in the middle of Walking Street in Pattaya. In Bangkok some old Russian grandmas are always hanging out at the Subway sandwich shop at the end of Soi 7/1. I always walk right by them and ignore their advances. Why would I bother? I’m normally on the way to Dr BJ’s Salon or Magic Table to get my stick sucked for 700 Baht.


In Macau, women from Russia and the CIS countries can be found in some of the sex saunas. This is hit or miss if you just wander around blindly but some places likeĀ Familia Nobre almost always have blonde babes employed.

Okay, maybe “babes” is an overstatement. These women tend to be bigger, plumper, and less pretty than the stereotype may suggest. Oddly enough these women get higher rates than Vietnamese and Chinese women, probably because they’re coming from far away and are more rare. I have never tried their services simply because paying more to get less has never appealed to me.


In Singapore you can find some Russian women working as freelance prostitutes in places like Brix bar in the Grand Hyatt hotel but they can be a little standoffish and ask for quite a bit of money. There are always some Slavic women dancing on the tables at Top 5 in Orchard Towers and some others milling about the mall at night but I have no idea what kind of insane money they are looking for. I’ve never been interested enough to ask.


A handful of women from Russia and CIS countries of below average looks can be found every night at the Beach Club in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They ask for a lot more money than the Asian women and seem to go for the Asian customers. Once again the women tend to be on the older and less attractive end of the spectrum. It doesn’t hurt their business at all though. They get top dollar from the Asian guys who are willing to give them what they want.


In Indonesia, women from Russia and other CIS countries are actually pretty easy to find in the various Jakarta night clubs like Hotel Alexis that offer sexual services. They only ask slightly more than women from Thailand and China and some of them look pretty damn good.

I have sampled their services more than a few times and I was always very pleased. Some people complain that they don’t give the same kind of service as other women working in these places but that has not been my experience.

The downside is that the women usually don’t stay long so your new “all time favorite” may be missing in action by the time you return. Russian women can also be found working as freelance prostitutes in Jakarta bars like BATS in the Hotel Shangrila and CJ’s in the Hotel Mulia Senayan.

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